Thursday, December 11, 2014

RP: Need I Say More??? "North Carolina Church Members Indicted For Kidnapping Gay Man To Rid Him Of His 'Demons'"

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From January 5, 2013: "Jean Gordon/Daily Courier Members of the Word of Faith Fellowship, including church leader Jane Whaley, celebrate outside the Rutherford County Courthouse Friday evening after three members of the church were found not guilty of false imprisonment; injury to personal property. A fourth member had all charges dismissed against him as well all charges of stalking were also dismissed against all four members, after a trial nearly six hours."

A grand jury has indicted five members of the Word of Faith Fellowship Church on charges that they kidnapped and assaulted a gay man because of his "sinful"...
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Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, led by Sam and Jane Whaley, has been accused of enforcing extensive control over members. (1995 AP file photo)

Man accuses NC church of stalking, abusing him for being gay



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