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RP: An Overdue Statement of Gratitude from Scott, Today!!!

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Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy -- and her teeth are FINE, although distorted from blowing up this image.

Julie was named for our Kenan great-grandmother of the same name, and the "original" Julia Kenan was the Oldest Confederate Widow in North Carolina when she died. Dad remembers (and my cousins under Aunt Doris possess photos of her 100th birthday party), that she killed a rattlesnake with a broomstick that day.

As I've said, WISE people don't mess with a Kenanno???

>>> THIS JUST IN: I have agreed to meet Colin tomorrow for coffee before the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group meeting!!!


Hey Julie, I want you to be the first to know that my heart jumped for joy when I saw you had sent me this email!!! God knows that the FIRST lesson I learned through the last five years of extreme difficulties is the importance of family, and I come from one of GOD'S FINEST.

I mean really -- when you think about it -- I have tried to be honest, even brutally honest and not sparing myself, and without retreating from that at all, I have forged a new and completely loving relationship with Mom, and straightened out some things with Mike and Jane, and now including you, of course, as well. Please give my best to Joel and Max too.

And I had no choice but to drag my siblings into things I have discussed and even publicly so, which has certainly not always been comfortable and could be called an invasion of your-all's privacy -- don't tell Mom I used that Southernism -- she HATED hearing people use that when we lived in Louisville and Mom used to RANT ON -- especially when Jeannie Baugher, whom Mom went to college with and lived a block up Noe Way (properly pronounced "NO-ee", but Louisvillians pronounced it simply "NO WAY", which is really quite hooty when you (not you, specifically, since you were too young then) recall that the street ended on the side of the Baughers' lot, and was a dead end. If you look on Google Maps, you see the street was completed through to the next main road where it ends, now, and the field that was there was developed many years ago too.

Also funny, is that the Baughers, pronounced their name properly for Germans: "BOW-er" (like "BOW-WOW" or "OUCH"), but when we moved to Pennsylvania and discovered the religion Catholicism there was NOTHING much but Irish and Italian superstition compared to the Scientific Catholicism of Louisville, the textbooks we had had in Catholic Schools in Louisville were in PA just pamphlets published by the Catholic Church (like Texan Christians like to have in PUBLIC school -- LOL!!!), and no bigger than an olden-days-sized drivers manual, there were COPYBOOKS -- something Catholics in Louisville thought had gone out with the Nineteenth Century -- Mom and I used to laugh about that endlessly, and there was a family of Baughers with twins in my class who pronounced it BOG-HER, like they were just PIG FARMERS or something -- and THAT always got Mom  to ranting, too -- LOL!!! 

It's all just so funny now, but NOT also that one of my classmate whose parents owned an airfield and flight services, until one of the about seven kids murdered them all (missing killing two, I think, and committed suicide -- and THAT specific horrific incident was later credited as the FIRST mass family murder/suicide ever committed in the USA. And it happened after we had moved away and I was then in college, I think. McCarren, McCracken, or similar was their name.

Amazing how I seem to have stories on EVERYTHING, no???

Well, despite Mom's claims now, once she saw what a FAR BETTER education was to be had in the West Chester Public Schools, she even got you out of the Catholic Ignorance Clutches before ninth grade, but the fact remains that you were raised in a different Catholic Church than I was, so we shouldn't try to compare them. And I really DO count Mother Mary Austin among the very FINEST of teachers I've had -- and the Catholic Church for teaching me the true values I try to live by today. I just think Jesus was a prophet who came to teach us how to live in Love.

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig of Wilmington, NC

Father Bob was a licensed and practicing psychologist, before he trained to be a Roman Catholic priest.

Also, in my "confession" (informal), with Father Bob Kus in Wilmington, he understands that I am actually part of the "Church Invisible" as we learned about in Louisville Catholicism, and he is a TOTAL FRIEND to Mexicans!!! His and Sister Mary Issac Koenig's charites will get my FIRST charitable donations -- to continue my tithing of my Williams memoir, which I gave them the entire time it was published via Amazon -- not even stopping when I was homeless. I just found some cool things about that parish and Sister:,_North_Carolina%29 and also

Heck, might as well copy Father Bob on this, no??? (He's heard worse in Confession, so it shouldn't curl his hairs too much -- I hope!!!)

Well, I have a lot on my plate this morning and I haven't even gotten to what I intended to write -- and now it is afternoon!!! -- which is that I completely empathize with how difficult it is to face the mortality of a "dog child" -- if you will. And I have prayed for a quick return to health or not, so that things do not drag out. I remember Jane's nearly unbearable pain when she's had to put a dog down, so I feel for you, Joel, and Max.

Also, I have an old bone to pick that no longer matters at all, that being that you and Jane BOTH were absolutely FEMALES OUT OF CONTROL over our nephews when they were young -- COMPLETELY SQUEEZING ME OUT of being able to establish any childhood relationship with any of Mike's kids. And of course at all our ages now, it is unrealistic for me to expect to develop much of one. I certainly never gave much thought to any of MY aunts or uncles once I was out of college (until much later). And even though I think you and Jane were still capable of bearing children then, none were expected or likely even on the horizon, and the two of you concentrated your mothering so thickly on those boys, especially -- we getting together less frequently while Taylor was growing up -- that I simply couldn't get a word in to them edgewise.

Ha-ha!!! I nearly hated you both for that for years, but now it just seems funny to me -- our whole FAMILY is often obsessive, no???

And the other thing, which I mentioned to Mike a few days ago, is that I fully intend to share my wealth as it begins to pour in -- whether from writing, law suits, or other source, with my family (Charity begins at HOME, right???), not just under moral obligation since I shattered your privacy -- but because it will give me GREAT PLEASURE TO DO SO. In fact, I've been thinking the very FIRST thing I will do is to buy Joel his top dream of hunting bow and arrows -- since I can only be said to have been particularly nasty to him -- and I think now, unfairly.

And this brings me to an NRA Christian antelope hunter who tried two weeks ago to shame me for being a faggot and -- WHOOPS, I'm mixing up my literary and also real characters. Frank Meyer, who was Frank Sinatra's dentist and keeps marrying younger women who won't give him back-talk, was who publicly tried to force me to choose between Tennessee Williams and the Bible (for the record, I choose BOTH). His buddy-in-Christ, Charles Quigley has this week given our Leader an ultimatum that he or I be kicked out or he will not be able to keep from beating me up because of my insults, which he has never asked nor confronted me about -- or even ENUMERATED!!! 

And I actually gave him my SUPPORT for hunting the non-endangered for food (most in our group are hypocritical Liberals and don't want to HEAR ABOUT hunting -- yet they are carnivores), as well as when he showed his keen wit after Leader Colin for the SECOND TIME discussed how at his proctologist's he had felt just like a "hand puppet" -- and that is "gay code" for the joys of "fist-fucking", which I have never gotten into but know about -- and now know Colin's love of it. 

>>> ADDED 8 DEC. 2014: In response to Colin's challenge three days after the fact, I DO apologize for my anger over his not expressing remorse that Frank Meyer had tried to force-convert me to Christianity in a writers meeting -- something that happened so fast, no one could have avoided it, and which I survived with a sense of humor about it -- after a couple of days. And then he "investigated" Charles DEMAND that I was so rude in group that one of us had to be tossed -- without a single specific example from Charles. But I survived that too -- as did Charles, despite his threat to me and his having to be PHYSICALLY restrained from violence against Colin, and although everyone in group seems to now have new cautions about a few of us, no one seemed to want anyone thrown out -- nor do I.

I did not and would not now, expect anyone to believe Colin was into "hand-puppetry", but his sense of humor is not what that of my own generation is, and I had not expected that to be so true. Colin was born in Africa and served the BBC in Africa largely under White British Colonial Rule, and that is a world I have not experienced -- nor do I understand its racial attitudes nor the claimed British need to appear "upright" by Anglican sex rules (until you get the REAL story -- but again, that says nothing about Colin).

But Charles then read first that day, and kept referring to COLON Hamilton, which had NC Stanley, Ginger, and me in near hysterics, until I mercifully teased Charles back for it and he reverted to "Colin". Really, Charles can be a HOOT AND A HALF, sometimes!!!

Although this is now a rather OLD photo, as you can see, Colin Stewart Hamilton (seen in back with explosives detonator), is fundamentally a THESPIAN (not "lesbian", as some have alleged).

Same is true of "Robin-the-Writer".

Of course all know Colin is goose-gay, but he DARE NOT SPEAK of himself that way -- Colin hates himself, and it is no wonder why when I consider that just today, he has emailed the Writers Group an invitation to, which the best I can tell is it is a money-making scheme to get gullible non-thinking writers to pay a fee to join (NO real publication needs to advertise for writers, I assure you -- we are OVER-ABUNDANT!!!) and that really means to buy their manual -- WHICH IS ALL ABOUT HOW TO ESCAPE GOVERNMENT DETECTION AND HOW TO TRANSFER MONEY ILLEGALLY AND GET AWAY WITH IT IN INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL, as well as how to keep your passport and other documents in a bag you can IMMEDIATELY BURN if the Law is catching up with you.

I guess it is mostly for Colin's narco-trafficking and/or terrorist friends.

His last two suggested links were from members of our group living in the States and promoting their CHRISTIAN WRITING GROUPS, the most recent of those being in Texas.

Rumor on the street, is that the LAST time Colin visited his "proctologist", the poor guy spent the whole time removing an impaction of SWASTIKAS -- AND that IS WHY the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group is so virulently antisemitic. The last leader in 2010, called Captain Doug, got ANGRY AS "S" at me when I confronted him (after I moved to Wilmington), for running drugs to the USA in all those rich people's yachts he piloted back and forth -- the owners being too lazy to sail -- but HE NEVER ONCE DENIED IT!!!

Who knew???

Well, Colin wants to meet me before our meeting tomorrow for coffee, which I will certainly agree to. I just hope that for ONCE he has trimmed his ultra-aggressive nose hairs, not conducive to eating or drinking when a fella (or gal), has to look at them -- and all the OTHER old geezers in our group (including me), DO keep our pesky hairs reasonably under control. Being 6' 11" with everyone always having to look up my nose, I am especially sensitive to this matter.

As you have likely figured out by now, I really had meant for this to be private between you and me and copied to Mike and Jane, Bob Jones, and "Testosteroni" -- so all could see what a tricky little wordsmith I am, so I'm gonna answer Colin very simply, and also post and email out this missive as a blog post.

Love ALWAYS Triumphs!!!


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