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RP: Today, President Obama Was Diagnosed with Acid Reflux; Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, with The-Late-Unpleasantness Reflux . . .

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Hi Colin -- First of all I DO apologize that this has all gotten so intense, and acknowledge contributing to that. I just added a two-paragraph statement to that posting, saying as much and explaining a couple of things. I think it best to answer your points one by one, so will paste in your original with my lines emboldened, purple:


I have so far made no comment regarding the malevolent and unwarranted comments you make in your poisonous little blog. They tend to be puerile and frequently inaccurate with events viewed through your sad, distorting prism.  

Not sure what you are reading, but while you might think this true in some places, it is beneath you to exaggerate this way -- you sound like Frank or Charles.

However I must object in the strongest possible manner to your public proclamation that I am habitually involved in some kind of sickening, deviant sexual fetish with which you appear to be familiar.

This is rich -- ratcheting my words up to claiming you are "habitually involved" in what YOU called being a hand-puppet, gay code for fist-fucking, and that even CHARLES picked up on (although I know of lots of straight guys who know gay sexual odd practices -- like I do theirs). I think you meant to be clever, and I think Charles decided to have fun with that, which at least two other members noticed and were snickering, but you did not seem to that day. I STOPPED him from continuing it, if you read my blog competently -- or had been aware then.

For the record, I surveyed straight women with good jobs in their 20s and 30s in Wilmington when I was there and about half were well aware how to use "finger-puppetry" to stimulate their husband's or boyfriend's prostate, and do so -- and had no trouble talking about that -- unlike "respectable" women when I was thirty years younger. Things are just so different today. And British people have a reputation for being notoriously uptight about discussing sex -- although I don't have enough experience speaking with Brits to know if this is true in general or not.

Have you complained to Charles about teasing you PUBLICLY about it in meeting (which I certainly would not have done).

This is a despicable accusation even by your own dismal standards - clearly the product of a febrile mind.,
I must ask you to withdraw the remark and make a full  apology within two days.

I have now done that above and in blog, halfway down this posting:

I am not much perturbed at  the extent of your mailing list as I suspect that in the vast majority of cases your pernicious bulletins are consigned to the  “Spam” filter. Nevertheless even ONE person reading that filthy material is one too many.

I can only hope your accusations are on a more sound footing when you fire your grape-shot at assorted victims in the USA for whom you are, sadly, out of reach.

I get it -- you are angry. 

Perhaps oddly, here in Mexico  cases of Defamation are viewed with great seriousness. 

Please either bring charges or not, although I don't think this rises to the level of defamation. "Hand-Puppetry" is not illegal in the USA nor Mexico that I'm aware of, and you brought the subject up. Not my or your thing, but not illegal.

I shall not mention to members of the PVWG that you consider them, in your viperish terms, “A ship of fools”
Were that the case you would most certainly have been more than qualified to take the helm.

We are a Ship of Fools and also a Ship of Fossils -- and rather proud of it -- both of which I sort of claimed. If you read my emails of blog posts, you know I show the addresses I sent about 150 copies to, including those in our group (when I do). I believe about ten of our members got that one. 

As it is, I would be grateful if  you would now  disembark as you are no longer welcome – even in steerage.

Well, you kicked Frank out FAR more emphatically half a year ago, but didn't follow up, so I don't take you seriously -- except your anger toward me. But if you hold a vote on kicking me out this Saturday, I will abide by the group's decision without a scene.


Colin Hamilton

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DECEMBER  8, 20014

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