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RP: With Thanks to Carol Costello of CNN -- and Cloe Maxim of Harvard!!!

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1. I finally received my DVD copy of Del Shores's play, Southern Baptist Sissies, and watched it last night under the influence of a bad cold that developed yesterday, and I could NOT wait for it to end.

The play itself is excellent -- and so are the production values -- but whether you would label it preachy, educational, or propaganda, I have never liked the Arts when they are used to give a message, although this one is forcefully and correctly given. It does NOT rise to the level of True Art, like Shores's superb Sordid Lives:

Poster of Danny Mininni's production of the play at the theater where the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group meets. I DID get to meet and speak briefly with Del when he was here about six weeks ago with his stand-up act. Here is a link to the movie version, which you should buy today:

And the TV series can be bought on disk as well.

Anyway, the BIGGEST THING I got is how fortunate I was to be brought up Roman Catholic (and I think the same could be said about Mainstream Protestantism, like Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc. -- the Protestant branches that DO celebrate education and actual Bible study), and Judaism as well, in that the Southern Baptist Church and similar evangelical and Bible-literalist churches simply make up a ton of hogwash and lies -- claiming they are in the Bible, and supported by cherry-picked verses that are taken out of context and usually assigned meaning that is not there -- if you read your Bible.

So I DID get to understand how much of a GREATER mind-fuck it is to be brought up that way -- which explains the pig-headed, willful ignorance of Conservative Christians, like the basically trailer-trash descendants of my Aunt Doris.

thank Del Shores for that!!!

2. And that brings us to the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group. That not a single one of them expressed outrage when Frank Meyer very forcefully and in a pre-planned way, temporarily turned our group into a Christian Bible Revival, pulling copies of Tennessee Williams and the New Testament out of his pockets, plopping them down, and loudly exclaiming to all that I had to CHOOSE between the two, shows how kowtowed to WHITE CHRISTIAN HATE THUGS our group members have become.

I really do not believe this would have happened a week later, when we nearly tripled in size with snowbirds flocking back, and they including ACTUAL WRITERS. You see, those of us here all year tend more to being READERS, and in fact, about 20% of the time, we read things that OTHERS write, rather than our own. 

You see, I never heard of a writers group (and I have belonged to four of them long-term the last 11 years, some overlapping in time), and not a single other one would have allowed such a thing -- that is, they would NOT have allowed Muslims, Buddhists, or Christians (conservative or otherwise), to turn the group into a public place to SHAME HOMOSEXUALS and BRING THEM TO JESUS, like by their absolute lack of protest, the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group did when I was the "victim".

Danny Mininni really ought to kick us out of Act II Theatre for that -- and then we could go to Los Mangos Library so the fat Christian can have donuts while we meet, no???

This would be a conclusion that would satisfy all.

I will NOT be a part of this group through summer again (or possibly be tossed out this coming Saturday), as it apparently is just an alternative to shuffleboard for some old Christians and post-Christians who can't even give the simplest editing or formatting to their submissions for the anthology -- MORE proof they are FAR from serious writers!!!

And now, Charles Quigley, without once trying to speak to me about it, has declared an ultimatum that either he or I are kicked out of the group, due to my constant insults. I've begun to think it better they keep Charles than me -- they made CLEAR by their non-response to Frank's hatred, that they are much more like Frank and Charles than they are like me.


Charles Quigley and Frank Meyer. Charles, at least, belongs to Pastor Rick Lehman's "No Rules" Christian Church previously in Paradise Village, which the street talk in town is that he was booted indirectly as the Mexican Feds get serious about running Gringos in Narco-Trafficking out of town. 

The bigest reason for that is said to be that he rented to Luis Melgoza of the CIA -- read more about him here:

Luis Melgoza, former top lawyer for the PRI Party, Mexico -- but current headquarters of his own company is a short distance from CIA HQ in Virginia (and now disgraced and no longer allowed to practice Law), not only as owner of, put both spyware and a program on my computer to control it distantly, but also with his business partner, Salvador Fuentes, pulled off convincing me Sal was my fourth Kenan cousin and sent by Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, who HAD been subject of a 60 MINUTES piece some years ago, with Sal's mother's friend -- a fake 60 MINUTES producer, to get my story in 2010 -- but were only getting info for the CIA.

As a pricipal in, Luis makes sure to keep gay businesses in Puerto Vallarta indebted to Drug Mafia -- and God knows that gay guys LOVE the "Party Drugs"!!!

Rick's church NOW meets in the Red Room of ACT II Theatre, too, but I have NOT heard Charles complain about THAT!!!

You see, Christians not only SHAME HOMOS, but eventually find ways to SINK THEATERS that are owned, run, or FEATURE homosexuals and that topic!!! and it is helpful to meet in youintended victim's bosomno???

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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A Christian pastor in Arizona told his congregation the cure for AIDS has always been in the bible. They laughed.
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In Carol's question of today, she discussed with Cloe Maxim, a student at Harvard, Harvard University's being highly invested in Carbon Fuels Companies with their endowment, and President Drew Gilpin Faust has so far REFUSED to comment except that to change that would impact the companies marginally -- and gives Harvard LEVERAGE with energy companies to make then more principled.

Can anyone state even ONE INSTANCE of Harvard having done that???

Dr. Faust

The fact is, about a year ago, I contacted Dr. Faust, as I had the proof that Sewanee and the Episcopal Church had stolen Tennessee Williams estate from Harvard -- exactly as Jackie Kennedy Onassis told us they would do -- AND confirmed by Harvard's own Legal Department head admin at that time, Nancy Armstrong, who retired from Harvard summer of 2012.

But Dr. Faust did NOT want to pursue it, BECAUSE she gets TONS of money now from Thomas S. Kenan III and the various Kenan Charitable Trusts, and that money comes from CARBON FUELS (Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, and a top Kentucky coal producer actually RUN by a Kenan, now).

And remember: My research shows that my wealthy Kenan relatives under many names are the BIGGEST supporters of Sewanee and the Atlanta Diocese of the Episcopal Church (they gave nearly $100,000.000.00 over the last 90 years), and Sewanee not only murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard, but all the way up to 2005, they used their Confederate Mace as the Episcopal Church's Symbol of Power in the USA -- and when they retired it, several disgruntled Sewanee Alums who are practicing attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama, contacted me to claim the Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander was using the Williams estate (called the Walter Dakin Fund)-- now worth nearly a billion dollars -- to cover for the drastic drop of alumni donations due to anger over the loss of their symbol of WHITE SUPREMACY.

Nannerl "the Old Goat" Keohane, former President of Duke University, but now on the Board at Harvard, is the closest associate of Thomas S. Kenan III according to several wikis online.

Nan ALSO has refused to deal with me -- pity.

sycophantBetty Kenan in tasteful silk from China, and Tom Kenan, her step-son. Tom  Kenan ALWAYS has an alcoholic beverage in hand, regardless the Time of Day.

This is not meant for Ms. Costello or Ms. Maxim, but among the others, it is CERTAINLY meant for Tom Kenan -- who in the 1970s and 80s was the TOAST OF GAY NORTH CAROLINA, but now at 75 or so, hides his twenty-something boyfriend from the public.

But I MET that boyfriend's close friends while I lived in Wilmington, NC -- and they are nothing but HIGH-END DRUG TRASH.


Sarah Silverman -- one of my FAVORITE Jewesses!!!



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