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RP: A GREAT Way to Begin 2015 (includes a word from Leslie Jordan)!!!

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We start with the FAILURE of the US Supreme Court -- and if it CONTINUES, we WILL have a REVOLUTION!!!


A police officer, not knowing the traffic laws he’s sent out to enforce, can now pull you over, say “oops I didn’t know” and then legally search your vehicle.

We lose our rights because cops need to learn the law?  They’re cops.  If they don’t know the law, they shouldn’t have a badge and a gun.

Remember THIS???

Infamous Pubic Hair from 1991 Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearings on Display at Smithsonian

WASHINGTON — When Anita Hill testified at the 1991 Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas — for whom she had previously worked as an assistant — she recounted several incidences where Thomas engaged in inappropriate sexual conversations. On one of those occasions, Hill told senators, Thomas examined a can of Coke and said, “Who put this pubic hair on my Coke.”
Thomas’s nomination was eventually approved by the narrowest of margins, 52-48, and he has been serving on the high court ever since. But what of that pubic hair? For two decades, its whereabouts has been unknown — until now.
The Smithsonian Institute has acquired the curly strand — follicle still intact — and will put in on display beginning December 1, 2011 in a new exhibit, entitled “Justice Thomas: Nominated by a Hair.”

(Perhaps this is JUST COMEDY -- like this blog.)

Ah, red-heads!!!

And as all NOW know, I have a little "hair problem", myself, but not as bad as THIS guy!!!:

Hate to say it, but I find THIS guy hot TOO!!

Hair Fetishist Has Brush With Law After Dollar Store Haircut

Getting your hair did never sounded so creepy.

An Oregon man with a history of hair-related misdemeanors allegedly got caught cutting off some of a woman's locks in an Oregon City Dollar Tree store, police said. Jared Walter, 27, has been arrested several times in the past for "touching himself" while secretly cutting a victim's hairaccording to KPTV.

MORE "Russ Beauty"Cherrie (Russ) Pridgen, my Aunt Doris (Kenan) Russ (who always kept a flower in her hair), before she died in 2011, and I BET the other two are my cousins, too, but I don't know.

And of course Cherrie Pridgeon ran the Hair House at J.C. Penney'sWilmington, for YEARS!!!

But in the case of ME, after emailing out yesterday's posting,, I heard from Lena Ludwig Lapper of London, confirming that she and I are "soul cousins" and need to get together soon. I replied that I feel the same way, but would prefer to feel her hot husband -- making clear that I know he is "off line" for ANYONE other than her. I only hope I have not made Kevin embarrassed -- he and I have never met, and it has been YEARS since I met Lena -- when she was a "beginning teenager", as they say.

And later, Lena shot back a message, "YOU need to get LAID!!!" (which is correcto!!!)

And I know Judy Whitney has READ what I sent her, but it takes TIME to heal, and now they will all have something to think about -- as have I.

So finally we get to one more item, then Leslie Jordan can have his say:

Scott Kenan shared Upworthy's photo.
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Joyce Carol Oates and I (and Yeshua-bar-Joseph -- aka Jesus of Nazareth -- according to the latest Biblical scholarship), share the birthday of June 16.
In Joyce's (James's???) words, we are "Bloom's Babies"!!!

Are you reading anything good right now? Let us know in the comments! 

(Photo via Miss R•EVOLutionaries)
Are you reading anything good right now? Let us know in the comments!
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Leslie Jordan with the Seattle Tall Men's Chorus (guys like me -- but shorter).


"I have never felt so cared for and thought after in my life."
This was a quote that caught my eye from The Sunday New York Times Wedding Section. This seems to be my new obsession: I scour the paper looking for same sex weddings. I then cut many of them out and post the articles on my bulletin board. I do this as I am a gay man of the generation that never in my wildest dreams thought any of this would be possible. 
I love to sit and reread the articles and look at the pictures while I daydream about what all it took to gain familial acceptance and these two happy people to the altar.
I think this quote will serve as my wish for everyone regardless of who you love in 2015. I sincerely hope each and everyone of you will FEEL CARED FOR AND THOUGHT AFTER
I also hope that each and everyone of you will realize, as I haveTHROUGH MUCH TRIAL AND ERROR that LOVE IN NOT A NOUN.
Love is not something that we go in search of and find.
And it is in the action of being of loving service to others on a daily basis that WE FIND TRUE LOVE.
This has been a really amazing year for me. I got to travel from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Benidorm, Spain, to London, England and all over the States doing what I do best:
And it is a gift that I never want to take for granted. It is a gift that I want to always stay in gratitude about. 
I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! And once again, I HOPE YOU FEEL CARED FOR AND THOUGHT AFTER FOR ALL OF 2015!!!!
Love. Light. Leslie.

Leslie in center, praying with his family(We all know what those BIG EARS will bring Leslie -- as his appendages grow!!!)

OY VEY!!! I can SMELL that from HERE!!!



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