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RP: Gross Corruption of the United States Government Yeilds THIS Corruption of My Email (and a few other problems -- no???)!!!

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Lawyer Thanks Don LemonYour 'Racist Dumb-Ass Question' Made Me Famous.

And this morning, Carol Costello was promoting the Republican point of view on the hideousness of the Muslim religion and the FOOLISHNESS of President Obama (but in pretty, indirect-speak full of emotion -- because HER target for her NAZI-CNN bosses is the "vagina-centric" vagina-thinking of those addicted to security -- and security ONLY comes from understanding and loving the One True God, whatever you call It. 

Unfortunately, Carol -- like EVERYONE at CNN, worships the Devil -- but they refer to him as "Jesus" or even "God".
If yours did NOT REPORT both events, then YOUR News organization is a NAZI PROPAGANDA organ.

And if YOU haven't condemned both events YOU are a NAZI -- dig???


I just opened Internet Explorer to grab the email that is posted below, because one cannot be open in more than one Google account at a time on the same browser, and then I went to Facebook, where for the FIRST time in half a year, it wanted my password.

When I lived in Georgia, this happened every two weeks like Facebook allows you to sign in for, but since leaving, it has been highly irregular, sometimes less often than two weeks, but usually at least a few months. Today was different. I noticed my email address, which always shows from Facebook's memory, had been CHANGED, and there was an unrecognized email address for me that included my first and last names, but nothing like any I've ever used, and it was NOT my Facebook email address, which Facebook DISCARDED FOR EVERYONE at least half a year ago.

Was it phishing for my password??? I doubt it. It they'd hacked in that much they no longer need my password.

I believe someone hoped I would just log in without noticing, and go to an "alternative Facebook" without realizing I had gone there. LONG-time readers (early 2010 -- and it should easily be googleable --I blogged repeatedly about the FACT that when Alyson Books CANCELLED the hard-cover publication of Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, it took them a week to remove their publicity piece about its pending release from their website -- but then I discovered that this was also TRUE for close friends (see how smart the CIA is -- they knew who to also trick), but acquaintances claimed it was STILL THERE, and going to a free computer at the Library, I found it there TOO!!!

It was NEVER removed -- even after all the books were Spring-released, and only fell with the entire website (soon enough).

Paul Colichman and his partner in HERE Media, Stephen Jarchow

Thomas Elliot Keith (who edited my book for Alyson Books and is one of the TOP Tennessee Williams scholars), with unidentified and Don Weise, who was Publisher at Alyson Books, then, but THIS photo is from 2005!!!

ADDED LATER: Thomas's label has on it "New Directions Publishing", which published ALL of Tennessee Williams's work, and Thomas was editor of all of that for years. But about 2009, they separated, with Thomas continuing to work for them as a self-employed consultant.

That is Michael Mancillo of his own literary agency, Greystone Literary Agency, which has no website, but is listed in all the industry guides, so still active. And in research, I found that in 2008, he did some VERY peculiar things!!! Here is his email address, mike@greystonelit.comwhich I will test by sending this blog posting -- and get back in a minute to let you know if it appears to have gone through . . .

It flew.

And Don Weise is showing he was then at Avalon Books, another of his MANY short-time employers -- LOL!!!

Thank you Paul Colichman and Don Weise -- who has sold his later Magnus Books (which Don actually owned, and where most of Alyson's gay authors then landed), and what happened most of a year ago, was that Magnus was to be a division of the buying American publisher, with Don in charge of it.

TODAY, I find Magnus and Don have BOTH disappeared and I BET Don is in hiding. You will recall his many crimes I have documented, like here:

And here are two sites on the internet that Don Weise and the CIA FORGOT to "disappear": This Facebook posting has a link to their actual website, which HAS MOVED TO GERMANY (at least on MY computer -- LOL!!!)!!!

Makes sense... Too many "high dollar" targets in one place and in front of the crowd with ni frontal barriers.

As American media goes into all-out concern troll mode because President Obama didn't join other world leaders at the demonstration in Paris, it should be pointed out...
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  • Chris Spencer When you link to the story in the Independent you find this as the first comment.: 
    JOHANNIS 5 hours ago
    Quite a futile and dishonest debate: I was in the march, amng the first rows. The march was split in 3 groups: opening it were the victims' 
    family and almost all the Charlie's crew and staff (a few of them had declined to merge anonymously in the crowd), then the politicos (heads of state on the front row) who marched only part of the way (from Richard-Lenoir crossing, close to Charlie's HQ, to Leon-Blum Square),
    then, after a quite normal and explainable "security gap", the crowd of millions... so, now, they didn't march in an empty street, but only surrounded by two security gaps in a heavily crowded boulevard Voltaire, with lots of people cheering on balconies (hence on some pics, their suprised looks skywards).
    I was there, I saw it, I lived it.
    BTW : after the official ceremony, Prime Minister Valls waited to be catched up by the "peloton" and finished the march down to place de la Nation, with the rest of the people.
    I must add, that 2 other different itineraries had been opened (via Bastille and Père-Lachaise) because of the density of people (estimated btw 1.7 and 2 millions. ( My comment  -- meaning JOHANNIS 5'S commentPRESIDENT OBAMA SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

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  • Scott Kenan Gene MorganYes, of course it makes sensebut it should have been honestly reported. THE PRESS LIES -- both Liberal and Conservative. PERIOD.
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  • Scott Kenan Chris Spenser needs to get over his ignorant ass about Obama being there.
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  •  THAT claim is now the identifying 
  • claim of the NAZI Party.


Jessica -- First I apologize for my email outburst of yesterday. I got the email on my iPad Mini, which is FAR more corrupted than any of my Windows computers, and your email had five times as much text on it then as it does looking at it now -- on Windows. Additionally, there were about six mentions of my "eBox" -- as well something labeled a "document" that refused to download, which today I see is actually an IMAGE file of your logo!!!

All in SPANISH, but someone beautifully corrupted it, added text, etc.

I thought MBE had begun electronic delivery of important documents (in which case the sender should have emailed me directly) -- like a Court Summons from the USA. You might recall that a couple of weeks before Saper Law sent the Service for Libel, they actually had someone wait in your store and deliver the same papers -- without the Service -- to me. That had no Legal Reality, but shows how bizarre this has all been.

The truth is, that having been punked once by these jerks -- and I'm sure only I was targeted and YOUR system is not the one corrupted -- I won't fall for it again. And no, I had not been drinking or smoking pot when I saw it yesterday.

I do think the new people should use ENGLISH, but I will learn enough Spanish to read things correctly -- and I will ALWAYS check your emails on a Windows computer if the iPad goes weird again.

Again, my apologies.


On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 5:04 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:
Oh goody!!! Everyone speaks English so to improve customer service, they send notices in Spanish. I doubt I will use the service much longer. Two years ago a corporate hire came twice to my apartment for blow jobs -- while a Republican Christianstraight minister.

Tell corp that I have a sizable audience in PV and will try to destroy the business if they can't email Gringo customers in English within a week.

As you know, I'm serious.

See you soon,

Sent from my iPad

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The media has the country believing that terrorists are all Muslims, but that just isn't true.
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