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RP: I Joyfully Make PEACE with the North Carolina Azalea Festival in Wilmington -- OY VEY!!!

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Dear Ms. Davis,

The short answer is YES, I will take you right off and if I forget longer than a day, please remind me. I will post this email and send that posting as your last.

That said, I have more to say, but feel free to trash this and not read it -- I am NOT going to malign your TODAY organization. I've done some research, and your Board does NOT include either Sherman Lee Criner (who had been caught tickling a young girl's "flower" in Thalian Hall some years ago, and Wilmington Police intimated the father OUT of pressing the charges he had intended), and if you read any of my blog postings, his wife, Sandra Ray Criner, is the most evil judge in S.E. North Carolina!!!

And I'm glad to see that Charlie Rivenbark, a Democrat on City Council is off as well. One must beware people who have faces like they've been guzzling alcohol since they were 15, but that can be caused by other things as well -- and while it's true Charlie blocks my emails to his business about 40% of the time, and hung up on me when I reached him by phone, it could just be a misunderstanding, although in Wilmington, Bill Saffo is the only pol I trust, I am NO LONGER partisan for Democrats, necessarily.

I also give Special Mention to Jennifer Harjo, Chief Public Defender. (That does not sound nearly as good as I'd meant!!!)

Now, I've always known that a few black women have competed and come close to winning, I just now see that in the last 15 years two black women have won -- a feat considering that this does not seem a natural fit for at least the black women I met in Wilmington -- and NO they were not all homeless. I visited a number of black churches and had neighbors the couple of months I was not homeless.

And even though your Festival is a celebration of Southern History and Culture, so an easy gathering place for racists and such, I do NOT accuse you of that and it really IS a fun pageant. I'm totally glad my wealthy Kenan relatives have preserved The Breakers Hotel so well in Palm Beach, as well as the Flagler Museum (fossils of the Gilded Age), and so ALL history should be preserved and honored for its role in our development.

Also, I would like to salute your SOUTHERN MANNERS, because I have gotten similar requests from people or companies and organizations larger than yours, and they are often filled with expletives, more typos, misspellings, and grammar gaffs than an English class in Alabama, and they almost NEVER sign or give their name!!!

So I will leave you with a story about two things that happened to me at the 2012 (or possibly 2011), Azalea Festival. The first thing was that a group of three Marines on leave (I had spoken with them earlier and they were super friendly, so this came as a shock), ran up to me and smashed a piece of pie into the back of my head as they yelled FAGGOT and CHILD-MOLESTER as they ran away.There was a huge crowd, and at least a few were empathetic to me and there was not a thing to do about it. When I discovered it was some kind of drier pie and all came out of my hair without me needing to wash it (immediately), I and the people I was speaking with broke into hysterical laughter.

Then about an hour later, a guy came right up to me saying he was from the New York Times, and they just wanted to let me know that they had forced Mexican Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu, then still the wealthiest man in the world -- and a big narco-trafficker partnered with the Bush/Cheneys -- to sell his ownership stake and his HUGE ownership of the NYTimes's debt (and as you know, he also controlled theWilmington Star News for years until shortly before that). In fact, he said the check had reached Mr. "Slim", but not yet cleared the bank (so no public announcement yet), and they wanted me to be the first to know.

So while it is entirely understandable that a Festival like yours is NOT interested in my blog, I am considered an actual journalist by many in the "recognized" or Old Fashioned media in the USA.

I hope we might meet one day at your Festival -- and I shall play Cavalier (probably not in black-face, but the Devil do tempt us all, no???).

Scott Kenan
Puerto Vallarta

On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 2:17 PM, NC Azalea Festival wrote:


Could our organization be taken off of this distribution list please?

Thank you,

Megan Davis
Office Administrator
North Carolina Azalea Festival
(910) 794-4650



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