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RP: Spilling the BEANS, Are We???

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More and more, American Catholic Bishops seem REPUBLICAN-PARTY-DETERMINED to contradict Pope Francis -- what will happen???

1. First of all, Jake Tapper never tapped me again -- nor did anyone else at CNN. I just thought that last posting would be good to show you how the "unstable" get ideas of uber-importance from the news -- it actually used to happen to me and I believed it -- in 1990, especially some things that Joan Rivers was saying -- LOL!!!

This tiny photo of Mr. Mann was taken on the back deck of "The Gay House".

2. I am going to publish my just-sent Facebook message to Ryan Lee Burris, a gay activist in Wilmington whom I've known since I first moved to Wilmington. He was then living in the "Gay House" on Fifth Street near the bridge approaches, with at least one big-time narco-trafficker, John Mann (who claimed he was a "day trader" of securities, and later testified in court telling lies against me, when my FIRST public defender, Emily J. Zvejnieks -- who actually CO-OPERATED with corrupt Law Enforcement -- told me Mr. Mann would be on MY side. I did not learn this change until we were in COURT!!!), who appeared to work with Wilmington lawyer (the first to bring false charges against me of "Cyber-Stalking")David Nash, a prominent member of First Presbyterian Church, endowed by the Kenan Family.

"The Six-Foot Kenan Cock", as the congregants of First Presbyterian like to call it, is actually a symbol of the WAKE-UP call of the Reformation, and sits atop Kenan Steeple (tallest in town), and that above Kenan Chapel.

Ryan Burris with James Elks

And then at a big fund-raiser party for a "queer org", I saw his then boyfriend, James Elks, paying the bills at the bar with a huge roll of cash -- this at "The George on Riverwalk", long known as a major narco-traffickers' hangout and watering hole. Some of the ones I knew who were NOT gay were there at that party.

>>> ADDED @ 2:30 PM, CST: In looking for a link and image of Costello's Piano Bar, I discovered the bar is under NEW OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT.


>>> I am publishing this because Ryan IGNORED and never read my last message to him dated July 29, 2014:

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  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Hey Ryan -- you popped up at top of my Facebook page this morning in a news report about the vigil. I see you went to Costello's Piano Bar for New Years -- is it still the BIG narco-trafficking spot like I witnessed in 2011??? EVERYTHING is polluted with narcotics in ILM, so ya can't help that!!!

    Also, is it still owned by my buddies David Nash and John Stike, both prominent members of First Presbyterian and the latter having all but raped me in the 1980s??? (Readers can google to find my previous recountings of these and later-mentioned stories.)

    Well, I have made peace with my mother, Dad died on Easter Sunday -- but we had made peace -- I've uncovered and reported to both US and Mexican authorities MUCH narco-trafficking and arms smuggling here in Puerto Vallarta by the CIA and the Episcopal Church, USA -- and got thrown out of Writers Group in a big political fight, Evangelical Americans forcing me out, because I proved their church is in the narco-business -- LOL!!!

    I now expect to get back to Wilmington within the next 4 to 8 months to begin pressing charges and suing for HUGE damages Ben David and Ed McMahon. Thom Goolsby, especially, was known for going to the parties at "The Gay House", although nearly ALL Wilmington politicians of BOTH Parties were known to attend -- EXCEPT Ben David. And I should be clear in saying that John Mann and James Elks actually hosted all these parties. I already helped oust Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby, and in recent weeks I have become quite chummy with our NC friend Randy Jones, (head of The Village People), as well as Del Shores (whom I met in person and discussed US politics with), and Leslie Jordan is in town for a month starting tomorrow.

    So things have seriously improved for you!!! Keep it up with Wes Taylor -- and don't grow any chest hair -- or I might get aggressive when I arrive -- LOL!!!



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News: Guards from American convoy visiting Palestinian village drew weapons at settlers, after the outpost activists pelted their cars with stones.
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  • Scott Kenan J.G.: I saw this as actual breaking news last night on CNN, in a report far less detailed but in complete agreement with this. It sounded more dramatic and certain to become a HUGE STORY, so I called my friend in New York to prepare for a Republican Party (and Dems too), EARTHQUAKE. But I never saw it in news again, or today on CNN online. Then I saw that YOU found it. But I also just saw on CNN TV that there is now a big Press-push to release the 28 pages of a 9/11 report showing the Saudi Royals financed 9/11 (for their Bush/Cheney business partners), AND the Bush White House deliberately hid thisFormer Sen. Bob Graham was speaking openly about it. This could be a BIGGER earthquake. CHEERS!!!


Imran Anwar on left. I LOST all my previous long Facebook conversations with Imran, but can tell you he lived then on Long Island, had a big yacht (and I had pics of him on it -- some of them "shirtless", tee-hee!!!), and loved to sail.

PPD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Carlyle Group is a drug research center -- and by far, the largest employer in Wilmington, North Carolina.

How I got a Talking Head who had been a consultant equally for CNN and FOX NEWSImran Anwar to ADMIT that everyone (at least at Fox News), knew ALL ABOUT the fact that the Bush/Cheneys PLANNED 9/11 together with their business partners (then, not necessarily now), in the Carlyle Group, the Saudi Royals and Bin Laden Family -- and later I learned that the REASON George Bush looked so stupid continuing to read to those kids when he was told the news, WAS BECAUSE THE BUSHES HAD MURDERED OSAMA'S BROTHER SOME YEARS BEFORE THAT, and to get REVENGE, Bin Laden pulled the attack A DAY EARLY, and Bush's close aides knowing the scheduleOur Dear President assumed it was a PRACTICAL JOKE!!!

George W. Bush was reading My Pet Goat to the grade school children, remember???

I just googled and found current info on Imran Anwar, but I will have to send him this blog post by secured server to his website, not finding his actual email address:

  1. Imran Anwar is called the father of email in Pakistan. He is the founder and pioneer and founder of the Internet (sorry Al Gore) and email in Pakistan, and co-founder and co-owner of the Top Level Domain for Pakistan, .PK, while working with his friend Ashar Nisar in Lahore.
Imran's HERO is Bill Gates, and his current job is heading Microsoft's CLOUD COMPUTING: -- no wonder Windows is so CIA-HACKABLE (as is Apple, as well)!!!

Director - Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, Strategy Consulting & Services

 – Present (3 years 1 month)Greater New York City Area
The Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Program focuses on business impact and value by optimizing the use of technology to accelerate customers toward their business goals and foster innovation. It provides business executives with a programmatic approach that enables business transformation, advances technology thought leadership, and maximizes the value of Microsoft products and services.

His 1980 slogan"Change The World; Bit By Bit, Byte By Byte!", is often quoted by others.

MY story about this:

We be DANCIN'nowno???



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