Friday, January 16, 2015

RP: Throwing Down the Gauntlet with the Puerto Vallarta Writers (perhaps narco-traffickers???) Group!!!

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Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (some of the members at lunch). Beginning with the closest and going around clockwise: Charles Quigley of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Malcolm Tanton -- a BIG promoter of the advantages of GMO Foods (who with his wife Joan, both Canadians, NEVER write a thing or read it), Andrea, who is back in Austria now and we are in close touch, me, Stanley Winborne, aka NC Stanley -- I can't believe that at first I forgot to "Name that Ginger", as they sayColin Hamilton, and finally Bonnie Dixon.


CORE 500: I will be picketing the 2015 Puerto Vallarta Writers Conference for their HATEFUL anti-Jesus Christian lies and actions (and non-actions), and that especially the Progressives HATE out gay men (while many of them suck or sucked dick). Wanna JOIN me???

Dear Alleged Writers Who Submitted Writing for the Annual Anthology that had more grammar, spelling, and typo errors than Alabama Grade Schools allow:

Do you all remember that only I submitted in the requested format, Word 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced with one-inch margins, but you KICKED ME OUT, because the CIA Republicans had SWORN they would see that I was NEVER PUBLISHED ANYWHERE, EVER.

I discovered that there are only TWO kinds of people in the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group:

1. Those who are into Narco-Trafficking and International Arms Smuggling -- all while blowing smoke up the skirts of Jesus

2. Absolute, total cowards -- who committed the most GRIEVOUS "sins of omission" (what the Roman Catholic Church of my youth called that stuff -- and Catholics are taught that cowardly OMMISSION sins are punished FAR MORE SEVERELY BY GOD than actual acts (Colin, Frank, and Charles, at least, on the actual) -- but I don't believe in God's punishment, only natural causes, so I naturally feel it will be my cause to carry a sign, speak loudly, and try to be tall -- with or without others.


>>> Here is what I've posted on Facebook:

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I could buy my ticket online and they probably COULDN'T STOP ME!!!

Puerto Writers Group and Biblioteca Los Mangos will host the Ninth Puerto Vallarta Writers' Conference on the weekend of March 6-8 at the library.
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  • Scott Kenan I was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams and a published author, and I joined the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group nearly a year ago, but had to endure two Evangelical American Christians, white Republicans, one an NRA member try to FORCE me to choose between a Tennessee Williams play and a New Testament in a GIANT public confrontation. I handled it, but ALL two dozen others -- nearly all of them serious Progressives -- SAID NOTHING THEN OR LATER, and APPROVED of it because I am an out gay, while many of them are married but do men on the side (or did, most are over 75 years old and "hoary"). Well, I cussed one of them out the next week and he cussed me as well. I am the one that the leader kicked out of the group!!! I will be PICKETING this event when the time comes -- unless they make some amends.


This is Charles Quigley, proud member of the NRA!!!

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