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RP: RUSSIANS Hit This Blog OVER 1,000 Times in the Last Eight Hours!!! / Americans (largely in Wilmington), Hit My Last Posting in Record Numbers, Too!!!

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Last night I fell asleep at 9:00, and then woke up "for good" at 2:30. I've been watching CNN, mostly, since then, and have been highly amused.

Yesterday was stressful because my roommate had two Court appearances, but they ended in continuance for another month, and the charges are minor, discretionary, even, so not as worrisome as they are annoying to not have been brought to conclusion.

Donald Trump, running on the MOST anti-LGBT platform in history, proved that even Republicans and Christians cheer for greater respect for LGBT -- but pledged to save gays from ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, when it is good old fashioned CHRISTIAN Terrorists who murder and otherwise harm us in the USA.

And worse, he mentioned Orlando, where it was discovered that although the mass-murderer was in fact Muslim, it had NOTHING to do with his religion, but he'd been having sex for YEARS with gay guys there, and the murder was a LOVERS' REVENGE (misplaced), on the Gay Community.

When this was finally disclosed The Press and BOTH campaigns shut up about it -- since it did NOT fit Hillary's or Donald's playbook, although Donald knew his Christian/Republican audience was too IGNORANT to know or remember that -- LOL!!!

Orlando shooter's alleged lover: It was revenge, not terrorism



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Of COURSE this last posting,, got hit like crazy by Wilmingtonians -- my appreciation WAS long overdue, and First Presbyterian is WELL KNOWN in Wilmington to protect White Supremacists and Narco-Traffickers by MOST people in town -- if that does not actually apply to D.A. Ben David NOW (I cannot be certain about the past -- nor does it MATTER, once there's been a 

But how the HELL did corrupted Judge Lindsey Luther EVER make it to ELDER???

I went to their website to find clues, and I was deeply saddened by what I found

Rev. Roland Perdue is Interim Pastor -- a role he has played at MANY Presbyterian Churches since 1996, and he's got the speaking dynamics of a Patented Sleep System that's even GUARANTEED!!!

Ernie Thompson was a GREAT speaker, although he became "mechanical" in his later months.

And Ernie EXPLAINED to me HOW he kept black people from joining the congregation -- letting them know he supported GAY MARRIAGE, and then he RAN OFF my friends, a black full Army Colonel and his charming wife.

HOW MANY black or brown people are members of First PresbyterianTODAY???

There were ZERO when I was a member in 2011.

Ironically, the first time I was falsely jailed in Ed McMahon's jail in 2011, one of the FIRST things I was told was that jailers ALWAYS have to add at least one white or brown person to groups of black prisoners -- because if not, as soon as no one's looking, black guys ALL begin read-ending each other!!!

That was all "Bird" William, the tall black guy with dreads living downstairs from me with his white girlfriend, Loren Celia, liked (besides BJs, he wanted lots of inter-anal stimulation), and Bird sells his "man juice" around town for as little as a cigarette. He FLUNKED the drug and intelligence tests to join the Army, disappeared for a couple of weeks (so our front door remained locked!!!), then came back three days ago and the landlady and a couple of her other tenants have all complained to ME about that.

Well, SOMEONE cut the breakers to my bedroom air conditioner and my stove two nights ago, and the front door has been left unlocked at least once every day since he's been seen back -- yesterday, I found it unlocked THREE times during the day, when Loren Celia was at work, and her father, Sam Celia was sleeping.

But back to my narrative, any gay person whose been to Mexico knows that ALL Mexican men are available for sex -- some just require a TIP!!!

Why the HELL do White People think they are so different from our Brothers of Color???

MAJOR HINT, GUYS!!!: Although in Alfred Kinsey's report, 38% of adult men reported having sex to orgasm with an adult man at least once, fully 68% of STRAIGHT-
IDENTIFIED men, acknowledged getting erections from looking at men. ADD IN the homos and bi-s, and that is a SERIOUS majority who get excited.

Humans having CHOICE, we can all decide WHAT stimulation we want to actually get INVOLVED in, and there is no lack of babies being born, so all seems just fine to me. 

Pete Townsend / Mick Jagger

Pete Townshend: Mick Jagger’s Penis Was ‘Huge And Extremely Tasty’


And THIS tells you more about your BOYFRIEND than many women are prepared to KNOW!!!: 

So ALL of that acknowledged, and having SAID MY PEACE/PIECE about my history with that congregation, I thought it might be BEST to arrange a private one-on-one of me and Rev. Perdue -- to let him know what his TEMP congregation might not have shared with him, so I researched Roland Perdue III, and found that in his writing, he signs "Roland III", I never before having seen a NUMBER, informally, after a first name like that, and his writing seems distracted and focused on bringing in MORE BUCKS.

So I watched his sermon from last Sunday, and it began CONGRATULATING the parents of a group of children for very publicly "tithing", hoping that they grew up to give the church AT LEAST 10%.

Now it is NO SECRET IN WILMINGTON (given the criminals who are members there), that if the First Prez congregation tithed 10% of both their legal and illegal incomes -- they could practically BUY THE WHOLE TOWN!!!

I certainly admit that I liked MUCH about his sermon of Mary and Martha, when Martha was complaining of Mary's listening to Jesus rather doing her Jewish role of subserviant meal prep, and being seen rather than heard. Rev. Roland made a NICE POINT about how Jesus respected women as fully human, but then he went on to make the point of OTHER complainers who don't LIKE all the other Christians in a given "rowboat", clearly meaning congregation.

But this HATEFUL, UN-CHRISTIAN minister went on to say that if they THROW OUT the bad lot from the congregation, they -- the ones demanding CHRISTIAN STANDARDS -- would be the ones LEFT OUT IN THE COLD, ALONE.

Clearly, Roland Perdue was HIRED to maintain the COVER for criminality at First Presbyterian Church.

But his STYLE is so boring, he's more likely to BANKRUPT the congregation before he leaves.

So I will ADD him to my email list, rather than confront him over this in person.

The sermon I watched: 



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