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RP: My Two Live-In "Gay Chickens" -- Who Are STRAIGHT -- (and Mother Hen), SLEPT Most of This Weekend Away!!!

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This whole 2.5 weeks of first one, then TWO hotsy-totsy young-un's from DEEP in the "Forest Life" moving in has been QUITE eventful!!!

And we ALL needed a lot of SLEEP to process it:

And I DON'T know about my neighbor whose she-spouse works for North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper (I HOPE he's recovered from our "fun repartee"), but HOPING to find a good shirtless photo of our Attorney General who REFUSES to enforce Gov. Pat McCrory's "BATHROOM BAN", I only found THIS:

When I was hopin' he would look more like Justin Trudeau of Canada:

And for reasons unbeknownst to me, I am REMINDED of a hairless PARAGON of CLOSETED "Goose Gaiety", Arturo Pedilla of Choc Mool Cafe in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico (1.5 hours north of Puerto Vallarta), and his breasts-free English-Catholic wife, Emily:

Arturo, Emily, and a cook

My terrace and kitchen in Chacala -- four blocks from Chac Mool Cafe

So Chacala was not a PARADISE, but completely FILLED with representatives of the Episcopal Church, USA making GIANT Drug Deals!!!

MOST American narco-traffickers I knew in Mexico had the golden "Obama O" in their back windows for protection by Law Enforcement -- but not ALL.

Dave Wilson and his wife from Oregon, were HIGH UP in Episcopal Church lay ministry, and LOVED talking about their drug deals.

My landlady's sedan was loaded here with 24 two-kilo bags of Methamphetamine, by this gentleman whose SUV had California plates.

Landlady Beatriz Villa (now sold out and fled), used her car to transport the drugs, next.

And blogging with photos about it at the time was HOW I got DRAGGED into local COURT and told that I had to REMOVE all, and if I EVER blogged in any way criticizing a Mexican Citizen, again, I would be prosecuted and JAILED (or at least immediately deported).

And then I blogged that I had WORN A WIRE to the illegal Court Hearing, and sent copies to various authorities -- which bought time for me to move back to Puerto Vallarta, before admitting I had had no wire.

OTHER THANGS A-CRAZY in Chacala (and Chacalita, the gated section for RICH people where Arturo Pedilla and the Governor of Nayarit had homes):

Eventually, Arturo Pedilla and I met by chance in Cafe Canela (cinnamon), in Puerto Vallarta in January 2015.

In 2010, my alleged boyfriend "Alfredo" DUMPED me back in Puerto Vallarta after we lived in Colima, Colima for about two months -- because there were so many Felony warrants for him in Jalisco State, he had to flee before dawn. Alfredo said I HAD to use the internet at nearby Canela Cafe -- where I was frequently hacked, and two customers after chasing me around downtown Puerto Vallarta, bashed in the sides of my original 2008 Pontiac Vibe, and broke out a side window.

>>> CORRECTION: They TRIED to break my windshield and side windows, hitting them with full bottles of sports drinks, too soft to crack my glass. It was LATER, at Conchas Chinas Beach that the side window was broken into.

So BOTH times I drove to move home to the States (2010 and 2015), I drove home with a BROKEN WINDOW -- LOL!!!

But it was in January of 2015, that Arturo Pedillo calmly told me, "Now, I have to kill you", which he didn't try to do until early June of that year, when he sent Martin Jacobo (of the tasty HUGE, non-kosherized danglie, known by me many times), trying to kill me TWICE in one week -- then a week later my car was BROKEN INTO -- and a FAKE BOMB under newspapers with wire through the glove compartment/dash -- appearing to go to the engine, and then the investigating Police being PART of it, I fled back to Wilmington.

Martin Jacobo in yellow, with "Sonny", Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto, who years before had helped expand the Sun Kings Drug Gang of Brooklyn, NY to TAKE OVER the Police Department of New York City, and even worked to set up drug trafficking not only with Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan -- but in Wilmington, North Carolina (as well as as far south as Florida) -- and they NOW all operate under El Chapo Guzman and Rahm Emanuel of Chicago.

But back to Chac Mool Cafe, TWO of narco-trafficking Arturo Pedillo's frequent guests there were Ted Druch and his wife Maria Ruiz. Ted had lived with Dr. Timothy Leary as his male lover for two years, and BOTH were in (even heads of it for a while), the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, made up MOSTLY -- but not completely -- of HEAVY CIA/Episcopal Church Narco-Traffickers (pledged in allegiance to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well).

Recent photo of Ted Druch

Recent photo of Maria Ruiz

>>> THE LESSON HERE IS THAT FOR HOMOSEXUALS (naturally born), the practice of HETEROSEXUALITY leads to NOTHING but Drug and Alcohol Abuse (and Dealing)Depravity, and GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN WORSHIP.

Good LUCK!!!



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