Thursday, September 22, 2016

RP: After BUZZING Kenansville Two Days Ago, Donald Trump's Manhood POPPED BACK UP in My New Hanging Garden of Babylon, Overnight, Last Night (color and size proving its identity)!!!

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OK, it's just a mushroom, but while it LOOKS like something else, it also looks as POISONOUS as the produce of you-know-who's what.


1. She ACKNOWLEDGED that everyone at Liberty Hall -- and presumably with Tom and Betty Kenan's set -- knows EXACTLY what-all I have been doing for YEARS!!!

2. She did not FLINCH at the most vulgar obscenity I could think to use, proving these "Old White Christian Bitches" are as TOUGH as "Old Style Witches":

And their modern counterparts:

Recent gathering of Episcopalian Female Bishops (my FAVE on far right)!!!

I like the black-gal-in-blue, too!!!

Here's another good one -- an actual one-time PERSONAL FRIEND of mine:

And that is previous Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, on the far left, and SHE is who caused the Anglican Communion to SUSPEND the Episcopal Church USA from voting for another 2.5 YEARS!!!

The NEW Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry -- former Bishop of North Carolina -- was full of EXCITEMENT (seen at the moment of his election), but NOW has to contend with a SEPARATION with the Mother Church in England and the Kenan Family being the BIGGEST financial support of the Episcopal Church and Sewanee (not counting Tennessee Williams's estate) -- and as Thomas S. Kenan's first cousin, lawyer Gregg Loomis, told me in 1990, "The wealthy Kenans hate only JEWS more than they hate "niggers"!!!

So between the Anglican Church PUNISHING the American Church -- and their FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE coming largely from the RACIST KENANS and Tennessee Williams's STOLEN Estate (after the Episcopal Church MURDERED Tennessee with help of the Republican Party of Tennessee State -- who paid off the conspirators, Gary Tucker and Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt very handsomely until they both died of AIDS by the early 1990s -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tennessee and me would happen on January 11, 1982, I will simply say this:

Please keep in mind that I SEVERAL TIMES emailed and phone-called Bishop Schori and her Legal Department -- as well as Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander and Sewanee's top attorney Donna Pierce over the last seven years -- and ALL they did was to BLOCK ME, although Rt. Rev. Alexander and Donna Pierce had ALSO threatened to sue me for LIBEL, but a CHURCH/UNIVERSITY would not DARE get caught bringing false charges -- LOL!!!

, I just called her office at Sewanee and had a long -- and friendly conversation (no obscenities, raised voices, or similar), with Donna's assistant, to let her know WHO I AM, a brief history of me, Tennessee Williams, the wealthy Kenans, Bishop Schori, etc., and to let her know that if Sewanee is STILL blocking my emails to EVERYONE on their domain, that she should google my name to find out the contents of this blog posting:

If you think Donna Pierce (left) suffers from "Terminal Christianinity", just look at that DRIED UP HUSKHelen Norris -- Poet Laureate of Alabama!!!

Alabama is the very SPHINCTER of American Christianity -- with FEW other redeeming features, like the neighboring states have -- HA!!!

But even CHRISTIANS can find good use for a "tight little sphincter"!!!

So NOW I will close this posting, reminding ALL that only a couple of months ago, I decided to MOSTLY operate from my Spiritual MentorDr. J. Kennedy Shultz's (President of Religious Science, International in the 1980s -- who once shared a long flight and conversation with Donald Trump in the late 1970s, and was an actual PERSONAL FRIEND of Mother Teresa -- google in this blog for THAT story!!!), one-time Sunday Talk topic



For HONEST scholars of the Judeo-Christian Bible:

Experts using a computer imaging program have virtually unwrapped a charred ancient scroll and recovered a fragment of the authoritative text of the Hebrew Bible.


Scott Kenan shared a memory.
3 hrs

While this article hides much truth of the founding of Standard Oil first by Henry Flagler, who then incorporated S.O. with J.D. Rockefeller, and Flagler's father-in-law Harkness as equal partners, eventually leaving the bulk of his and Harkness's portion to his last bride's, Mary Lily Kenan's, family, Rockefeller BOYCOTTED Flagler's marriage to Miss Kenan because he knew she had syphilis, soon to show tertiary symptoms. 
And she was eventually killed by Col. Robert Worth Bingham over a tiny (even then -- to the Kenans)$5,000,000.00 codicil to her will.

Almost EXACTLY what happened ALSO to Tennessee Williams -- and majorly by Sewanee/Episcopal Church/Kenan Family, with help of the Republican PartyFBI, and CIA, as Jackie Kennedy Onassis had told us the plans of in advance -- and I can Prove in Court.

The Rockefeller family is divesting some of its massive fortune from fossil fuels, the New York Times reported on Sunday. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the family's charitable arm, will announce the landmark move in a video…


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