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RP: "Internet Trolls at Work" INDEED!!! (JUICY Material Mixed with DRY Material) -- and THEN the CIA/NSA Hackers SCRAMBLED the text in this blog, so I'll continue on the next posting!!!

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Will Killstein"Elliot 1, Will 0. Guess he was a Kanye fan."

Tolu Bukola Eeek 
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Scott Kenan The REAL question is WHERE WERE THE ADULTS -- LOL!!!
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(Will Killstein quickly LIKED my above comment -- so GOOD sense of humor like a "proper homo"!!!)

Brittany Kerfoot Killstein with new hubby, Will Killstein on Honeymoon -- half a year ago -- after Will PREVIOUSLY had posted Gay Org logos on his Facebook page.

Notice his naturally muscled chest with PERFECT hair pattern!!!

Will supports Donald Trump.

(ADDED LATER: Will denies that he supports Trump, and I believe him!!!)

Internet Troll at Work

The ONLY info on his profile -- LOL!!! Except that he married his wife Dec. 31 2015 -- which ENDED his apparent GAY LIFE!!!

Since like SO MANY Liberal and Conservative FACEBOOK ROBOTS, Will lists NOTHING RESEARCHABLE in his Facebook profile, and researching FURTHER, we find that his REAL NAME has one less "L": Will Kilstein -- and adding that "L" is the SIGNAL that he is OUT TO KILL JEWS, "Stein" being the most popular last name or part of it for Jews.




Interests include finance, operations and strategy.


Business Manager

Capital One
 – Present (6 years 3 months)washington d.c. metro area
Strategic Planning & Monitoring
• Identified and developed annual KPI metrics across operations departments and implemented them with leadership
• Designed target operating models for multiple lines of business to optimize staffing, continuity, and efficiency
• Engineered a fee management and reconciliation process in response to audit concerns; fully remediated the issues
Associate Development & Leadership
• Recruited and managed four associates and contractors to lead risk-mitigation and process documentation efforts
• Created and delivered classes for over 100 operations associates, covering critical thinking and technical skills

Principal Operations Analyst, Strategy & Analysis (S&A)
Process Improvement
• Established process hierarchies, maps, and procedures as part of the organization’s Well-Managed effort
• Coordinated with leaders from Wealth and Asset Management and Derivative Operations to declare SLA’s
• Aligned operations teams with their horizontal partners to create a forum addressing new regulatory requirements
Strategic Design
• Led a conversion project to establish Derivative Operations within the Commercial Bank with a new trading platform
• Defined a Commercial imaging’s strategic requirements, options, and feasibility; delivered it to senior leadership
• Conducted an operational readiness assessment for Dealer Services; was awarded Commercial’s highest award: ACE

Prioritization and Planning
• Built a supply model to track and allocate IT resources, as well as prioritize and sequence projects
• Created a scenario analysis tool for team leaders to manage staffing and build short and near term plans

Derivatives Analyst

Deutsche Bank
 –  (1 year)
Risk Mitigation
• Formed and managed a team of four associates to mitigate risk on a multi-billion dollar trading book
• Programmed macros to automate manual processing, thereby reducing errors and increasing efficiency
• Executed Credit Default Swaps, Interest Rate Swaps, and exotic trades within ISDA standards
(Open)1 recommendation
  • Tushara Raduta
    Tushara Raduta
    Business Requirements, Service Architecture at Comcast
    I had the great opportunity to work with Will at Deutsche Bank within our derivatives division from 2008 to 2009. During his tenure at DB, I noted his strong analytical ability and sharp eye, constantly seeking to facilitate and streamline...View

Economics Teaching Assistant

University of Florida
 –  (1 year)Gainesville, Florida Area


Valencia College

Associate of Arts (A.A.), Economics


  1. Tushara Raduta

    Tushara Raduta
    Derivatives Analyst

    I had the pleasure of working with Tushara Jewahar from 2008-2009. My time working with Tushara has instilled in me a great deal of respect for her work. She demonstrated fantastic interpersonal skills and analytical proficiencies that make her an extremely unique asset in the financial industry. Her impeccable character and ability to interact positively with others set...more
    February 16, 2011, Will worked directly with Tushara at Deutsche Bank
  2. Jason Heath

    Jason Heath

    In my time working with Jason Heath, I watched him perform at a level of competence well above his peers. Jason leveraged a focus upon establishing relationships and working diligently to deliver outstanding results. He performs best in collaborative environments and would be a fantastic addition to any team.
    February 16, 2011, Will worked directly with Jason at Deutsche Bank
  3. Robert Wallach

    Robert Wallach

    Rob Wallach is a tireless worker, a gifted writer and an enthusiastic leader. He showed an uncanny ability to build a consensus from differing views when given the task of working with groups. This brought about an execution of high-quality deliverables well in advance of all deadlines. Rob can be counted upon to meet and exceed expectations not sometimes but every time....more
    April 20, 2010, Will studied with Robert at University of Florida - Warrington College of Business

BOTTOM LINEDivorce the Greedy Christian Harlot, and get back to YOUR LIFE!!!

Awesome lady! We will!

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Occupy Democrats

Stephanie Curry: "This is my 90 year old grandma, Evelyn Brown. She's currently on Hospice at her home in Tennessee but this morning she felt well enough to pos...
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Elliott Mackle Get her to the voting booth on time or, better yet, a mail-in ballot.
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Scott Kenan Most of us lifelong Democrats don't trust Hillary Clinton AT ALL -- I can prove in COURT that she and Bill Clinton have been narco-trafficking with my own Kenan Family as well as the Bushes and Cheneys for YEARS. 

And as all know who aren't playing ostrich, Donald Trump is not the problem, Mike Pence is -- and he's WORSE than Hillary, so I feel I have to VOTE for Hillary. 

But for lifelong Democrats, those who PROMOTE her and her friends addicting children to drugs for profits by saying STRONG positives about her, is what will drive so many Democrats NOT to vote for the bitch!!! 

So keep it up if you want Trump/Pence to win!!! Now, here's a FUN TRUE PIECE about the homo-culture in BOTH Bush Presidencies -- ENJOY!!!:


continuing . . . 


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