Monday, September 12, 2016

RP: "Never, EVER Pray -- or Hope -- for a Smooth, Easy, and Level Life -- That Is the EXACT SAME THING as Praying for a FLAT LINE on Your EKG!!!" ~ Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz

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>>> BREAKING @ 5:25 PM:

And THEN, came THIS:


I just went to the New Hanging Gardens of Babylon for a smoke, and in the time it took for me to consume a fag, THREE handsome white-guy exterminators of about 25 years of age emerged from the crawl space under Psychologist Ben's house, and ONE took off his shirt in cleaning off the dust.

He was AT LEAST as hot as Mr. Tim Tebow!!!

OTHER things have also happened that are "funny":

1. Today, I have had SIX CALLS asking if I'm tired of getting unwanted calls, and two claiming I need to update information -- NONE of them identified, but half the first ones are from this local number: (910) 716-0074, and I see I got SIX calls from that number the last few days.

From "Reverse Look-Up":

David SanchezBel Air StShallotte North Carolina910-716-0074

(UNSEEN: "Shallotte North Carolina" and "910-716-0074")

Googling for David Sanchez in Shallotte, I got NO IMAGE. 

Checking Google Maps for Bel Air Street in Shallotte, I get that there IS NO SUCH STREET in or near Shallotte!!!

2. So far, I've had to FORCE POWER OFF on my Windows 10 computer five times today, and the computer -- in the last 12 hours -- did a WINDOWS UPDATE as well as NORTON UPDATE -- both strong enough to require "re-booting", and the result???

My computer is running SLOWER TODAY than ever before, my AOL Mail is NOT WORKING (claims that "Testosteroni's" email address DOES NOT EXIST), and my memory card from my camera was LOCKED by hackers, while IN my computer, but I was able to unlock it.

3. I've been delayed at least another day in visiting North Carolina Republican Senators Thom Tillis's and Richard Burr's offices -- to deliver letters by hand -- since the US Post Office STILL loses my mail -- EVEN WHEN SENT REGISTERED AND TRACKED!!! 

4. WGNI FM 102.7 is LYING (perhaps they are paid to lie by my Kenan Family, no???):

Their WEBSITE only yields THIS on REPEATED attempts:

But their CIA/FACEBOOK page is UP

Anyway, this morning at about 8:45, as I drove around town, the WGNI "Morning Crew" told a GREAT STORY -- and told it VERY WELL, as well: About NOT wanting to live in a full-scale replica of the actual White House (for various reasons -- including the PECULIARITIES of the current race), and one guy told how the President of Humble Oil in Texas, then (1930), had an EXACT REPLICA of the White House built -- including swimming pool, lawns, all to the same size specifications.


It's known as the White House of Texas. Built in the 20s, this 20,000-plus square foot waterfront mansion sits right outside of Houston. Built for former Texas governor and Humble Oil founder Ross Sterling, the home is on the market today for $6 million. So before the new owners move in, we got a sneak peek inside and out, to give you a closer look into this historic landmark.

And EVEN NOW those WGNI people who HAVE TO KNOW that the Kenan Family CONTROLLED Humble Oil, part of Standard Oil even then, and it was the KERNEL of today's Kenan-Family owned Exxon-Mobil!!!

Are local media PAID A LOT OF MONEY to hide Kenan Family Crimes???

Betty (Price) Kenan -- widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan -- in center, Thomas S. Kenan III, on right, her step-son and titular head of Kenan Companies and Charities.


WHY are there NO FM-HD radio stations (except the Public Station), near Wilmington, North Carolina -- when driving past only tiny towns between here and Raleigh, I find TONS OF THEM???

It is because those extra-fidelity (which RICH WILMINGTONIANS would love), extra stations are usually ALTERNATIVE MUSIC and NEWS -- while in Wilmingtoneven the most commercial stations tell you that "JESUS LOVES YOU, YES HE DOES!!!"



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