Thursday, October 6, 2016

RP: The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the Wilmington Police Department -- HALF Enforces the Law, Half Protects the CRIMINALS!!!

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Dustin Andrew Goldsmith

This morning at about 10:00 AM Dustin Goldsmith appeared at my door with three other THUGS -- the other thugs very aggressively (like a person on Meth), DEMANDED I turn over to them what the Wilmington Police told me Friday were STOLEN GOODS that they were going to charge Dustin with at least selling.

I told them the Police spent an hour photographing the serial numbers of the bikes, compressors, fishing rids, etc. and taken them to impoundment, where they would have to get them.

BECAUSE Police arrested Dustin on an already existing Bench Warrant for failure to appear in Court -- and never added charges before his Monday Court hearing -- already scheduled for ANOTHER matter, the Judge let him go FREE.

After leaving a message for Dustin's Probation Officer, I then called Wilmington Police, and the woman who called back half an hour later, tried to sooth me and I explained that technically I didn't feel today's confrontation warranted a charge, but maybe a Restraining Order, but then when I explained MORE to her, she REFUSED to believe I'd ever seen Police smoking marijuana -- which I did TWICE in the Police parking lot on Bess St. -- but in 2011 and 12, so it matters NOT, now, but the woman HUNG UP on me after saying she REFUSED to talk to me if I claimed that, as it was IMPOSSIBLE to be true (I know FAR WORSE crimes committed by Wilmington Police and Crack-smoking Chief Evangelous)!!! !!! !!!

Then, a card from Police who stopped by then (I'd taken the above call in a store), and my roommate "Dapper Dan" who was home from work for lunch, talked to another officer and passed the phone to me.

I'm in a hurry due to a dental appointment, and will speak with him further after that (and after I get more info together for him). But his questions indicated that the two bicycles -- at least -- of the stolen property that the Police DID catalog and take from here on Friday MUST NOT have made to to Impound!!!

And then he asked what they were wearing -- as if he suspects they were FAKE Police, and actually Drug Mafia!!!

The officer did NOT claim these things, but I MUST assume them -- given the questioning.

He was VERY PLEASED that I took a LOT of photos of all the "stolen goods" on the side of my house -- although I don't have serial numbers.

MORE to come, later, when I have time to blog!!!



Those are all the photos I found of Dustin.


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