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RP: Facebook/CIA (major narco-traffickers with BOTH the Clintons and the Bush/Cheney/Kenan Group, which Donald Trump will also continue), Has ESCALATED Their Cyber-Attacks on ME -- as Have the P*ssy-Worshiping, Wilmington, NC, Christian DEMOCRATS!!!

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Facebook REPEATEDLY blocked me from posting this from my high school friend Beth Kinny's FB page.

Facebook ALLOWED Beth to post it but NOT ME!!!


Just DAYS ago (Thursday, TWO days ago), I got this surprising notice from the CIA (as Facebook), which was NICE TO HEAR, because for MOST of a week, Facebook had been DENYING my for many years "right" to post links to this blog that then SHOWED its top
graphic and then more info, and it took a couple of times, but I got AROUND IT by in comments adding the graphic and some text -- so it had VISUAL IMPACT again, which is what the CIA had sought to strip me of being able to do:

1. Facebook had NEVER INFORMED ME they had restricted anything, and while I WAS able to post links to this blog with Graphics TWICE during the week or so in question, normally, they went RIGHT BACK TO BLOCKING MEAGAIN!!!

2. They CONTINUE to do so.

3. And then TODAY, I was SERIOUSLY ATTACKED BY WHITE WILMINGTON, NC CHRISTIAN CUNTS -- twice via their legally married or "common law" husbands, put up to do the DIRTY WORK -- HA!!! 

And we REALLY ought to start with my definition of REALITY championed by Thinkers, Meta-physicians, and PRACTICAL ACHIEVERS -- but DESPISED by Christians -- LOL!!!:

In the Beginning, there was only "God" and the void, and then God -- in contemplation of itself and its nature, created EVERYTHING out of itself -- by the Power of Its WORD!!!

This means that God IS everything seen and unseen. The entire physical universe is literally the Body of God. NO ONE can hide from God, since we are made ONLY of "God-Stuff" -- and indeed the Judeo-Christian Bible says this EXACTLY "made in the image of God".

MOST Christians -- especially in Wilmington -- DENY God is Almighty, and believe they can Narco-Traffick, attack minorities of ALL kinds, and MURDER people who do not believe in their IDOL of Jesus:

First Commandment could refer to: The first of the Ten Commandments, which is "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" or similar. In the New Testament, the Great Commandmentthe first of two commandments cited by Jesus taken from the Law of Moses.

First Commandment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to the Bible Jesus CANNOT be a god. Jews and Muslims RESPECT THIS LAW (Muhammad is a PROPHET, not a god or "savior")!!!

And this means that through us, God has created ALL LANGUAGE, so it is ALL useful, although the pithier parts are for ADULT exchanges, primarily, and I'm GOOD at not using it in front of children (the last year or two, anyway -- LOL!!!). 

So the first thing that happened to me this morning, was to run into THREE early-twenties black women in an Exxon convenience store -- and at 9:00 AM, all three were freshly scrubbed and washed, dressed and made up (obvious HUGE false eyelashes, boobs bulging out of knit tops, with BOOTY waggin' in the rear).

One had especially nice curves top to bottom, and what was CONFUSING to look at WITHOUT ripping the front of the sprayed-on knit blouse off the girl's boobs, so I asked, "Is that tattoo a dagger or the Cross of Jesus going down between your beautiful breasts?" And she said, "It's the CROSS -- I'm a believing Christian!!!"

I made a fairly lame comment, only WISHING I could have showed her this -- the PERFECT Wilmington Christian Male (and Christian Crack-Whore Client):

This the more PROTESTANT principle, and the following is the more Roman Catholic "nick-knack":

>>> FAST FORWARD TO 2010 - PRESENT (the time I've worked with Colin Powell's people, Gen. Russel Honore', three ex-Presidents of Mexico -- and MANY others). 

Of ALL the photos of TONS of men I've posted, only TWO got a lot of comments similar to "That's the GAYEST photo I've ever SEEN!!!" -- and BOTH were Wilmingtonians:

Ernest Trice Thompson, former Pastor of First Presbyterian (now run off by Conservative members of the congregation), who SURPRISED ME one day while I was still a member there in 2011, by telling me he'd LIKE to have sex with me, but could NOT -- due to his marriage vow and commitment to wife and children.

HONESTY plus RESPECT for one of the MOST important commitments one makes in Life!!!

(As a "PS", Frank Sinatra's great-nephew Danny Sinatra confessed the SAME THING and the SAME WAY -- also in 2011):

Danny Sinatra with his wife Phoebe Dollar and their first child (but NO ONE thought Danny looked "un-straight" -- LOL!!!)

The other is the only photo I have of lawyer Oliver Carter, next door to me on Fourth Street:

Oliver Carter III

TRUTH BE TOLD: I never had the hots for EITHER ONE of them (and had NOT considered Danny either -- because I respect marriages, at least RECENTLY) -- Ernie being too "WHITE" for me, and Oliver being "TOO WHITE BREAD". 

Or even "TOO WHITE-BRED" -- because he seems to have a complete LACK of self-awareness, and might not have even CONSIDERED his own sexuality, but married well like "his Mama told him to".

And Oliver's WIFE, whom I rarely see, is either impartially friendly (minimal neighborliness), or looks at me like she's AFRAID I MIGHT STEAL OLIVER!!!

Women really DO know who's lustin' for men!!!

Oliver and his wife with their two new Volvo station wagons and the Yacht Club Stickers, would LIKELY be FAR HAPPIER in GATED Kenan-built "Landfall", where the Frank H. Kenan Chapel, is the TALISMAN that non-whites and HOMOS are NOT ALLOWED!!!

So this morning, as I got into my car to go to Target to exchange a new cell phone for one I could get my address book into (for a day or two, I was unable to see WHO was calling me), and more importantly back to a flip phone that extends enough for the microphone to be close to my mouth, the senior at UNC Wilmington who lives in the apartment next door with his girlfriend who works for Roy Cooper's Gubernatorial Campaign (Democrat) -- and also has SEX-TEASED me shirtlessly in my face in FRONT of his even younger brother, yet does NOT pull out his cock, was GLARING at me -- LOL!!!

His girlfriend is FAR friendlier -- if LOOKS AT ME count!!!

And when I got back home, I found that Oliver Carter was talking -- civilly, best I could tell -- with my roommate, "Dapper Dan", who was working on his bike in front of our house -- NOT Oliver's house.

Landlady Gold Walker was leaving her "retreat apartment" in the building next-door, heading to her house across the street (where she actually lives), and beckoned me over, to say that Oliver wanted to speak with me. 

Well, I FIGURED he would want to know what the Police were doing here first yesterday afternoon, and when they came back about 7:00 PM -- after dark, working with flashlights and flash photography to find and document the serial numbers on all the stolen loot they were accepting -- spread out along the sidewalk parallel to the street. At the time, I had HOPED they would just quickly pick it up, but then REALIZED that processing all so PUBLICLY would show the MANY criminals of many types who walk down the street -- often to St. Mary's Charities located about 150 feet away, that THIS NEIGHBORHOOD is SERIOUS about BUSTING THIEVES!!!

Well, Oliver started in with me like an OLD CHRISTIAN BITCH!!!

He's a LAWYER, who knows to ASK QUESTIONS FIRST, before making DRAMATIC CONCLUSIONS. He did NOT ask me WHAT had happened. I have the lease and am who called Police to GET the loot, and gave the phone belonging to Dustin Goldsmith with lots of texts giving names and phone numbers of many wanting to know where to PICK UP STOLEN PROPERTY that they intended to BUY from Dustin -- as well as allies in the "Ring of Thieves".

IN FACT, I had also gone to Costco, and between customers and employees whom I know -- I was getting HIGH FIVES for doing PRACTICAL work helping LAW ENFORCEMENT to make Wilmington a SAFER PLACE -- including even from TWO TRUMP SUPPORTERS (and no one thinking I'd done a bad thing)!!!

So YES, I was SHOCKED at Oliver's words, and then he said he would NOT call the cops -- or the Probation Officers of BOTH "Dan" and Dustin Goldsmith -- who BEFORE Dustin moved in had OKed it, and yesterday MORNING agreed with me to try to calm it all down and then sort it out.

Well Dustin is such a good criminal he had FOOLED his Probation Officer, Dan, and me -- and the P.O.s are the PROFESSIONALS who have all the background as well. And then there is the FACT that NO ONE in the neighborhood was STOLEN FROM (that we so far know of, anyway), and NO ONE was at physical risk!!!

Oliver kept telling me like a GRIEVED BITCH that he did NOT want Police coming to this neighborhood -- but did NOT tell me what he wants to HIDE from Police!!!

So, finally, after seeing I could NOT reason with him, I "blessed him out" most royally, and with TRASHIEST of language -- as he deserved, then went into the house.

Landlady Gold Walker immediately called me, and started into SIMILAR CRAP -- which I was too worked up to even listen to, so blessed HER out, too, and hung up on her.

She, for years now, smoking more "oregano" than even I ever did running almost DAILY from CIA/Episcopal Church/Kenan/Clinton/Bush/Cheney Drug Mafia in Jalisco and Nayarit states of Mexico (where I bought pot IN FRONT OF POLICE), and is NOTORIOUS in this neighborhood for answering the Wilmington Police at the front door, blowing smoke in their faces and offering them the joint (which they refused).

The FACT that Police allowed this, but would BUST a person of color, poverty, or "Political Problem" like me, in TWO SECONDS, tells you MUCH about my landlady, and WHOSE side she is ON!!!

And she allows deadbeats to get as much as five months behind on rent, bitching about it, but doing NOTHING that improves the situation. This has NOTHING to do with the PRINCIPLE of this, but I have helped her get leaves raked to make the neighborhood look better, posted ads for her rentals on Craig's List (she compensating me with copious oregano), and I ALWAYS pay the rent WELL IN ADVANCE.

Wilmington CHRISTIANS -- LOL!!!

We STILL have to put up with their HATRED OF GOD, mostly, which is to say HATRED OF THEMSELVES and a DECENT FUTURE for Wilmington.

And did I TELL YA??? Oliver Carter and his Law Partner (his grandfather), James Oliver Carter SPONSORED an entire TABLE at the Democrat's Unity Dinner, last fall.

With DEMOCRATS like THIS -- who needs REPUBLICANS???

I don't KNOW Gold Walker's Party, but she LONG has supported Donald Trump (but is not saying, lately).

I am emailing this to my 170+ political contacts primarily in the Press, Law Enforcement, Politicians, and Religious Leaders (and "Friends of Tennessee Williams"), as well as to Oliver and Gold. I DO NOT TALK behind anyone's BACK(S)!!!

THIS was caused by the Kenan Family and the Democratic Party in 1898. The NEW Democratic Party (at least in Wilmington), is CUT OF THE SAME CLOTH!!!


First my REPLY:



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