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RP: Getting CRYSTAL CLEAR about the FABULOUS Michelle LaVaughn (Robinson) Obama -- and a Few Other Things, as WELL!!!

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Obama Just Warned Trump: Don’t Attack My Wife Or There Will Be Hell To Pay

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Although Barack Obama's marriage to Michelle was ARRANGED by Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright to HIDE Barack's homosexuality, Michelle KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK in her speech two nights ago!!! 

And she's done a GREAT job as First Lady as well. 

REMEMBERPat NixonBarbara Bush, and Laura Bush ALL had to deal with husbands having homosexual affairs or even long-term gay lovers while in office. 

Bebe Rebozo even had a FAKE IDENTITY to sneak in a back door at the White House for sex with Nixon (google for the evidence on all of these). 

So we have had MORE BEARDS than REAL WOMEN as First Ladies in recent years. 

Michelle took the GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN-REPUBLICANS' abject RACISM in STYLE, as well -- so she is BETTER than those Republican Gals!!!

Barbara never PRETENDED to like Barack.



March 2016 at Nancy Reagan's Funeral


"Dapper Dan" (aka "Shake"), got home from work, and when I told him that Old Testo is AFTER ME about his NOT having a dresser yet -- and how about taking out all the packing materials of the deluxe floor lamp he unpacked A WEEK AGO, as of TOMORROW -- and I found he had actually taken NONE of it out, earlier -- what I THOUGHT he'd removed was HIDING in the back of his walk-in closet -- he said he'd take out a load right away.

Ten minutes later, he came to my office/bedroom and asked me to smell his fingers -- he discovered that he'd somehow broken off his deodorant stick and BEEN WALKING ALL OVER IT. He wanted to know if I thought it still smelled OK, so he can scrape it off the floor to apply to his pits.

And THEN he went to the bathroom to TRIM HIS HAIR for the FOURTH time in a week. It is now an hour later -- and he's still TRIMMING IT!!!

WORSE: I found he -- late last night -- ate the ONLY two cans of food I had ANY interest in that "Testosteroni" sent us yesterday (in four boxes). 

I have to remind myself that Dan went through a windshield at 95 MPH several years ago, and the Ambulance People told him he would NEVER live to get to the hospital -- but he recovered.

He had a LOT of brain damage, TWO crushed vertebrae, MANY other broken bones -- and for two years, his right arm (his primary), was PARALYZED -- doctors telling him he would NEVER get its use back -- but he uses it FINE, today!!!

His father and one brother (and some of their children), all BURNED TO DEATH due to smoking in bed while drunk as skunks -- TWO separate fires, not one. Most of his other relatives are in jail for violent crimes -- but he called his nephew on his 17th birthday a week ago, to discover "the little guy is DRUNK" -- and then told me that kid has had a BAD alcohol addiction since age 14.

But Dan soldiers on -- THANKING GOD that AT LEAST he grew up in a GOOD CHRISTIAN FAMILY.

I have FAR more empathy for Dan than for "Testosteroni", who has NO BRAIN DAMAGE -- just gave into a life of ABSOLUTE FEAR of LIFE and GOD.

Did all those ELECTIVE TESTOSTERONE SHOTS do this to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr.'s BRAIN???

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I say, give the Trumpsters what they want
Pull all reporters off of Trump's campaign, and let's see how that goes over...

Reporters are describing a much darker shift in atmosphere, whipped up by the…

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First he came for the Hispanics, then the Blacks, then he came for the Muslims, then the disabled, then POW’s, then the women.
And now, the Jews.

We knew this was coming. It came in his speech tonight. Donald Trump lashed out at global elites who undermine American sovereignty through “international banks” —…

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THIS from the Christian-Democrat Obama Administration!!!:

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In the same week that activist and celebrity Shailene Woodley was arrested while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, a documentary producer was arrested at yet…

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ONLY in North Carolina -- LOL!!!: 

And maybe it’s because he’s an official adviser to Trump, but Senator Burr also misspoke in a manner that suggested Trump was already in command

“Jonathan, you know me,” Burr said. “I will help whoever is in leadership to try to bestow what I know and what I have learned as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and I’ve done that for the Trump administration.

Richard Burr seemed confused as he answered questions about Russia and the GOP nominee.

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Democrat District Attorney Benjamin R. David not only falsely jailed me here in Wilmington in 2011 and 12 on EIGHT false charges -- but only FIVE separate jailings -- he CO-OPERATED with Fox News Talking Head Daliah Saper in Chicago and Jamie Lee Sutherland in getting me convicted ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY of LIBEL in Chicago/Cook County Courts in 2013.

Ben David, his son, and Christians of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The CIA just TOTALLY FUCKED my formatting, below -- LOL!!!


And THAT's GOD-FUCKING CHRISTIAN Democrat Sheriff Ed McMahon -- who by his ENTHUSIASTIC CLAPPING, here, PROVES he lied to me on July 3, 2011 -- CRYING (like John Boehner, my MOTHER's NAZI/CATHOLIC BUD), claiming he DIDN'T KNOW about all the mini-subs unloading POWDER DRUGS under Snow's Cut Bridge.

What a FOOL I was to trust Ed McMahon (he's a walking "Man-Pussy" as they say -- in "HEAVEN")!!!


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