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RP: Letter to Gene Morgan (Hillary Clinton supporter in Atlanta)!!!

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Gene Morgan in Tux (details not now remembered)

>>> WHAT PROVOKED THIS LETTER (added to blog, later):

My own KENAN Family that founded The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and today controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of AmericaCoca-Cola, the Bush/Cheney/Clinton/Obama CIA narco-trafficking group -- as well as the Episcopal Church and Ku Klux Klan, is the BIGGEST SUPPORT of Donald Trump now, as seen below in my comments:

The amendment was slipped into a defense bill.

Scott Kenan Hi Gene Morgan: Thanks for this, and I wish you had explained why you plopped it here without explaining why. 

Are you arguing that the Kenans aren't one of the primary founding families of UNC -- or the one that came to DOMINATE it -- and Kenans are now the largest private support of 68 American Universities??? 

I appreciate that you at least cared enough to research deeper, even if you don't explain yourself. I'm going to write a reasoned answer to you as my next blog posting, and if you DO want to state your intention here -- rather than me just deduce it, please comment so I can have clarity from you before I finish writing -- probably in a couple of hours. 


Also, my AUDIENCE for what I write you is MORE Wilmingtonians and North Carolinians here is the S.E. part of the state who think Kenans were the only ones who mattered. They weren't. 

As I said, the Sheriff's Deputies here are pushing for the City to give me an award for exposing corruption, and for me to have a column in the major Wilmington newspaper.
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October 5, 2016

Dear Gene Morgan,

First of all, I should acknowledge our now long-term Facebook Friendship – half brilliant agreement, half “you're crazy – and I can prove it!!!” – LOL!!!

I earlier promised to explain to you more about my family’s history, which you simply posted a link showing a Davies as a major contributor to the founding of UNC Chapel Hill – which is CORRECT, but only a small piece of a complicated story. But that said, it is more important to beat Trump and these things really should be sorted out AFTER Hillary wins.

General James Kenan led the FIRST armed resistance to the Crown over the Stamp Act. It was repealed.

Stamp Act
  1. An act of the British Parliament in 1756 that exacted revenue from the American colonies by imposing a stamp duty on newspapers and legal and commercial documents. Colonial opposition led to the act's repeal in 1766 and helped encourage the revolutionary movement against the British Crown.

I don't know HOW the Sons of Liberty got so much credit in 1773 for their so-called "Boston Tea Party" of 1773 -- but we ALL know how pushy YANKEES can be!!!

And I think I did a BRILLIANT piece on the debate last night, as seen here:

There were (I researched this deeply years ago, and my memory is hazy and I need to get back to current politics so no time to research much now), nearly a dozen families co-founded UNC, the Kenans donated the LAND, then got into the sports teams. Tar Heels are named for the FIRST Kenan Fortune – the Kenans having at least three MOVING – so no grand houses – plantations with over 300 African slaves, clearing S.E. North Carolina’s virgin pine forests, and BEFORE the Revolutionary War the Kenan Family was the WORLD’S LARGEST supplier of naval stores, including turpentine, pitch, and tar.

Kenan men have ALWAYS tended toward homosexuality, and in the genealogy books you find many times more Kenan descendants with OTHER names than Kenan than Kenans – proving this FACT. William Rand Kenan, Jr. – whose Charitable Trust is the BIGGEST, moved in with his lifelong male secretary, Schuyler Beattie, after his barren, horsey wife died early and the two of them lived together until death, years later. He ALSO built Carolina Apartments as a hotel hosting royalty and heads of state when it opened in 1905 – and the most technologically advanced building then in North Carolina. And in 1985, I dated Thomas S. Kenan III’s previous long-term lover Robbie Anderson there – while the building was used in filming Blue Velvet.

Kenans have not owned it in many decades, and in 2015, I was EVICTED from those apartments after blogging about another resident, Jennifer McCracken, who sold all manner of drugs as well as knew all about my friend Colin Stuart Hamilton (retired BBC star), Puerto Vallarta MURDER by Drug Mafia. The Mexican Government BLACKED OUT that news so as not to scare tourists, but English language papers in Mexico picked up the story from my blog.

Kathleen Kinkade -- in El Salvador

Now, my good friend Kathleen Kinkade (a Jew with a Scot name), who knows Monica Lewinsky very well (Monica’s father was Kathleen’s father’s accountant for a while), was raised by her Gringo family in El Salvador, and they BUILT Bain Capital for Mitt Romney as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. However, things got nasty, and while Ms. Kinkade’s family is all in prisons in El Salvador now – and others RUN Bain Capital -- she is paranoid that Romney’s people will find and murder her for what she knows. I’ve been blogging this for nine months now -- with no threats to Kathleen. HOORAY!!!

But WR Kenan, Jr. LEFT Wilmington early in adult life because it is full of the SMALLEST-MINDED, HATEFUL, RACIST CHRISTIANS, that he even gave this town just a paragraph or two in his memoirs – because he HATED WILMINGTON WHITE CHRISTIANS so much!!!

His father, WR Kenan, Sr., had CAUSED the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection with Christian Churches – the only successful Coup D'etat in US History – murdering blacks, stealing their businesses and political positions. Wilmington had become a mecca for educated blacks. And this emboldened the Democratic Party to pass all the Jim Crow Laws across the South within two years. Kenans can also be shown to dominate in position and/or money the Legislatures of NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, and TX in 1860, and were the largest force causing the Civil War.

While you know the Kenans inherited Henry Flagler’s entire estate, you might forget that he controlled 40% of all US Railroads – not just the one in Florida – and left all that to his last wife, a Kenan. Then Frank Hawkins, the financial giant credited with putting the Phoenix in Atlanta, left HIS estate to the Kenans as well: Atlantic Steel/Station, now -- the biggest Atlanta Banks, and he was the world’s largest cotton oil merchant, had vast transportation holdings, etc.

And while I was held captive by Drug Mafia in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico five times in 2010, one of my captors, a white woman from Alberta, Canada, was fascinated by my books on Kenan History, and found that about TEN Kenan descendants participated in writing the “Articles of Confederation” (USA’s pre-Constitution), which William Richardson Davies might have participated in too, and were descended from the three Kenan brothers who landed in Wilmington in the 1730s – NONE having the Kenan surname.

She also found in the 1999 edition of Mercer University Press published The Kenan Family (second edition, the first was 1967), that both the Psychiatrist heading the American Psychiatric Association – and the one who gathered all the studies to decide this – were Kenan descendants. The decision was to REMOVE Homosexuality as a Mental Illness from the DSM in the late 1960s.


In any case, long before the Twentieth Century, Kenans DOMINATED UNC governance, and had become the biggest financial contributors. When I publish this on blog, I’ll show a photo of the Board of UNC from (I’m guessing based on Tom Kenan’s appearance, he now 77 years old – and living with his male lover, of course), from about 1975. Front and center are Frank Hawkins Kenan, his brother James Graham Kenan, with Thomas S. Kenan III in background and only a few other people on it. It is differently organized now – Kenan surrogates, mostly.

Front center: Frank Hawkins Kenan in white next to his brother James Graham Kenan (dark suit).

Frank and James Kenan ONLY hate JEWS more than they hate "niggers", according to James Kenan's nephew, Gregg Loomis of Atlanta -- told to me in person in 1990.

Tom Kenan stands behind his Uncle Jimmy.


2014 University Award: Thomas Kenan III

>>> ADDED @ 5:51 PM:

BECAUSE the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust shows an "integration of the races" that seems REAL, I trusted that by the time THIS Award was presented, April 15, 2014, that I would find a SERIOUS smattering of people not looking "Aryan" (Northern European -- the NAZI types), but I just watched the entire thing and even the students and "unfortunates benefiting from Kenans" -- seldom shown here -- are nearly ALL Lily-White -- and ALL the "Leaders at UNC" are Lily-White.

So Thomas S. Kenan III must STILL HATE only JEWS MORE THAN "NIGGERS" -- and LATINOS completely missing, too, or CHEROKEE like part of ME!!!

Too bad "scalping" is out of fashion, no???

The Kenans and UNC System REMAIN dedicated to "purifying" the American people to white -- and murdering or enslaving all the rest

And Tom Kenan's current 20-something boyfriend (whom I have spoken with on the phone), had many friends in Wilmington whom I met BY CHANCE in 2012.

Nothing but HIGH-END DRUG TRASH -- NELLY HOMOS, no less.

My Journey of EXPOSING my God-Hating Family's Traitorous Crimes will now ESCALATE!!!


>>> JUST NOTICED @ 6:16 PM: The FORMATTING was destroyed when I emailed this blog posting out earlier today, many parts DUPLICATED -- AFTER leaving my computer by the CIA, NSA, or just "CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA"!!!


They forget: GOD always wins -- HA!!!

* * *

Also, the Kenans inherited one of the largest blocks of Coca-Cola stock from Frank Hawkins, and have added to it greatly, but don’t actually control it. They DO control many local bottlers, and not just the parent. Those include the flagship in Atlanta, then Charlotte and Durham and others.

So enough of this, I will return to current politics, now!!!



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