Monday, October 10, 2016

RP: NEWS of Narco-Trafficking George Cutter and His Carolina Apartments from My Former Next-Door Neighbor There (whom I had a long talk with in Costco, today)!!!

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Google/Blogger/CIA DID let me download this image to my computer, but will NOT let me post it FROM my computer, so I copied and pasted it from Facebook -- LOL!!!

So I FINALLY ran into my next-door neighbor from apartment 66 (sandwiched between my # 65 and Jennifer McCracken's #67) -- actually for the SECOND time in two days, but had time to talk, today. I really forget his name, but he's about my age and has lived in Carolina Apartments for DECADES -- and REMEMBERS when Jenny's apartment (before Jennifer moved in), was for YEARS used for CRACK WHORES, and the lines for getting serviced were the length of the ENTIRE hallway on the weekends!!!

Owner George Cutter's apartment (he lives elsewhere, but stays there at times), is DIRECTLY beneath this notorious apartment, so George has #57. Manager and long-time METH ADDICT Tomi Matheson, is at the other end of the fifth floor.

The News:

1. CIA/Google/Blogger CONTINUES to make it impossible for me to normally post images from my computer -- for the FIRST TIME EVER -- but I know how to get around this one -- LOL!!!

John Tarleton (who ALWAYS welcomed my flirting with him and propositioning him for sex, as well), was Maintenance Man for BOTH of Cutter's buildings: The Carolina Apartments and The Confederate Apartments on Third Street (and Tomi manages both as well).

2. Mr. Tarleton was getting SICK from so much Meth and BROKE UP with Tomi, QUIT his job with Mr. Cutter -- and MOVED AWAY!!!

3. Jennifer McCracken has done so many DRUGS (presumably actual prescribed drugs for her Bipolar Illness), that she is all but INCOHERENT.

4. Although Mr. Cutter paid for and had installed a NEW ROOF a year ago while I lived there, MY old apartment had TONS of leaks during Hurricane Matthew -- but had NONE during the three months of MANY storms that I lived there -- LOL!!!

ROOFERS done Cutter WRONG!!!

5. Mr. Cutter's HEALTH (he's in his mid-80s), has been IN DECLINE, so he has NOT been on premises much the last months. NO ONE is betting which will FALL DOWN DEADfirst -- Mr. Cutter or Carolina Apartments!!!

6. I had a twenty-minute talk this morning with the young woman next door who is PAID to work for Democrat Roy Cooper's NC Gubernatorial Campaign. SHE knows the Clinton -- and Cooper -- part in Narco-Trafficking, but like ME, still must elect Democrats regardless how CORRUPT to avoid the Swastikas of the Christian Republicans.

SHE said they had TIME/Warner Cable TV service without interruption ALL of yesterday and today, and is SHOCKED that I could not see parts (one third of), of last night's debate -- as well as my cable being out NOW (for 2.5 hours solid, earlier this morning for another two hours), when we appear to share the same line -- and NO WORK is being done on the cable in the neighborhood.

HELLO?!?!? -- should I go PARANOID and think my house is individually TARGETED???

>>> ADDED LATER: At 6:11 PM (a match with my height), the TV Cable came back on -- that outage lasting OVER five hours, but did NOT affect my next-door neighbor -- although with no TV to drown him out, I had to listen to her boyfriend CATERWAULING as he played guitarUNCW being storm-closed for the day -- and it NOT warm enough to take off his shirt!!!


And NOW, I can upload images NORMALLY!!!

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