Wednesday, October 26, 2016

RP: Remember the "Good Old Days" When We Only Had to Put Up with JUVENILE Delinquents??? Thanks to God-Hating Christianity, We've Devolved to INFANTILE Delinquents!!!

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And here is WHY!!!"

This morning, Haston Caulder got up in time to enjoy a cup of coffee, and then left with the heat in his room turned to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and he left a couple of lights on. He's getting worse and worse about leaving things TURNED ON and leaving -- but he did NOT leave the toaster oven on on high, like he does sometimes.

His meds -- or his abuse of them -- render him INCOMPETENT to live without additional supervision. ALSO, the one thing I emphasized before he moved in and -- and since then -- is that I am a WRITER who likes drama in his writing, but will NOT tolerate the distraction of it in my house, and HAVE DRAMA and you GO IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT NOTICE.

Haston agreed to that before moving in.

So now constantly BREAKING the parameters of competence and INVITING drama into my house, Haston would not stand a CHANCE suing me in Court. 

And yesterday, crybaby "Testosteroni" sent an email demanding I take him off my list of email recipients of this blog. He did NOT answer the question of whether he had gathered his courage to get his email to work on Windows 10 (he's procrastinated over a half year on that, so uses his Windows Vista computer, instead), or gotten his refrigerator fixed or replaced. He's put THAT off for over five YEARS -- even though the landlord must pay for it as specified in his lease -- and at 84 carries a big bag of ice up five floors EVERY DAY to use his refrigerator as an ice chest.

And just NOW, he emailed me to say I'll receive a "heavy box of canned food" today. He NEVER sends food that I can't buy in Wilmington -- and pays HUGE shipping to send mundane things like re-fried beans, fruit cocktail, canned lasagna, etc.

How SMART is that???

Well, the doors open in 17 minutes at Bill Clinton's Hillary Rally here in Wilmington, and it's time to get ready and walk over to it!!!

See you on THE OTHER SIDE!!!



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