Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RP: Today, Despite My Hangover (yes, I'm HUMAN -- who KNEW???), I Have to Soon Deal with "Shake" and His Future:

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The FIRST thing I will do after publishing/emailing this, is get my own prescriptions filled, continue to drink water, and after that is accomplished, my head will be clearer and faster, and I will get to it.

Last night at about 9:00, Haston Caulder ("Shake" or "Dapper Dan"), bummed a cigarette, and TOTALLY CHANGED HIS TUNE, admitting he KNOWS he is in good hands with me, and although I can be an ASSHOLE, I'm also a Nice Guy -- and he used his hands and arms to demonstrate that he thinks I'm getting better and better and LESS assholic.

Therefore, whatever happens -- if I'm in agreement with it -- he might get ANGRY at first, but he will come to understand it.

I just had a long discussion of ALL of this with my mother -- especially the weightiness of making decisions that might effect incarceration or commitment -- and she agrees with me, that she's GLAD she isn't needing to try to commit ME, and it is I who am currently in the HOT SEAT of DECISION.

We think we might have to throw a big PARTY before too long to CELEBRATE that despite huge misunderstandings, we have ALL survived and are doing well.

>>> AN EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH JOSEPH FAULK (Testosteroni) THIS MORNING -- he did NOT ask me NOT to publish this one:

Re: Helping Shake (Joseph, please check who is getting copied) 

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Shake is not working off the books -- he will get a 1099 and owe taxes, which he knows he has to pay but has nothing set aside.

If Shake is still here (not MY decision, given what is going on here with Law Enforcement), I'll give him a free week.

As Gold said this morning: "You are smoking inside because you don't want to have to encounter your roommate when going out to smoke. NO ONE ON EARTH would have a roommate they want to avoid. YOU (she meaning me), think you use reason, and what you need to do is MORE THAN OBVIOUS to any logical person!!!"

You claimed I go back and forth "hot and cold". My understanding changes when I find out new things, and I have bent over backward to keep Shake, so I have given the benefit of the doubt when I can. And then new info comes to light. The lawyer next door has been doing deeper and deeper research on Shake, which I did not think to tell you.

I forgot!!! Our deal is that I listen to you AFTER you get your email connection to new computer to work and you get your refrigerator fixed or changed. Otherwise I cannot believe you are SANE PERSON.

Have you accomplished either???


-----Original Message-----
From: Joseph Faulk 
To: Scott Kenan 
Sent: Tue, Oct 25, 2016 10:42 am
Subject: Helping Shake

Right now I just want to reduce some of the pressure.

Working off the books probably can result in screw-you attitudes from employers in the last week. As I've said in the past, I regard each $1000 from me as covering a month's rent. So advise Shake that he owes nothing on Friday 10/28 but can have money in his pocket , that he need not seek new work until next week, and that Friday November 4 he can pay $125 for the succeeding week's rent.

In his 4 day rest period, he should observe his drug regimen. Irregular observance can mess up the drugs' effectiveness, even provoke extreme (such as suicidal) thoughts. I provided a med-taking sched, so update it with the 5th drug and notate the strength of each in case he sees a doctor other than the prescribing one.

I have a plan to provide Shake with a dvd player and earphones but will end this email now at your request.

(Yeah I expected you would soon have your landlady and neighbors involved)


Scott --

Thanks for your interest in Wilmington Early Vote Event with Bill Clinton. Here are the details again:
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM EDT
Union Station Amphitheatre at CFCC
502 N Front St

Wilmington, North Carolina 28401


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