Tuesday, October 18, 2016

RP: “We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.” ― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion (and other things)!!!

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An image of a pro-Trump bumper sticker showing a stick figure swathed in the confederate flag beating up a similar figure emblazoned with the LGBT pride flag has gone viral.

I posted link to as shown below on EVERY POSITIVE TRUMP/PENCE COMMENT -- after THOSE (only) got APPROVED to post:

Lindsey Morrison How do I report this guy?
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Scott Kenan I work with Generals Colin Powell and Russel Honore' -- and my family founded UNC Chapel Hill, control Exxon, Bank of America, etc. to BUST Pence and Trump for trying to rile Christians with lies to turn the USA NAZI -- and we are all LAUGHING AT YOU, now -- LOL!!!
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Wendy Labelle He is here right now we are here

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Scott Kenan Such a TINY crowd -- LOL!!!
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1. At 2:00 PM, Mike Pence was live on TV from Hillsborough, NC -- and it takes three hours to drive to here from there, and while it is a SHORT jet-hop to Wilmington, getting from THAT rally to THAT airport and from OUR airport to downtown Wilmington as well -- after packing up the entourage -- will take WELL MORE than an hour, and I am NOT interested in waiting around with a bunch of WHITE RACISTCHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA TRASH!!!

2. My "House Guest", Tom Jones, LIED BOLDLY about my roommate Haston Caulder III and the drugs he takes by prescription, and he is supposed to soon see his Probation Officer, and then check into the Union Mission here. Haston will not be home from work until 7:15 PM, so I need to be sure the now-sleeping Mr. Jones gets out, properly.

However, Mr. Jones claims to have come down with a stomach virus, has thrown up THREE TIMES in the last couple of hours, and MIGHT use that as as excuse NOT to see his Probation Officer (which would be a "Probation Violation", since he will have NO DOCTOR'S EXCUSE), so I need to MONITOR it all.

3. The last time my Kenan Family sponsored a "MOB CROWD" in Wilmington, North Carolina, TONS of black folks were MURDERED, their property SEIZED, and they were thrown out of elective offices in the ONLY successful Coup d'Etat in US History -- and THAT led to all the Jim Crow Laws being passed across the South by the Democratic Party!!!

I do NOT participate in Kenan Family MOB PARTIES!!!


Haston Caulder III prescribed medications October 18, 2016

All prescribed by Dr. Allen Van Dyke of New Hanover County Health Department through his Monday office hours at The Good Shepherd Center – without charge of any kind:

Trazodone 50 mg, “One tablet at bedtime.”

Hydroxyzine 25 mg, “one tablet every six hours as needed for anxiety.” (does not take to work)

Naproxen 375 mg, “One tablet 3 times daily after meals.” (does not take to work)

Gabapentin 600 mg, “One tablet 4 times daily as directed.” (does not take to work)

Potassium Chloride 20 mEq “One tablet daily.”

ONE OTHER that Haston DOES carry to work and take there.

1. Haston DOES take the Potassium Chloride religiously, once asking me for one of mine when his had run out. It has NO mental complications.

2. The THREE he is prescribed to take at intervals through the day, he does NOT NORMALLY TAKE AT ALL or only at night, leaving him MANY EXTRA PILLS.

3. I have NO IDEA what he does with all his extra pills, but his bottles are CURRENT, so he keeps getting the prescriptions filled and their volume diminishes. Haston goes out up to THREE times per day (or evening), to COLLECT DEBTS from many people he claims he lent money to and they are finally paying him. He has NEVER claimed to go out to LEND money -- except once.

The drug he DOES take to work is for the pain of muscles and bone and he told me his Sciatic nerve and other pains become overwhelming if he does not take it frequently, but it ALSO makes his mind slow down and too much can make him drool and fall asleep.

>>> ADDED: When Haston got home (and liked the "tops" Old Testo had sent him), he told me the name of what he takes to work -- and AGAIN, I've forgotten, but it is NOT Trazodone he takes at night to sleep, but a couple of the Hydroxyzine, instead.

I am NOT a doctor or chemist and so I am not bothering to look all these up to see how they work and/or if they are easily abused, etc.

So here it is documented in the Public Record -- which Haston gave me permission to do last night.


Haston LaVerne Caulder III in ONE of his 2016 Mug Shots


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