Tuesday, October 4, 2016

RP: Well, My Landlady (and possibly her lawyer living next door), Are TOTALLY FRIENDLY to Me -- AFTER All My Blogging -- LOL!!!

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Quickly: Last night a Sheriff's Deputy helped Dustin Goldsmith get his personal belongings from my apartment -- and SHE knew that Dustin leads a Ring of Burglars and Sellers-of-Stolen-Goods, run by several Christian Churches, downtown, but since the City Detectives NEVER charged Dustin, despite the HARD EVIDENCE I GAVE THEM -- he kept claiming to ME he was protected from prosecution by the City of Wilmington -- and he IS protected by the Saffo Drug Mafia!!!

This morning, Dustin was standing outside Tileson Charities at St. Mary's Catholic (a TOTAL MAGNET FOR CRIMINALS in my neighborhood!!!), that is run by Sister Mary Isaac Koenig and Father Bob Kus. As ALL my Readers know, the ONE CRIME my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan now of Raleigh always DID admit to me, is under Father Bob Kus's direction at St. Mark's Catholic Parish in the 1980s and 90s, the official parish Duplicate Bridge Club smuggled WHITE PEOPLE'S money out of South Africa -- because the Catholic Church decided abolishing Apartheid was UNFAIR TO WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Philip Rosario's Roman Catholic Altar to himself and Drug Abuse -- IN MY APARTMENT while he lived here for a few months until I caught him smoking CRACK, dividing a pound of marijuana with other dealers, and carrying HUGE rolls of hundred-dollar bills that came from his drug deals (but he could NOT keep up with rent).

The MOST important things I learned from Phil are that he (a Puerto Rican from Manhattan), arrived in Wilmington 30 years ago (for Bill Saffo's MAFIA???), and has worked in Phil's words (were he more literate), "in close conjunction with Father Bob and Sister Mary Isaac Koenig (of St. Mary's Catholic)", not just running WHORE HOUSES all over Wilmington, but DIRECTING much of Wilmington's Narco-Trafficking!!!

Phil Rosario (now a dishwasher in Betsy's Crepes Drug-Front Restaurant on Front Street), also claimed he has SO MUCH DIRT on District Attorney Ben David that Ben can NEVER prosecute him!!!

St. Mary's Catholic should be SEIZED as a Drug and Whoring MENACE TO WILMINGTON, and the buildings sold to the highest bidder that is NOT a Catholic Church.

ALSO, this morning Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of Manhattan called me to be CERTAIN that Dustin Goldsmith gets EVERYTHING Joseph sent him -- mostly clothes but DVDs of straight porno and things like that as well. As I explained to Joseph LAST NIGHT (this is the first I'm blogging about it), Dustin got a good-size duffel, two large back-packs, and his book bag with only a BIBLE (he lives by the Bible), and Joseph ("Testosteroni"), was TOTALLY CONFUSED not only about all of that, but the Windows 10 update his computer was in the throws of.

I told Joseph not even to THINK of calling me again -- until he's had a THOROUGH testing by a licenced Psychiatrist -- and emails me a scan of the doctors findings.

Scott Kenan and The Huffington Post shared a link.

Second time this year a district employee has been disciplined over social media…
  • Dang woman goes with RACISM when the truth is Michelle Obama is Barack Obama's BEARD!!! Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Jeremiah Wright (who was NEVER a Muslim, as Republicans USED to claim)set the marriage up to cover Obama's rabid homosexuality.

    Scott Kenan And The Huffington PostHIGHLY influenced by Jimmy Soniwho sits on a TOP KENAN FAMILY ORGwww.kenan.ethics.duke.edu, repeatedly reported that Bill Clinton got Rahm Emanuel, Al Gore, Villaraigosa (then Mayor of Los Angeles), WITH Barack Obama to sell Obama to BIG BANKS and WALL STREETscrewing his wife Hillary BEFORE the 2008 primaries began, and later -- 2009 and 2010 -- FREQUENTLY reported that Obama's "Body Man" from Duke University (totally Kenan Family Controlled), Reggie LoveALWAYS traveled with Obama entering Air Force One by the back door -- if Michelle was not going along -- LOL!!! WHY is Kenan-controlled HuffPost Media not telling us what they PREVIOUSLY
    •  reported, NOW???
    Ken Edelstein This is bizarre because I have it on good authority that Michelle Obama (Kenyan) was covering up the fact that Obama is a pedophile homosexualwhich is why she put out the hit on JFK!
    LikeReply2 hrs

    Ken Edelstein -- CERTIFIED by Hollis Gillespie as a "JEW GONE BAD"!!!

    Scott Kenan Ken Edelstein: What a FUCKING asshole you are -- LOL!!! 

    It was Jamie Lee Sutherland, then exec of Wells Fargo, Chicago, now with Ameriprise Financial, Chicago, who told me he saw Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama in his private Man's Country Gay Baths in Chicago many times. 

    Here is his work phone number, so call him to see what he tells YOU!!! 

    YOU don't have ANY "authority" for your lie -- or you would have NAMED HIM or her -- and CHILDREN don't hang out in Gay Bathsanyway312.706.6811
    LikeReply15 mins

    Scott Kenan Ken Edelstein was the HEAD of Creative Loafing, Atlanta when one of his STARSHollis Gillespie, not only taught me to BLOG, but told me about the narco-trafficking at Creative Loafing then

    I also am quite close to Grant Henry (Sister Louisa), and bought EIGHT of his/her paintings!!! 

    Here is tribute I published which YOU should enjoy. ENJOY!!!

  • NOW, does this make sense???:

Scott Kenan
29 mins

Interesting, no???

Bill Clinton criticized President Barack Obama's signature policy reform while on the stump for his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, calling…



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