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PR: After FIVE Dental Extractions Today, I'm Having a LEGAL OPIATES PARTY -- Taking a BREAK to See if I Can Still BLOG!!!

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French Opium Party (renamed by Republicans after 9/11 as "LIBERTY PARTY sans Fries") -- in 1918

So it should have been "Freedom" -- to use the Fries, but that just didn't work here "literarilly".

Now don't fret about this -- I'm within my dentist's prescription instructions on taking 10/325 Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen. It's just that my current doctor knows I'm a little bit intimidated by addictive drugs, while my LAST long-time dentist of about 15 years (Todd Aferica of Norcross, GA -- full football scholarship to Dukewhere I did NOT collect "my basketball scholarship" -- and then he went to UNC Chapel Hill's dental school!!!), always prescribed TWICE as much for every 4 - 6 hours: two to start, then one or two as necessary, for extractions and similar work. Currently, I'm prescribed to take half OR one as necessary -- period. BOTH only gave me 30 tablets, so it is CONTAINED if I decide to go HOG WILDno???

BTW: My -- and I should say oral surgeon, actually -- TEACHES every Monday at UNC Chapel Hill Dental School. I have GOOD DENTISTS!!!


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Tolerance and freedom are far more powerful than bigotry and hate.


ONCE AGAIN, those who HATE THE TRUTH are very fairly called "God-Haters", and the US Government and Media are RIDDLED with them -- WHY has this gotten NO attention in US Mainstream-CIA Media??? 

God-Hating Christians I have found BRAGGING about their religions ON TV AIR (always inappropriate -- except to self-expose their biases), include Chris Cuomo who goes into REVERIES at times about his children's First Holy Cannibalistic Communion and Confirmation -- and to a lesser extent, Carol Costello.

>>> LAST STORY I WANTED TO LEAD WITHThe Colima Volcano that I watched through the front windows of my rented house in Colima for months June and into July 2010, NEVER then -- nor in recent decades -- EXPLODED and had lava flow anything like this.

My little house has since been painted more festively:

My house -- and next, my view:

Twin volcanoes, formed before and after the geological plate MOVED (was it NOAH who moved all the plates -- or did he "just endure" that "FLOOD"???) -- and NOW what recently happened:

Geology Page added a new video: Fiery eruption of Mexican’s Colima volcano "19 January 2017".
Fiery eruption of Mexican’s Colima volcano "19 January 2017" | #Geology#GeologyPage #Mexico #Volcano
Video Copyright © Webcams de Mexico

And then THIS is just a small part of one of Jim Farmer's Facebook threads, which I paste in here as a REMINDER that Rex Tillerson -- TOP Kenan Family that RAISED ME with Swastikas on the dinner plates and STRICT, DEVOUT DEVIL WORSHIP (Roman Catholicism), is NOT yet confirmed -- but expected to be, soon.

And while I'm "loopy on opiates", I will tell you that I ALSO see many positive attributes to Tillerson -- ESPECIALLY when compared to Mr. Donald Trump -- BUT, this whole CIRCUS was orchestrated by The Donald and his "Possum Woman" Kellyanne Conway (and others):

Possums have MORE TEETH than any other mammal. And Sen. Marco Rubio has already TESTIFIED IN THE COURT OF THE NATIONAL AUDIENCE that President Trump has NOTHING to worry about -- the toothy Kellyanne prefers something she can SINK HER TEETH INTO!!!

Then again, MAYBEpost extractions, I'm just a little JEALOUS of the TOOTHY BITCHno???

Scott Kenan I used to party with Meryl Streep and her husband Don Gummer fairly often while I worked for Tennessee Williams 1981-82. She is too SELFLESS to want to do anything other than ENCOURAGE other actors, so don't worry about it!!! 

You people need to get out there and GET TO KNOW CELEBRITIES (Politicians, etc.), to comment on them other than just "fartin' into the wind" -- LOL!!!
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Mitch Leib I didn't mean that as a cut on Meryl. I meant that they seem to nominate her for everything. Sometimes she deserves it. Sometimes she doesn't. BTW, I met Tennessee at Williamstown Theater Festival in 1982
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Jim Farmer I adore Meryl, but that doesn't mean she deserves to be nominated, especially for a weak movie!
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Scott Kenan Mitch Leib : I had five dental extractions this afternoon and am on opiates and loopy. 

I figured as much about your comment, but being the BLACK SHEEP of my Kenan Family that has controlled Standard Oil and now Exxon-Mobil-Tillerson since 1913 -- and NOW also Bank of AmericaCoca-Cola, and others and have the MONEY to develop -- with Exxon's TOP PLACE technical skill -- RUSSIA's Oil Reserves

My Kenan Family was the LARGEST contributor to Trump's campaign, and this ALL is actually directed by my family that founded The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and caused the ONLY coup d'e'tat in US HistoryThe Wilmington Insurrection of 1898murdering blacks and stealing their property, political offices, businesses, etc. and they got away with it. 

It was led by my Kenan family and First Presbyterian Church across the street from my apartment as I type. 

Woodrow Wilson's father was Pastor there (previous to the Race Riot), and Woodrow grew up in the "Presbyterian Manse" that stood where a giant, brick-walled Biblical Herb Garden now grows -- with Woodrow's Mama's original crepe myrtle -- it blooms "BLOOD RED" and is at the center of a Celtic Cross of WHITE SUPREMACY of low-growing shrubs.

First Presbyterian's Bible Herb Garden in 2011

In 2011 I joined that congregation out of curiosity, and LEARNING of their hatred of non-whitesnarco-trafficking, etc., and was the volunteer caretaker of the Biblical Garden for a few months. And as History records, President Wilson -- super-tight with the Kenans -- always Deacons and Elders in that congregation -- PROMPTLY RE-segregated the US Military etc. 

Donald Trump is the NEXT "Siamese Twin" so close to my Kenan Family and CONTROLLED BY THEM -- and LOOK at HIS choices for first actions!!! 

Well, I shall return to opiated reveries for the evening, and here's the letter that I EVENTUALLY got directly into Donald Trump's tiny hand quite recentlyhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/.../my-letter...

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An original Dr. Seuss cartoon dated 1941.

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Over the weekend a friend shared the meme below, a simple graphic explanation about why popular vote loser Donald Trump’s inaugural attendance seemed so…


Click image to ENLARGE.

This PROVES "beyond a SHADOW of a doubt" that Donald's Inaugural crowd was HUGE -- but that doesn't show on photos since it was largely a Sea of Wall-to-Wall KLANSMEN IN ROBES!!!

Fancy THAT!!!

"OhI DO!!!"

So do WE, Ma'am!!!


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