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RP: After the TENSION Calms Down (a bit) . . .

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Scott Kenan Gene Morgan: They are CORRECT in the latter -- LOL!!! 

BUT being "Christian" is typically the OPPOSITE of following the Teachings of Jesus:

Without realizing it until I had already done it, I posted this first meme about the Recorded History of Christianity under Gene Morgan's posting of the top image -- forgetting that Facebook banned me for a MONTH over posting that same meme two months ago. BEFORE that, I had posted it prominently on Facebook several times -- WITHOUT a problem. 

Christians do NOT allow criticism of them, and Facebook AGREED to a rather long expulsion. Many of my friends have also been kicked off -- but only for a day and one for a week. By my posting also the SECOND meme, seen here, I hope to put my comment into greater context. We'll see if I get kicked off this time. It took about 30 minutes to happen the other time.

Facebook has become very difficult to take -- most of my friends (generally Progressives), repeating to each other the same examples of outrages of the other side, with NO ONE changing anything -- and next to NONE of them write or call a Politician or do anything else PRACTICAL.

This is NOT a winning strategy for becoming ADULT -- the one thing Donald Trump needs most -- and the Progressives could stand to SET AN EXAMPLE, instead of continuing to run around with their HAIR ON FIRE.

And then the Conservatives come in like ROBOTS posting the same illogical non-sense like dogs marking territory -- and when they all get to ARGUING, nothing is ever resolved.

MEANWHILE, the REAL destruction of American Democracy continues while these fools from both sides continue to shriek and scream. That has included ME in the sense that I, too, thought that Reason and Fact had respect -- but Christians simply DO NOT RESPECT FACT OR LOGIC.

They don't even respect their beloved BIBLE. If they DID, then they would all follow it and all believe and practice the SAME CHRISTIAN RELIGION -- but they DON'T, proving the foolishness of the Bible as a BASIS for a religion. 


And regarding the "possibly armed" March of the Black Panther Party in Wilmington this Sunday, after looking over their Facebook page,, I decided that while I have no problem with what they are doing or who they are, I've NEVER advocated for GUNS being in the mix of PROTESTS, so will NOT participate in that. 

I still intend to write them about my knowledge of my Kenan Family's LEADERSHIP in the Racism in Wilmington -- including leadership of the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- but in my view, NARCO-TRAFFICKING and DRUG ADDICTION and the INABILITY to REASON due to drugs, is the MAIN thing to resolve, and I can't get too scattered.

And then in the matter of "Testosteroni", it is ONLY because he decided to order me and my roommate around with NO REGARD for what is actually happening, that I got upset with him. Considering our 4.5 years association and his continuous financial support of me, by NOW, one might expect him to have more regard for REALITY. He does NOT, and I should know better than to expect him to.

Testo has been a recluse for YEARS without a single friend -- or contact with his family in DECADES. He NEVER said his family did anything terrible to him, but his INEXPERIENCE in "normal human relationships" -- remember, the Love of his Life was a younger chicken-feather-sorter moved to Manhattan from Coast Rica and working in a sweat shop, who left him eventually for someone with more money.

But without even getting to the gaps in his consciousness about human relations, the most BASIC principles of it are foreign to him -- he TOLD ME or DEMANDED I do what HE thought should be done in situations he usually knew little about. And in this most recent matter of getting Old Roomie back on track to a productive life -- we both AGREED, but Testo didn't ASK me to find that out first, and then sent me instructions.

His history is of DEMANDING I allow certain Drug Mafia into my Puerto Vallarta house -- even after I had just blogged of their having previously beaten me and intending to harm me. Some photos of specific individuals he demanded I allow in:

"Toro", a CIA operative who got his orders from Luis Melgoza of, whose ACTUAL office is a few miles from CIA HQ in Virginia. I DID let him in this time and high on METH, he volunteered to clean by bathroom nekkidly -- and gave permission to post his nekkid photo on blog.

It was at Toro's house on Calle Costa Rico that Albert and Martin Guzman (two of El Chapo's MANY sons by many mothers), held me hostage for six weeks, early fall 2010.


"Sonny" (on right), actually Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto, sheltered me for a month late 2010 -- until my mother sent money for me to drive to Raleigh, NC mid-December. Sonny ALSO spoke with Mom getting instructions from her -- just like a few months earlier, US Special Ops Agent (gone rogue), Benjamin Shields had spoken far more extensively with my mother while he had me captive.

Ben Shields ORIGINATED/OWNED eight websites centered around, that CNN and other TV News stations had called attention to the UGLINESS of their hatred and racism -- but claimed NO ONE could figure out who owned them. I googled that address and found THIS:

But Sonny ALSO had been brought to the USA illegally when five, separated from his family, and became a BUTCHER for the "Son Kings" Drug Mafia of Brooklyn, which expanded to take over the NYC Police Department, then spread down the East Coast. Sonny was convicted of not the WORST of his crimes, but got 25 years in US MAX-SECURITY PRISON, then was FREED after 11 years by the CIA and released to protect CIA narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta.

He beat me enough once in 2013 that it took by bruised ribs six weeks to feel normal again, but DESPITE THAT, Testosteroni INSISTED I allow Sonny into my house. Then in 2014, Sonny was convicted of trying to murder a man by slicing his head deeply with a machete, but was FREED after one year of an eleven-year sentence -- AGAIN, by the CIA.

THANK GOD I saved all this evidence re: Testo -- in case we DO ever go to Courtno???

And then it was Martin Jacobo in yellow on left, who tried to kill me twice in one week -- followed by my car's window being smashed and a fake bomb placed in it a week later -- prompting me to PACK UP and flee Puerto Vallarta within a few days. BUT Testosteroni had a FIT -- DEMANDING I remain in my rented house, and even SLOWING money to me so that I had NO SECURITY as I drove toward the border that I would have enough to get back to North Carolina.

And THAT included a six-day stay in Guadalajara to find a replacement alternator for my car that was never sold in Mexico -- WITH major automatic weapons warfare all around my new hotel, the entrance blocked off by armored National Police vehicles!!!

Beyond all of THAT, Martin Jacobo had just gotten back to town after serving half his one-year sentence in Laredo, Texas (where I always crossed or renewed my Tourist Visa), for illegal crossing. Martin had often BRAGGED that his Mafia Family owned much land around the huge checkpoint about 15 miles into Texas -- and carrying drugs on people's backs AROUND that checkpoint.

The bottom line is that I am NOT HARMED from Testo's DEMANDS -- nearly all of which I did the opposite of for my PERSONAL SAFETY. And today's Testo's newer demands are nearly as ridiculous -- for instance he INSISTS that I should NOT get the false conviction of me for LIBEL in Chicago overturned -- what I have to do to have ANY savings or even income -- since while still on the books, Jamie Sutherland/Daliah Saper/Ben David (D.A. from Wilmington who was part of it)/Rahm Emanuel's Chicago Drug Mafia can AGAIN empty my accounts and take any earnings I make over subsistence wages.

And of course my roommate is surprised that Testo keeps sending him more and more clothes, duplicates of bedding that he doesn't use to begin with, etc. He has to GIVE MUCH AWAY as it is!!!

So, no, while there is a CLEAR TRACK RECORD of Testosteroni's CRIMINAL demands and advice, he is NOT RIGHT upstairs, so I will get him to custodial help if he can't get his behaviors back to REASONABLE ones -- and both Roomie and I are MORE than willing to have Testo move to a suitable place in Wilmington so we can visit him as he continues to live.

I only wrote all this because I was so surprised that my posting of last night,, got HUGE HITS overnight -- something I don't expect regarding subject matter so specific and personal and local.

Well, let's see WHAT TODAY BRINGSOK???


Entrance to the ruins of the movie set for The Night of the Iguana, which I got a tour of by director John Huston's assistant from the making of it. These next two linked stories were BOTH used by the City of Puerto Vallarta to MARKET the city!!!

So far, Wilmington -- even MORE CONTROLLED by Christian Drug Mafia than is Puerto Vallarta, has NOT seen to use my material to market THIS city (yet) -- LOL!!!

I WONDER what creative or other constructive achievements "Testosteroni" has ever made. He never CLAIMS any -- other than supporting ME (and now Old Roomie). But it would be NICE if he stopped playing "Dried-Up, Old Christian Bitch".

I WON'T -- unless he continues to annoy me -- publish his address, full name, birth date, phone number, etc. -- although since he claims he is PROUD of what he says and does, there is no reason NOT TO.

I'm afraid he does not understand the definition of PRIDE.

I wish I could give Testosteroni the COURAGE to call Time/Warner or Microsoft to get his email to work on his Windows 10 computer -- he's procrastinated it for ELEVEN MONTHS, now -- or to have his landlord REPAIR or REPLACE his refrigerator (a contractual obligation of the landlord), which has been broken for over six YEARS, now.

But I CAN'T.

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