Friday, January 13, 2017

RP: Facebook Goes WIERD on Me -- AGAIN!!! / Rex Tillerson/Kenan/Trump/Putin Relationship BOILED DOWN to SIMPLE / A NEW Primitive/Reclusive Artist is REVEALED!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

This is the FIRST image that came up in my search but Facebook THREE TIMES disallowed it to be posted. When I post a link to this blog posting -- which will show this image -- I expect Facebook to KICK ME OFF again -- LOL!!!

Here was the challenge from my long-time juggler friend Jimmy Robertson of Atlanta:
Mine will be in the comments
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Steve Blanchard
This is entirely too much fun. In a horrifying way.

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And I was FINALLY allowed to post the SECOND photo of my search:

And yet FACEBOOK DID ALLOW THIS to be posted!!!:

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James Bow
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While I admire much about President Obama, it is hard to look past his failings. The biggest of which for me is the continuation of policies that cater to "big business" and the desire to prop up the stock market at the expense of "the little man".

Our hope and change candidate fell short time and time again. Obama cheerleaders who refused to make him accountable bear some responsibility

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Sally Davis James, ditch Scott. He's insane.
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Scott Kenan Ms. Sally Davis: LOL!!! James Bow knows that my Kenan Family controlled his employer, Chevron's stock until the Kenans consolidated their OIL CONTROL in Exxon-Mobil. "Ditching Scott" does not change the truth -- and if you read anything about me on the internet, you know I am connected to SEVERAL US and Mexican Presidents, top Diplomats, and Generals -- General Colin L. Powell and Gen. Russel Honore' in the USA. What are YOUR primary sources??? This thread will be posted on blog and your and Mr. James Bow's comments then sent to my 190 Political Contacts -- not that you are MAJOR "Troublemakers" -- LOL!!!
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Here is my comment that James Bow ERASED, making me wonder if he TOO is into narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta -- he keeps GOING THERE. James Bow is an OUT GAY, so he is NOT trying to hide that:

Scott Kenan You are correctJames Bow -- and SADLY it is because Barack Obama is a blackmailed homosexual -- well known in most other parts of the world -- but ESPECIALLY known in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I lived for a total of about four years -- and you often visit.

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A CLINTON DEMOCRAT screwing regular people -- AGAIN -- voting against Bernie Sanders's bill!!!:

On Wednesday, Senator Corey Booker made his first public leap toward the 2020 election, and already he is playing the part of the perfect establishment politician by…

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Although an Exxon-Mobil recently retired exec I met in Puerto Vallarta, January 2015, told me how my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil -- with the CIA and Hillary Clinton State Department put Enrique Peña Nieto into power -- he then changing the Mexican Constitution so that Exxon/Kenans could get the OIL (and ALL of them could get the NARCOTICS)

ALL THREE of the most recent PresidentsEnrique, Felipe Calderon, and Vicente Fox (who once worked for the Kenan Family as an exec of Coca-Cola), have all TURNED ON THE KENANS and their STOOGEDonald Trump!!!

"Mexico absolutely will not pay for" the wall, Enrique Peña Nieto said.

Scott Kenan And I also knew former Mexican President Salinas's best friend, Dr. Waldemar Salazar, who introduced me to the Governor of Colima State -- and told me how he and President Salinas had once ESCAPED the "Palace Guard", and drove incognito to Puerto VallartaCRYING together over the CIA Drug Mafia corruption -- and UNABLE to do anything about the US Government running it all!!! 

And here is a letter I recently sent to a now TOP MEXICAN DIPLOMAT whom I'd dated, briefly, in 1983 in Atlanta, GA

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This came from a friend of John Lahr's on his FACEBOOK thread that I posted MOST OF, yesterday, here:

And last night I heard from John Lahr that he REALLY LIKED what I posted on his thread yesterday. TODAYFACEBOOK is currently NOT ALLOWING ME ACCESS to my OWN "Page of My Own" -- but also not to John Lahr's "Page of His Own" -- BOTH containing this -- but BLOCKED from my access.

So I had to search the INTERNET to find it!!!

The BEST NUTSHELL of WHY my Kenan Family's TOP EXECUTIVE -- of Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil -- Rex Tillerson -- CANNOT be confirmed as Secretary of State!!!

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And yesterday, "Old Roomie" and I received works based on OUR PECULIARITIES -- and promptly hung them on walls. I'll picture BOTH (without additional comment), but FIRST what Roomie did with Testo's Christmas card -- just THREE DAYS AGO (using tooth paste for glue of the small ornament)!!!

Click images to see more fully.

These aren't showing so well, so I'll photograph DETAILS, later, but this is Old Roomie's (now hanging over his bed).

And this is MINE, hanging over an Art Deco up-night-light -- that should SHOW IT WELL at night!!!

SOME of "Old Testo's" illustrations would DEFINITELY get him KICKED OFF FACEBOOK -- ASAP!!!


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