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RP: Saturday Sanity (or NOT)!!!

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Sun Frog t-shirts has apparently been TAKEN OVER now by, in selling KENAN t-shirts and sweatshirtsworldwide. This is a NEW one that they are promoting on Facebook.

Readers will recall that "Kenan", here, refers to the Roman Catholic Saint Kenan -- who was ordained a priest initially by St. Patrick of Ireland, was PRAISED by Patrick for his WRITING ABILITIES, and made a BISHOP by him as well. Kenan built the FIRST stone Christian church (literally a Cathedral -- since he was then a Bishop -- but very small-scale compared to what we think of, today), in Ireland.

After Kenan's death, his coffin was opened every year on the Feast of his Death -- to cut his hair and nails which never stopped growing over the years -- until a NEW Bishop, left it open to watch them grow.

HE went BLIND, and the coffin was then PERMANENTLY CLOSED!!!

Rose Whipperr shared The Other 98%'s photo.

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The Peter Principle on crack.

Elle Barton FARK this is scary.
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Alan Pritchard Bunch of A listed maniacs living in a bubble of delusions and fear.
This crazy bunch of spunkbubbles won't have the stamina to face the destruction heading their way...
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Donna Nasoff Scariest cabinet in my life history!!!
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Dudley Willis Now, that's a bucket of deplorables!
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Scott Kenan It is an error to claim these people don't know what they are doing -- but they are DETERMINED to do what will DESTROY the country for the PROFIT of my Kenan Family that has controlled Standard Oil/Exxon-Mobil since 1913 -- thanks to Henry Flagler!!! 

Rex Tillerson will GIVE the USA to Vladimir Putin because the Kenans (also controlling Bank of America, etc.), and Exxon-Mobil have or have access to MORE MONEY and technical KNOW-HOW to GET to Russia's LARGER oil reserves than the Russian Government has -- for PROFIT -- and the US Constitution be DAMNED!!! 

My letter to my RICHEST Kenan relative arrived on his desk Thursday:
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Over the past eight years, the Obama administration has prosecuted nine cases involving whistle-blowers and leakers, compared with only three by all previous administrations combined.

Obama has laid all the groundwork Trump needs for a crackdown on reporters.


Many were sold to the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia.




To VIEW this BRILLIANT PIECEclick the above image, and then the "go arrow" to view
PERFECT story about Atlanta under THREAT of SNOW -- LOL!!!

The above re-captioning is from the BEST film on the last days of Adolph Hitler I've ever seen -- and includes interviews with his secretary of that time (she knew NOTHING!!!)!!!


2. It is 33 degrees in Wilmington, North Carolina -- windy, with occasional light snow flurries, and I'll soon pick up my roommate from his friend's house, where he spent the night. My CAR is repaired by Atlantic Car Care, where I got a SECOND opinion, and they diagnosed the problem without even having to hook up to a computer, and SEEM to have solved things (for a THIRD the cost of what Bob King BUICK/GMC had quoted for DIFFERENT work). But in fairness, they wanted more evidence before deciding FOR CERTAIN what needed doing. The real problem was the ignition coil that was failing -- and I had other Preventive Maintenance done too.

BUT, here is something to WARM THE HEARTS of North Carolinians (and OTHERS, too)!!!:
LOL!!! Nice surprise this morning to see that Roy Cooper is going RIGHT AT Thomas S. Kenan IIIBetty (Price) Kenan, and NOW, (indirectly), top Kenan Exec of Exxon-Mobil Rex Tillerson, in their HATEFUL CHRISTIAN-NAZI activities. 

The Kenans not only control North Carolina Republicans (and narcotics-corrupted Democrats), but most NATIONAL Republicans and ADMIT to having their Lobbyists write NAFTA into Law -- which allowed regional Kenan Oil and Kenan Transport to quickly grow to Kenan Advantage Group -- the LARGEST trucking company (mostly petroleum products), In the USACanada, and Mexico!!! 

I'll do ALL I CAN to have Governor Roy Cooper's back!!! 

Please remember too, that former Mexican President Vicente Fox once worked for my Kenan Family as an exec of their Coca-Cola, and he's now TURNED AGAINST THE KENANS!!!

North Carolina Republicans passed a law in 2013 that blocks the governor from expanding Medicaid in the state.

3. YESTERDAY'S posting has NEARLY gone viral -- with SIX TIMES as many overnight hits as a typical posting. THANK YOU READERS!!! You can view it here:




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