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RP: Christian Narco-Traffickers In, and Previously From, Wilmington, North Carolina Bare Their FANGS of HATRED of GOD -- on SUNDAY -- LOL!!!

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>>> THIS JUST IN @ 2:01 PM:

Like in the past, AOL Email has AGAIN blocked emails of this post to ALL AOL recipients (including me).

AOL ONLY blocks my posts when CRITICAL OF CHRISTIANS -- LOL!!!

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As I just posted to the Wilmington Star News's online comments:

Scott Kenan
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How CHRISTIAN, how NAZI, for the Wilmington Star News to FEATURE a PROUD, GOD-HATING CONFEDERATE on the FRONT of this article!!! 

The Star News has also for YEARS kept Wilmingtonians from knowing the TRUTH about Mayor Saffo's, D.A. Ben David's, and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous's Narco-Trafficking with Christian Churches!!! And the Star News ALSO had CIA Agent Kevin Maurer debrief me by phone in Puerto Vallarta, while pretending he was doing a big story on me. 

Mr. Maurer's next book was on the ASSASSINATION of Bin Laden (No Easy Day), ordered by Obama so that Bin Laden would NOT testify in Court that he planned 9/11 with the Bush and Cheney Families, Rumsfeld, etc. TOTAL CHRISTIAN DRUG TRASH, ALL -- HA!!!« less

Wilmington Star New's photo of Trump supporters, when he came to North Carolina campaigning:

And this morning, I got a Facebook message from James Lester, a Mormon who got instructions on his cell phone -- once even IN FRONT OF ME -- at Mercy House Shelter in 2011, from his Mormon Bishop (whom he addressed as "Bishop"), on how to HARASS me. 

James when we both were residents of Mercy House Shelter

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Tiffany Stormer When did you move to tx lol
Tiffany Stormer You suck lol
Scott Kenan James Lester asked me to suck him off in Mercy House Homeless Shelter in Wilmington, NC many times in 2011, and showed off his "JUNK" which is BIG, THICK, and GORGEOUS -- many times!!! 

He was dating a self-admitted LESBIAN then, but I see he's MARRIED now, so I hope to a STRAIGHT WOMAN -- LOL!!! 

See my blog for more:

Welcome to the Age of the Artist!!!

Sadly, I never got to see James Lester's girlfriend's face much in 2011. She was EXACTLY the short, dumpy, non-glamorous type -- and also Mormon -- and since she had the same "hot-and-cold" temperament -- and did not CARE about James's also having sex with men, then, I BET she was my 2015 - currently "Carolina Apartments Nemesis"the admitted Lesbian and Drug Dealer Jennifer McCracken -- HA!!!

Jennifer McCracken told me several times that she got HER orders from her Mormon mother, had a HUGE CRUSH on Republican Judge Lindsey Luther (, and when she discovered that the FALSE CHARGE she brought against me in 2015 was to be tried in Judge HOGSTON'S Court -- rather than in Luther's Court, as she had expected), she was a NO SHOW, so case dismissed.

My attorney, then, Bruce Mason, had CONFIRMED with Anthony Humphrey that he not only WITNESSED Jennifer McCracken slashing two of my tires in front of The (Jewish) Temple on 4th Street, and he ASKED Jenny because he couldn't believe his eyes, and she ADMITTED IT, TOO!!!

We were PREPARED to SLAUGHTER MS. MCCRACKEN in Court -- then I could COUNTER-SUE. Jenny had told me many times that she hid MILLIONS in Drug Sales money in a Florida account -- LOL!!!

James Lester
Member of Wilmington NC Buy Sell Trade
Lives in Tulia, Texas

James Lester
Tennessee Williams was, is and always will be a FAG no matter how you color it.

James Lester
Fuck all Kenans

James Lester
Fuck you

James Lester updated his profile picture.

6 hrs

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Scott Kenan Hi James Lester: For SOME reason I am not able to reply to your Facebook Message of earlier today"Fuck you"

As you know, when you propositioned me and showed off your erection in Mercy House Shelter all those times in 2011, I told you I would LOVE THAT, but because I could smell the "cheese" under your GORGEOUS foreskin -- before my mouth was even near -- PLEASE clean it out so I can oralize you a bit, first

I really need yer stuff, and have NOT had sex with anyone since with George Bush's eighth cousin, in October 2016. 

You were ALWAYS one of the HOTTEST Wilmingtonians, and even though you've FLED to Texas, a state DOMINATED by Kenan Family controlled Exxon-Mobil, I still like to think of you while involved in "self-abuse"!!!
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HOPE to get back to GOD'S PROGRESS stripping out Christians and Republicans and Democrats who are Christian in Wilmington, in my next posting.

Mayor Saffo with his wife Renee -- before she divorced the Mafia Don and secretly (to the public), got a RESTRAINING ORDER against the Narco-Trafficking for Jesus (St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church), Mayor -- who ALSO hangs out with now retired International Drug Mule, 6' 3" tall "Miss Lucy", who lives downstairs from me.

Bill Saffo has REFUSED to help release the original Police (or Sheriff's Deputies'), Report on the MURDER of my friend, roommate, and business partner, Evan Fish

I will again speak to his secretary, Dawn Grants, to ask if he prefers I sue him and the City for as much as possible, or WHEN he plans to try to work out something FRIENDLIER and LESS EXPENSIVE TO THE TAXPAYERS with me.

I CANNOT IMAGINE that he could get elected DOG CATCHER, next. He's in a CHRISTIAN BUBBLE of God-Haters, telling him they can kill me still before I can take him to Court.

Good luck, and from NOW ON, let's refer to Bill Saffo as "THE WILMINGTON DONALD TRUMP":

"I KNEW I had another son somewhere!!!"

Christian women are pretty much alikeno???


Re: Surge protectors 

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Tojfaulk001, shakemup100,
bojones, marlowe.schaeffer,
jkenan02, kenan5, duffyjr3,

Fuck you like you prefer to fuck me.

I will do what I want with anything addressed to me from now on. I do NOT appreciate that you ship huge, heavy bed, mattress -- and digital-to-analog converter so Haston can listen with headphones when NO SUCH THING WAS EVER NEEDED. And NOW you want me to SCHLEP it all to UPS, PAY HEAVY FREIGHT to return it, and keep the difference.

Just send the DAMN MONEY in the future, you FREAK!!!

Thank you for reading this -- but NEVER understanding me, my blog, or politics -- LOL!!!


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From: Joseph Faulk <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Sun, Feb 12, 2017 1:15 pm
Subject: Re: Surge protectors

I am sending Haston two of them. You can buy your own if you change your mind.

I guess your concurrence to H's queen bed preference indicates you'll be agreeable to his inviting a girlfriend over for a night or a weekend. 

They'll have space galore fuckin' around on God's Little Acre. (Do NOT send her crying into the street within 30 minutes of your meeting--provoking H's rage, and getting your dentures shoved down your throat!)



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