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RP: Email Exchange with Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. Regarding Haston Lavern Caulder II, Today!!!

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Danny Sinatra with his wife Phoebe Dollar and daughter, 2011, when I knew them in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Danny is still in prison in California on Meth-related charges, but Phoebe adds to his Facebook Timeline, so it is not so OBVIOUS to everyone:

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Danny Sinatra
January 13
Family Roll call......... you call yourself my family, hit the like button and copy this on your status....... blood or not!!! I'll wait.. let's see who really follows instructions.

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From my good friend Stanley Winborne in Puerto Vallarta, who's originally from Wilmington, NC and whose family controlled the Atlantic Coast Line railroad!!!
The indigenous birds here are getting nervous!

Millions of species that flew south for the winter feel it is no longer safe to cross American border for breeding season

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Hi Joseph,

This is the FIRST time you have mistakenly claimed a delivery had arrived, but it has NOT yet arrived (but has before I send this). Funny coincidence that it is the day my aches from being thrown 12 feet by a utility truck hitting me in a crosswalk are far greater than on the first two days -- I'm SURE you are enjoying the humor of that!!! 

I DID get this correction at the same time as the false claim, so didn't actually go downstairs. Sorry your mind continues to slip, but THANKS for continuing to send me evidence that a shrink REALLY needs to check you out. 

Earlier this week, you were very excited to have figured out that Donald Trump has REAL HAIR, rather than a wig. Everyone else has known that for YEARS, now, but you seem to be catching up with the rest of us. There was the NYTimes article that was all over the internet and Facebook a week or so ago, also with comments that his anti-hair-loss drug has the side effect of impotence.

Several people claimed that the third day would be the worst for pain, and they were correct. I didn't think I could get out of bed this morning, but after half an hour to manage that, I took some Advil, and now get around the apartment OK, but am not dressing in more than my robe.

You might be interested to know that last night, Haston read me a poem he wrote -- and even sang me a Country song about heartbreak. The poem (had it been written as verse), would be about seven lines, and was pedestrian until the fifth line, when it shot into "multidimensional", so I honestly complimented him highly.

I have NOT discussed with Haston very much of our not understanding each other well at all, now -- not wanting him to feel insecure about the "friendship" between the two of you, like these things ALWAYS make me feel. Haston assures me that if you abandon us, HE will make sure we don't go homeless. A genuinely sweet and sincere offer -- not that he knows what he's talking about, or in ANY case, will remember saying or thinking, ten minutes later.

Now, some things to get clarity on. You asked me to help Haston set up a PayPal account, and I agreed, but on thinking further, I think it best if you walk him through it by phone, so you get a better idea what it's like to communicate with him and how he follows your direction. It might take a lot of time.

I have NO PROBLEM continuing to receive his moneys and then giving them to him. He asked for -- and I gave him -- all $500.00 I received for him, yesterday. What is STRANGE is that other than moneys you said you'd pay me for his rent, then storage through his likely incarceration beginning late March, you have ALREADY given him everything you previously committed to, so if that has CHANGED, at least Haston should hear from you of additional commitment. 

Haston, too, has been confused that you send him things he doesn't want or need. ASKING HIM first, would be an improvement.

Last night, Haston not only left half his pizza in the toaster oven when going to bed (but I called him back before he got into bed), but did NOT know to take it off the cardboard before cooking it (but I caught it before long in the oven). He spit a BIG GLOB onto the top of a lid of a container on the porch, when into a planter with a lot of exposed soil would have been more civilized. He expects he is working today, but it is raining now, so I don't know if he is. He told me he signed up to sell his plasma at a place where he can do that every few days, and told this place that he is DESPERATE and will do it as often as possible, $50.00 per time that after a month only pays lesser amounts from then on. I don't know HOW he got them to allow it, since he'd claimed he COULD NOT, due to drugs he is now on.

But he was THRILLED because they drug-tested him, and it did NOT SHOW that he had been imbibing in medicinal "hemp" oil -- his words (ILLEGAL in North Carolina), that he nearly bought in bulk (for SOME purpose), but finding he did NOT get high, he did not want to pay wholesale $30.00 per vial, but he was told it would NOT cause him to flunk the test, and THAT was true!!! And the Kratom he gets from The Liquid Room (he uses two types depending on his desire), did not affect the test either.

This morning, seeing me move in great pain before the Advil kicked in, he offered me some of his Vistaril (Hydroxyzine), a prescription-only antihistamine that he said is prescribed for him for "nerve pain" and to lower "anxiety", but I explained that I'm not taking anything prescription without a doctor ordering it. He then said he has a lot of friends to get pretty much any drug from, and he'd be happy to get me anything else

I declined his offer, but must also say, that coming from poverty, he -- like "Miss Lucy" downstairs as well -- simply diagnose their own discomforts, then get whatever street drugs they think they need to feel better. Miss Lucy actually recommended I get DRUNK right after the accident, but there is NO SENSE in that while still in major SHOCK!!!

Anyway, between my landlady and a few of her tenants, I will have access to oregano -- as recommended by all my doctors and even dentists in Mexico and the USA -- if I want it.

Last night, Haston said he told his boss he HAS TO MAKE at least $500.00/week, and HAD been making (while living with me before he was jailed for a month), $800.00+/week. Now, he's been making about $300.00/week from his job (or a little over $400.00/week including what you sent him). YOU have paid his rent -- and also bought his clothes, electronics, artwork, and some food, treats, etc., so all he actually has to buy are cigarettes and some food (he's eating nearly half his food from what I buy, money-helping with that a bit). 

The elephant question in the room, is WHERE is his money going -- especially when he had an income of $800.00/week most of the time he lived here, and after showing me five $100.00 bills three days before rent was due (right before his jailing), he only had twenty dollars toward the next week's rent, three days later.

He strongly reaffirmed his BELIEF ON JESUS, last night, and even showed me the boxes of his fave films, all "Jesus films", and I did not make fun of it, that so important to him. And he said the reason he loves Country music, is that it is full of HEARTACHEwhich he said love with women is mostly composed of

And of course, again offered a gay whore from The Anchor Church, and I again declined -- but I am now thinking maybe it would not be such a bad idea. At least they are fairly clean and CHEAP TO BUY!!!

Well, that's it for now. Did your landlord return from abroad, yet???

OH!!! I think this funny tease by "The Universe" (aka, God), of a "near-death" accident that I handled so well by landing on my "cat feet", absorbing most of the force in my slightly bent arms, is actually a SIGN for me to get to writing actual books, get involved with the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and clear up what really happened when Evan Fish jumped to his death by help of Wilmington Police about September 3, 2011 -- as well as getting THROWN OUT that false conviction in Chicago of LIBEL (by help of D.A. Ben David of Wilmington -- making it an InterstateFEDERAL CRIME)

It will be a gradual transition, and I expect to purge my email list of "regular citizens" to add more News Media around the USA -- like I did years ago when I emailed all blog postings to a list of 1,500.

Now that I have TRIED to be clear about some of the things happening in Wilmington, I hope that you can RELAX MORE and make decisions based more on REALITY and less on images of Picasso's Blue Periodsadly beautiful as they are.

All best,


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From: Joseph Faulk
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Oops, my mistake. Today's box is not yet delivered.

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From: Joseph Faulk
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the aftereffects of your accident have not worsened. You may want to see a doctor.

UPS delivered a 20 inch box at 1 o'clock. Please bring it inside to the stairs area so that H can bring it up. Mainly it's "city hiking shoes" for him, with candy & nuts (late Valentine greetings) etc. for you two to share.



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