Wednesday, February 1, 2017

RP: The HUMOR Icing on a CAKE of a DAY -- Kenan/Exxon-Mobil + Putin Lackey, Rex Tillerson, IS Secretary of State -- but ALL Politics is LOCAL, no???

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Good idea!!! I'll be able to identify you in Court when you come (rather than cum).

I wish you luck.

Haston and I talked it all out an hour ago, and just now -- after he cleaned up the worst of his mess -- we had a nice joking time. (And more of that later.)

Has he responded to your emails yet??? I keep telling him he should do that ASAP.


PS: I copied the D.A. and Police Chief -- if you didn't notice -- so they can see my DESPICABLE nature!!!

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"penalty for shoplifting in new hanover county nc"

If the infraction qualifies as a misdemeanor, and considering prior convictions (does this mean shoplifting convictions or other kinds as well?), the person may get up to 45 days jail time, maybe a fine or other financial obligations such as the plaintiff's attorney costs or court costs.

In March when Haston will be talking with his lawyer, I'll suggest that H was depressed because he had been unfairly ousted from his room rented from Scott Kenan, who immediately accused him of Conveying Threats so he was jailed for 30 days. There he got off his med schedule, necessary to alleviate permanent effects of his serious head injury long ago. When he was released, he soon went into a store and concealed a merchandise item in his clothes because his mind just wasn't functioning. It was if he were drunk.

The charge of Conveying Threats was arbitrated at court. Several weeks later H moved back into Scott Kenan's apartment. A friend of Scott in New York began to contribute money to give H a fresh start. He quickly found a great construction job where he and his boss think highly of each other. Thanks to the New York friend, H has new clothes and, best of all, a new computer for socializing and absorbing information. H is so happy and is eager to progress to self-sufficiency. So H begs the Court for leniency.


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