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RP: It's OFFICIAL: Wilmington's CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA Is the BIGGEST HEROIN-TRAFFICKING Org in the United States of America -- GO JESUS!!!

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The FACE of Entitled Christian Drug Traffickers in Michael Lopez, who in his "Manic Ads" sports a cross of Jesus stud in one ear, and a sales-force nearly DEVOID of "Off-White Minorities" (despite Mr. Lopez's Hispanic name).

MEN to the FRONT for JESUS!!!

Michael, known to have voluntarily paid fines without admitting guilt for bribing real estate professionals to use his services, is a big donor to the Republican Party, had been ASSUMED to be homosexual, but produced a son, Ocean, a few years ago, while sponsoring HOT DRUG MAFIA HOMO STUDS via Gold's Gym, known for many of their trainers being TOP PRICE male prostitutes.

Alpha Mortgage's WINNER of Mr. Wilmington 2013 -- WHOOPS!!!: 2012.

I picked up this story from the Port City Daily this morning -- but the Wilmington Star News (and TV-6), broke it A WEEK AGO:

Mayor Saffo understandably is having the city buy the first property one really sees downtown when approaching on Martin Luther King Blvd. -- to find a buyer who will build something GREAT as an introduction to the City, but shouldn't SOMEONE talk Michael Lopez into RE-DOING his ads so they don't REEK of GOD-HATING WHITE SUPREMACIST HOMO-OBSESSED NARCO-TRAFFICKING??? ??? ???

After all, isn't local TV programming the MOST our tourists and visitors get to see about WHAT APPEALS TO ACTUAL WILMINGTONIANS???

And this morning, DISGRACED Republican former NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, began AGAIN running his pair of TIRED OUT OLD ADS:

Although in any other state Thom Goolsby would now be in PRISON for his financial frauds, my wealthy Kenan relatives of Chapel Hill PROTECTED HIM, then APPOINTED HIM to the Governing Board of the UNC System -- so that he then BULLIED and INTIMIDATED the Head to resign, so that George W. Bush's TOP DOMESTIC ADVISERMargaret Spellings, could be put into place to DECONSTRUCT Public Education FURTHER!!!

Margaret Spellings on far left.

This morning, I called Joseph Faulk in New York -- it was FUNNY, because Facebook, today, tossed up to me this blog-posting of a year ago, in which I documented sending the following letter to Joseph's landlord, actually Bruce A. Kapner, of 14 W. 75th Street in Manhattan: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/02/my-letter-mailed-to-joseph-faulks.html.

Joseph was nearly HOARSE from chain-smoking cigarettes, and on his way to his doctor this morning, so had little time to talk. He REFUSED to confirm or deny that he'd gotten hold of Haston Lavern Caulder II, and sent him the $1,200.00 by Western Union. I REMINDED HIM that at SOME POINT (now past, actually), his KNOWING of Haston's continuing criminal activities and sending him nearly $4,000.00 this month alone is REALLY enabling his criminal activities, and soon Law Enforcement will want to INTERVIEW Joseph about that -- and possibly charge him with crimes, TOO!!!

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Just gonna drop this here... this photo speaks volumes.

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Kellyanne Conway relaxes on the couch in the Oval Office as President Trump poses for a group photo with leaders of historically black universities and college.


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Events around the nation draw the few and the proud.


And I ALSO called my motherRuth Anne (Meyer) Kenan:

Me and Mom, May 2016

 Mom has NOT gotten wind that I have written both her Catholic Pastor and Bishop -- telling them of Mom's and Dad's NAZI CRIMES, and how she got her orders from Popes, and has been protected by various Catholic Congregations.

If you are ignorant and hateful enough to think that was LOUSY OF ME, consider that my mother -- with Catholic Clergy help -- have been persecuting me for telling the TRUTH of their slavery to NAZI SWASTIKAS, and HATRED of the US Constitution -- AND, while TURNABOUT in Politics only slightly changes the FLAVOUR:

Turnabout IS FAIR PLAY!!!

And it was ONLY AFTER I did it, that I realized I've made a substantial SEX-FANTASIES-OBJECT of Mom's Pastor, Phil Hurley, S.J.:

MUST at this point state that the BIG SEX-OBJECT PRIEST in Wilmington, NC, is NOT just GREEK ORTHODOX, but looks to me STRAIGHT AS WELL!!!

Father Jon Samuelson of Mayor Bill Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is about as "STRAIGHT-SMARMY" as a fella could BEno???

I bet (with Haston Caulder)Fr. Samuelson could go for THIS:



Scott Kenan shared a link.

Darren Woods, who took over the oil giant after Tillerson became secretary of state,…



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