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RP: Mayor Bill Saffo's Secretary Dawn Grants and I Have a "HOOTY-LISCIOUS" Time This Morning / "Testosteroni" "Shrinks His THROBBER" (finally), in New York City!!!

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>>> ADDED @ 7:31 PM: I just got off the phone with an attorney at David Nash's Hogue Hill Attorneys, who took a message for David Nash that he NEEDS to read this blog posting due to what I wrote and have discussed with the Mayor, Sheriff, District Attorney and others about his many, many crimes, and how I will SUE DAVID NASH for the MOST in Wilmington (Jamie Sutherland, Daliah Saper, Wilmington D.A. Ben David -- and possibly others, in Chicago).

My emails to David Nash were BLOCKED from BOTH my email addresses.

I gave him my phone number, in case he would like to settle OUT OF COURT and avoid all the CourTestimony of his (and partner, formerly, in Costello's (gay) Piano Bar -- hangout of narco-trafficking homosexuals like Democrat 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris, etc.)John Stike -- who borderline RAPED me in about 1984!!!

A recent photo of John Stike, DDS and Land Developer

* * *

I woke up this morning, to Donald Trump calling for PRAYERS for the popularity of Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Apprentice, and later saw Arnold's response:
Scott Kenan
2 hrs

"Arnold is praying that President Trump can start improving his own approval ratings, which were the worst in history for an incoming President, by taking his job seriously and working inclusively," Ketchell said in an email to CNNMoney.

Arnold Schwarzenegger responds to President Trump saying to switch jobs so that people can "sleep at night."


It is a little known fact, that Arnold Schwarzenegger made ALL THREE Terminator movies in Mismaloya, Mexico -- just a two kilometer walk up mountain ravines (or you can drive on a dirt road -- and actually, it's more like five km, but you pass a ZOO, and an old-fashioned Mexican amusement and water park along the way), from the movie set ruins of The Night of the Iguana:

The site is called "El Eden" and has zip lines, swimming and to-slide-down rocks, hiking (I once ran into a wild buffalo there -- and scrambled up a cliff-like incline to be sure I would be safe if he didn't like me), restaurants, etc. -- as well as some old set pieces from the making of the movies:

MORE on this in my report of John Huston's one-time assistant giving me a tour of The Night of the Iguana movie set:  

John Huston's MONUMENT to Mismaloya History (full English text included here)

And then I heard Rex Tillerson's address to State Department employees, and thought, MY GOD -- there is an ADULT WHO CARES in the Trump House!!!

And later, Tillerson said that US Sanctions on Russia for aggression against Crimea and Ukraine -- put in place by President Obama -- will REMAIN. And he's NOT a "constant mind-changer", like Donald Trump.

Rex Tillerson just SCREWED my Kenan Family that wants to partner our Exxon-Mobil/Bank of America with Putin to get the Russian Oil -- HA!!

Degenerate Episcopaliansa sycophantBetty (Price) Kenan, and Thomas S. Kenan III (a high-functioning alcoholic), now head the Kenan Family Companies and Charitable Trusts.

And there is much GOOD NEWS in that EVERYTHING the wealthy Kenans touch, they do with concern for TOP QUALITY -- whether Criminal or Not. I will soon blog more about this culture that Rex Tillerson worked in ALL HIS LIFE. 

And I was very HAPPY TO SEE that so many hit yesterday's posting -- it has been super popular.

I think that when I entered Dawn Grants' office, she was already expecting me -- she was so friendly -- and she recognized me and greeted me by name, AFTER I claimed she was NOT Dawn Grants (thinking she was filling in for a day or Dawn's vacation). The FACT IS, Ms. Grants has looked at least FIVE YEARS YOUNGER each time I see her -- first in just photos while I lived in Mexico about four years ago, then in Mayor Saffo's office 1.5 years ago, and now today.

In any case, we had a non-stop LAUGH RIOT over Wilmington and MY ANTICS in it (particularly that no one is trying to arrest, nut-house-commit, or kill me now). And I reminded her that I think Bill Saffo has done a TERRIFIC JOB of advancing the City while handling the Christian Drug Mafia.

We even discussed "Miss Lucy", downstairs from me, and I learned that Bill eats at White Front Breakfast House FAR LESS OFTEN than the "every day" that Miss Lucy many times has claimed to me.

As I told Dawn, I was ANGRY that Saffo knew about all the PERSECUTION of me by District Attorney Benjamin R. David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and a whole SLEW of the Republican District Court Judges (plus one or two Democrats -- Noecker and Faisson, the latter also a (black) God-Hating Christian Minister so dumb he didn't even know Obama is GAY -- LOL!!!

But, as I said, the PRESSURES on Saffo then were beyond my ken, and I got GREAT STORIES out of it, so I'm cool with Bill -- but there ARE REAL DAMAGES caused primarily by City Detectives and other Police, D.A. Ben David (and some judges), and David Nash -- ALSO of First Presbyterian, the "Kenan Cathedral to Racial Hatred and Christian Narco-Trafficking", across the street from me as I type.

TWO Elders at that DEVIL-WORSHIPING CHURCH: Ben David and Judge Lindsey Luther: and their FAVORITE posting I got from Evan Luther's FACEBOOK page:

Democrat Judge Jeffrey Noecker was until recently a Deacon at First Prez, and here is what I MUST have compensation for -- as well as D.A. Ben David's collusion with Daliah Saper (lawyer and Fox News Talking Head), and Kenan-competitor Wells Fargo Advisors Jamie Lee Sutherland in partnership with El Chapo Guzman, Rahm Emanuel, and the Clinton/Obama Chicago Drug Mafia to sue and convict me of LIBEL, without legally serving me and then trying me without my being allowed to defend myself in Court:

David Nash, a TOP MEMBER of First Presbyterian

And I had BETTER CLARIFY that yesterday, when I went to find the Original Police Report of Evan Fish's Death (and neither the Police nor Sheriff's Department HAS IT), it was NOT the counter people I spoke with but OTHER uniformed officers on duty who exclaimed both places that if I put D.A. Ben David into JAIL, ALL of Wilmington will THANK ME, Conservative and Liberal alike!!!

And NO ONE in town now seems much afraid to tell the TRUTH about this anymore -- AT ALL!!!

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