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RP: My EASIEST Day in YEARS (yesterday), and Continuing Flack from Ignorant -- and Christian -- HATE BOTS -- LOL!!!

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The Tulip Magnolia (Tulip Poplar???), at the end of my block was in FULL BLOOM, yesterday -- and so was the phlox in planters in front of St. Mary's Catholic School (not pictured)!!!

The BEST thing is that after buying the computer I am now using -- at Costco -- it was EASY AS PIE and fast to set up!!! Although shocked that as I completed only the opening couple of screens, asking my location and Time Zone, then my log-in to Microsoft, when I got my first desktop, MS had already gotten my background photo from my OLD computer onto the NEW computer -- without ASKING!!!

Then, I realized since they all hack and observe me via my computer, it's nice that they are now ALSO offering some convenience as a payback. And as I've often said, I am NOT the criminal around here, and have NOTHING TO HIDE.

I went from an i3 processor to an i7, and 6 GB RAM (2 of those dedicated to image processing), to 12 GB RAM and imaging memory resides in a separate place.

So YES, by comparison, this new computer SCREAMS with speed!!!

I found a program that discovered I had over 800 duplicate and triplicate files of my 5,000 songs, and then had to MANUALLY go through that whole list to mark, then delete, the extras -- that taking about three hours all together. The rest of transferring files and set up took only another hour or so.

And I was not sure what would happen when I tried to transfer my licence for on-computer (not a yearly subscription to the service) Office 2016 (bought in 2015), but Microsoft was READY and WAITING, having without prompt from me, ALREADY gotten it downloaded and waiting for me to quickly install.

And I must THANK the Costco employees both in electronics -- and just in discussion in passing -- who gave me a LOT of great TIPS -- and were more knowledgeable by FAR than the ones I spoke with at Best Buy, who told me ONE thing about their most-appropriate-to-me computer, but the print-out they gave me for that computer (which DID have the same model number on it), differed in substantial ways.

I'm living the Life of RILEY!!!


Perhaps you remember my friend Andrea Ritzberger of Austria, a fluent speaker of English and Spanish (as well as her native German and a few other languages), who had been a member of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group for about two months while I was too -- Andrea's "handle" on Facebook refers to Mescaline,

Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (some of the members at lunch -- July 12, 2014). Beginning with the closest and going around clockwise: Charles Quigley of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Malcolm Tanton -- a BIG promoter of the advantages of GMO Foods (who with his wife Joan, both Canadians, NEVER wrote a thing or read it -- Joan took this photo with my camera)Andrea Ritzberger, and we have been writing back and forth on Facebook since then, me, Stanley Winborne III, aka NC Stanley, Colin Stuart Hamilton, retired star of BBC radio and TV who was MURDERED by CIA Drug Mafia and then his murderer was RELEASED by the CIA after he confessed -- only Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington knowing ALL THE DETAILS (inexplicably), and finally Bonnie Dixon, who with her "Charles Atlas husband" were big slum lords in Baltimore, Maryland.

Anyway, I had this exchange with Andrea this morning on Facebook:

Andrea Ritzberger
Dear scott, how are you?
Please stop making publicity for your blog by commenting my fotos.
Thanks in advance.
How is life in Vallarta?

Hi Andrea, I'm fine, but had you paid attention you would know I have now lived in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA for nearly two years. This is the home of Stanley Winborne from our group, the year-round core of which were all heavy narco-traffickers. Stanley told me himself that his son who was 2nd in charge of the US State Department in Afghanistan during Hillary Clinton's time at State Department, and was in charge of flying the Heroin back to Maxwell AFB where my former employer of 20 years distibuted it up and down the East Coast -- especially to Wilmington.
And on July 4, 2015, a US Special Ops guy was flown in from the Middle East to debrief me about this, and he CONFIRMED this. As you should know, my Kenan Family has controlled Standard Oil/Exxon-Mobil since 1913, and now also Bank of America, Coca-Cola, etc. and put Trump into power, but when Rex Tillerson was supposed to CANCEL Obama's sanctions against Russia and Putin (Putin being a big friend of my Kenan Family), so Kenans/Exxon could get Russian Oil.
Soon after you left Puerto Vallarta, I met a just retired Exxon/Mobil exec in P.V. who told me how my family with Clinton State and CIA put Enrique Pena Nieto into Mexican Presidency -- and he PROMPTLY changed the Mexican Constiturion so Kenans could get the Oil -- and they all could get the Narcotics.
I hope you, like me, are now doing very well!!!

And this morning, my friend Timothy Tew of TEW GALLERIES in Atlanta posted this image, and also a GREAT Facebook discussion:
Scott Kenan shared Timothy Tew's post.
3 hrs

Image may contain: tree, plant and outdoor
Timothy Tew
3 hrs
Kayama Matazō 加山 又造 Frozen Forest 1970. I would definitely hang this in my house. I love winter trees.

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I have learned this from people in Washington.

Because the phones haven't stopped since the Inauguration, LETTERS are the only thing getting through at this point. Regional offices are a much better mail destination because they compile, sort, and send everything. DC mail is so backed up right now it takes twice as long to send things there.

Personal stories matter. Tell the stories of people being impacted by arbitrary religious and ethnic legislation. Staffers want to know.

Keep raising your voice to your representatives.
Please copy and share.

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James Weis Why can't these people answer a straight-forward question? "Are you comfortable with a person with a severe mental disability owning a gun?" That is a yes or no answer. Not "I am not comfortable with the former President making a midnight resolution". Just answer the question!!!!! It makes them all look stupid!!!! How do other republicans not feel anger at things like this too? Mind baffling.
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Jerry William Cullum I am wondering if the postcard model isn't preferable, as long as it is a postcard telling a story and not somebody's pre-printed one-line message. (Or a personally composed one-line message, not copied off somebody's website.) Are they no longer discarding envelopes for fear there will be a dangerous substance in them?
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Lisa Alembik I'm making valentines cards too, to thank a few who are voting pro-human
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Scott Kenan I have been doing this, and gotten letters (certified), into the hands of the top security officers at Mar-a-Lago, new Dem. Gov. Cooper of NC where I live, Mike Pence, a TOP Mexican Diplomat to the USA today -- whom I dated in Atlanta in 1983 -- and the Mayor of Wilmington, NC, by hand delivery and FUN conversation with his Admin!!! 


Deliver in PERSON when practical -- even if you DON'T have my 6' 11" height which catches attention, regardless -- LOL!!! 

I've also hand-delivered to Rep. Senator Richard Burr's Wilmington office.
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Pat Borow As I understand it, sealed envelopes still must go through the anthrax/toxins checking procedure if sent to Washington, which can slow the mail by about two weeks. That's why the postcards. A sealed letter should be sent to the regional office.
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Scott Kenan The Post Office in Wilmington, NC told me that anthrax threat has been long forgotten, but perhaps they don't know what happens in Washington.
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Lynn Marie Hammonds Postcards can be bigger than the 'standard' 3x5 ish, too...anything you can slap a stamp, or stamps, on gets delivered, even potatoes tho I'm not suggesting potatoes...but be creative, within size regulations!
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And then here back at home, after taking an hour and twenty minutes to trim his hair again last night (he had taken over an hour just three days ago to do the same), while SLURRING HIS WORDS, my roommate got up in the middle of the night and left the freezer door open, I finding everything nearly completely defrosted, but since all was frozen FRESH, nothing was actually wasted and I simply closed the door.

He ran off to a NEW Christian Church -- urged there by a 16-year-old, sex unknown -- and his friend Rob (who got Roomie DRUNK two weeks ago, and is NOT ALLOWED back in this apartment -- Roomie and Rob spent yesterday afternoon together, when Roomie then arrived home slurring his words, as he continued all evening). After the service, Roomie in his continuing confusion sent me a series of texts that if I want him to MOVE OUT, he would DO SO.

This is IDENTICAL to what happened right before I had to have Roomie arrested for Communicating Threats some months ago. Offering to move out, arguing about it all and taking that back then saying he was moving out that day, etc. Eventually, he showed up with cops at the door to let him in -- but he still had KEYS in his pocket -- and he DID come in, got what he said he wanted from here, and then RETURNED the keys into my hand without my asking for them!!!

Later, he was back with two cops and I refused him entry, then filed the charge AGAIN -- the Magistrate had thrown it out after accepting it, first -- and never WARNED ME, but she then DID properly file it.

And those cops had INSISTED that Roomie had a LEGAL RIGHT to break into my apartment -- DESPITE Roomie's having returned the keys after clearing out his stuff. He DID break in through a window, only to eat a cup of soup. There was NOTHING here he got then -- as he had gotten all he wanted.

BUT THE FUNNIEST PART, was that after we went to arbitration and "Testosteroni" had sent Roomie $500.00 for me to give him, which I did in front of cops who accompanied him here, ONE was the cop who, right before Roomie's arrest, told Roomie he was AS DRUNK AS A SKUNK, then, and he could smell his breath from about eight feet away, came BACK and he and his cop partner TEASED Roomie about having SEX with his lover, TestosteroniCRACKING ME UP, as they told me how MUCH they enjoyed reading this blog si
nce they had recently discovered it -- no matter WHAT I wrote about their CRACK-smoking Chief and the cops that murdered my friend Evan Fish, and (getting back to it), pissing off the little "Christian Devil" -- HA!!!

And now, Roomie is texting all this nonsense -- EXACTLY what I told him would cause me to give him notice to move out: DRAMA in the house of any kind that distracts me from my profession, writing -- or behaviors like his leaving the toaster-oven on on HIGH when leaving for work, and similar.

Roomie DID text me that he was on his prescribed Vistryl and over the counter Melatonin. I don't CARE what he is on or not on -- that is between him and his doctor. If he continues to act like an immature BRAT, he'll be out of here after proper legal notice.

The entire NEIGHBORHOOD is nervous about Roomie living here, and I hear about that from them FREQUENTLY (and landlady lives across the street, her lawyer lives next door).

Roomie last summer on his drugs often fell asleep with DROOL all over -- and burned at least FOUR holes in his pants from cigarettes burning while he fell asleep.

"Testosteroni" told me it was THIS PHOTO that made him "fall in love" with Roomie -- because it looks so like something from Picasso's BLUE PERIOD -- LOL!!!

He was JUST a passed-out DRUG ADDICT, for Christ's Sake!!!

>>> BOTTOM LINE ON ROOMIE: I don't care if he lives here or not, but while here he has to remain DRAMA-FREE (with me, anyway), and COMPETENT not to leave toaster-ovens on, freezer doors open -- or he should find a place in ASSISTED LIVING, who make sure he doesn't BURN the HOUSE DOWN, like both his father and one brother did years ago, INCINERATING themselves -- and others as well -- when they fell asleep DRUNK and smoking in TWO separate events.

His family APPEARS to be INCAPABLE of LEARNING -- and all claim to be DEVOUT CHRISTIANS!!!


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