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RP: Praise "YEEZUS": Author and Rights Activist Sarah Schulman Has FINALLY Comprehended What I've Been Posting on Her Threads for YEARS, Now!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Praise Yeezus! Kanye West Jesus Statue Rises In Hollywood

“We crucify him,” the artist says.

Our MOST PREVIOUS American Jesus (also "crucified"):

>>> ADDED @ 12:14 PM: For the FIRST TIME EVER, my emailing of EVERY POSTING FROM THIS BLOG to my 190+ Political Contacts was BLOCKED by GOOGLE/GMAIL to EVERY single GMAIL address!!!

It was NOT blocked to AOL email addresses, AOL USUALLY blocking ALL blog postings that criticize Christianity -- LOL!!!

* * *

Sarah Schulman:
Sarah Miriam Schulman is an American novelist, playwright, historian and lesbian rights activist. Schulman is a Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at College of Staten Island and a Fellow at the New York Institute for the Humanities. Wikipedia
BornJuly 28, 1958 (age 58 years), New York City, NY
I am loving New York right now. 

Stumbled home from teaching night school, in love with my students. Their big hearts! The people are gorgeous and we are interactive. We hate Trump and we acknowledge each other

Let New York be rejuvenated by resistance and awareness into the risk-taking, open-hearted cultural beacon it once was! 

Long live walking! 
Long live subway conversations! 
Long live the Urban MIX of beautiful difference!

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Richard Slade I walked in the West Village last night and felt exactly the same thing
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Travis Chamberlain So good to see you last night, Sarah! Really looking forward to catching up soon.
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Scott Kenan My Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of AmericaCoca-Cola, the Ku Klux Klan, most Republicans and the Clinton Democrats, PUT Donald Trump into power for our TOP Kenan Exec, Rex Tillerson, to work with Putin and Trump for Kenans to get to profit from Russia's oil (not working very well yet). 

Sarah Schulman, I have posted this info on your threads several times in the last year and you IGNORE IT. Fine. 

So WHAT GOOD is "HATING" Donald Trump (or anyone, like Gays, etc.)??? 

It is HIS ignorant, hateful actions that have brought ALL THE REST OF US TOGETHER, to RECLAIM our Democracy, and appreciating MORE just what you type about here!!! 

As I've also posted on your threads, I was Tennessee Williams's last assistant, friend to most of JFK's generation of Kennedys and been to some of their homes (but knew Jackie Kennedy Onassis better), had a brief meeting with Ronald and Nancy Reagan in the White House, and more recently lived most of five years in Mexico by General Colin L. Powell's people's help in escaping Republicans in Georgia, who were trying to nut-house commit me or kill me because I know the DETAILS of their narco-trafficking through Atlanta/Stone Mountain. 

Now I NEVER saw a MEME on the internet like this for Trump -- except the one in this report on tiny Kenansville, NC, the SEAT of my family's activities (White Supremacy, narco-trafficking, Christian proselytizing, etc.):

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Sarah Schulman Ok! I see you.
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Scott Kenan THANKS!!! I've been trying to get your EAR for ages, but I also understand how it is hard to read my long blog postings. In 1990, two top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta first TOLD ME my parents were literally America's top NAZIs, and when I first blogged that in 2010, the Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an "Honorary Jew" (not that they had that authority -- LOL!!!).
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My drug and sex-addicted criminal roommate, Haston Lavern Caulder IIJUST WOKE UP at 11:23 AM -- after sleeping off a several days long DRUG AND SEX FEST:

Haston in front of the "Christian Cross" in his room that Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. (Haston's FINANCIAL support for his criminal activities), Joseph (aka "Testosteroni"), actually made it for him by hand -- if you blow it up, that is a Christian HAIRY MUFFED "PUSSY", at bottom:

You will please notice that Joseph Faulk signs it "Jesus Faulk 2017".

And THIS is from Wilmington's TWO Major Press outlets:

Scott Kenan commented on an article.
Congratulations to Law Enforcement who handled this SO WELL and kept North Carolina's Citizens SAFE!!!

Garret Grimsley, 27, of Cary, N.C., arrested for making threats against that town on Sunday, was a recent Cape…

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Scott Kenan THANK YOU for this STRAIGHTFORWARD approach to reporting this!!! 

The Port City Daily wrote up a whole SONG AND DANCE to scare people into thinking we need a NAZI like Trump to fix it!!! 

My Kenan Family PUT Trump into power, and I was raised with SWASTIKAS on my Kenan dinner plates, my parents having set up the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington when they lived here in the 1980s and 90s -- with help of Nixon Aide John Ehrlichmanwhom I knew well

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From Wilmington native Stanley Winborne, whose family had controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad whom I knew WELL in Puerto Vallarta, and whose SON (they don't get along), was SECOND in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan -- and in charge of shipping the Heroin back to Maxwell AFB -- as confirmed to me July 4, 2015, by a US Special Ops Officer, flown to Wilmington to debrief me: 

Here's a statistic showing truly dramatic reduction in birthrate in Mexico
What are the underlying reasons? Access to birth control?

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Scott Kenan shared a link.
1 hr

Americans have been sleeping more, eating better, and enjoying a markedly greater sense of well-being following Conway’s sudden departure.

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Scott Kenan From The New Yorker 
6 mins · 
The Borowitz Report: “Now that Kellyanne Conway is gone, I greet every day with a smile, I feel my energy coming back, and I want to have sex again.
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