Monday, February 13, 2017

RP: The "Unkillable" Scott Kenan Had Probably the Strangest and Most Productive Day of My Life, Today (sunset-to-sunset, that is):

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Edith Love, a closest friend from freshman year at Denison University, whom I've been in very occasional touch with since then (more when she ran the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta while I lived there), has died.

She died of complications from intestinal bypass surgery -- an operation she kept secret from all her colleagues, who only knew she retired early due to lingering illness, so I didn't mention it. That, last night, but even today I find no obituary for her, so I'm not sure when she died.

During the political upheaval at Denison, shutting the school for Black Demands -- and everyone running off to Washington to protest the Vietnam War (fall 1969), we had six people in my two person dorm room. We all slept on mattresses covering the floor, as well as smoking -- all of us -- tobacco, pot, drinking alcohol, and getting off to classes when the school was not shut down. We called it "The Commune", and had QUITE the reputation all around campus for "sex and drugs", which was non-existent in the first, rather tame for the time on the other.

At the end of Edith's senior year (me then a junior), she basically proposed to me, but me being homo and she obese, it was not in the cards.

When Tennessee Williams mounted some short plays at the Alliance, she had to put up with Gary Tucker (directing it), and Schuyler Wyatt (in a small role), and all their non-sense. They were the two chief co-conspirators to Tennessee's death -- other than Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), John Eastman (Tenn's lawyer then and bro-in-law of Paul McCartney), and Michael Remer, a lawyer in the employ of Sewanee/University of the South/Episcopal Church, USA. And that was less than a year before I met Tennessee.

In 1990, while my parents were so busy lying to doctors, judges, etc., and had me held in jail by now Superior Court Judge (Dekalb County) Linda Warren Hunter (eventually a Clinton-narco-trafficking Democrat): for about 15 weeks and I had to file Writ of Habeus Corpus against Sheriff Jarvis, finally getting a CHARGE -- and tried, and nolo-convicted of simple trespass.

I also got House Arrest Probation for a year, and had to go to probation and have my Lithium level taken WEEKLY, if ever below the JUDGE DETERMINED (Mom and Dad told me they had several in-chambers meetings with Judge Hunter), 1.5 level, I'd get a year of jail.

Well, Edith Love was probably the TOP (in competence and influence) Regional Theater Exec in the USA, most of those years -- she went on to head the top theater in Dallas, then in Portland, Oregon. She had "nursed" the play, Driving Miss Daisy, out of Alfred Uhry, and even helped get it to film. She showed me photos of her taking the play from Atlanta on tour of Russia (or maybe it was Soviet Union still then), and of the Neva River in St. Petersburg.

(Maria St. Just was born Maria Brit-Neva -- born there and escaping to live as a Brit.)

, I recognized the last name of my roommate, Rick Neva, of Livonia, MI, who ALSO (as I later figured out worked for the CIA and also spied on the Indigo Girls, with whom he spent a fair amount of time and made all the music tapes for them to enjoy while on the road -- and Rick also spied on Rev. J. Kennedy Schultz of the Atlanta Church of the Religious Science, going EVERY week, but refusing to share ride with me from Stone Mountain).

Well, soon enough I had reason to change my Long Distance carrier, and learned that it was IMPOSSIBLE. I was told that my account was all secured to an America Express card in the name of Rick Neva -- from TWO MONTHS BEFORE I moved in to my contracted-to-build house, and got Bell South, etc.!!!

When I confronted Rick, the next day my parents showed up from Wilmington, and they GUARDED RICK while Rick moved out -- no one telling me a thing, first!!!

And three or four years ago when I blogged about knowing Edith Love, I got a message from the head editor of the BIGGEST online Broadway Theater magazine -- Broadway World Online or similar, the editor claiming I was a DRUG TRASH FRAUD who could NEVER have known a person of Edith Love's caliber -- LOL!!!

have been privileged to have known Edith so well.

First thing this morning, I called Mom and discussing many things, eventually told her that while I really had expected her and my siblings to RESTORE some of my wealth that was destroyed with their CONSTANT HELP, by lying to authorities, calling me crazy and dangerous when I was not at all, etc., but NOW I see that will NEVER happen, and my COMPENSATION ORDAINED BY GOD is to see Mom at 94, completely sound of mind and having to see ALL HER NAZI-CATHOLIC-REPUBLICAN PARTY WORK -- a long lifetime of doing it patiently for the "Trump-Day of Swastikas" dissolve before her eyes, because -- and I told her all of this and was pleased she did not hang up -- GOD ALWAYS WINSand the Catholic Church and most Christians hate God and will get their due. 

Twenty minutes later, I'd been HIT BY A TRUCK -- LOL!!!

I talked with my brother Mike when I first got home after my stunning performance, and he called Mom when he got home from work. She immediately called me and we talked for a good twenty minutes about all kinds of things. I told her I only hadn't called her former-nurse self, because she'd taught me so much about first aid, etc. -- and I'd pretty much just told her to go to hell.

We had a good laugh over it all -- but she's still the craziest God-Hating Bitch I have ever heard of, and if I had to GO BACK, I WOULD kill her and Dad years ago -- to save the country what they have done to it with their Christian Allies. But that's impossible, thank God.

She's still MY MOTHER -- ya know???


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