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RP: City Life Church Comes to Wilmington, North Carolina: a Breath of Fresh Air -- or Just Another "JESUS FART"???

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Pastor Mike Dickey from his City Life Church website:

Curious about the flyer I got in the mail two days ago, I've decided to INVESTIGATE what sort of church this is:

>>> You have to SCROLL the section with the first image to see what I wrote this morning to the Pastor:

CityLife Church
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Religious Organization

Dear Pastor Dickey: You might recognize my last name, as I am from the family that landed in Wilmington in the 1730s, founded UNC Chapel Hill, and today controls the Republican Party, Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, etc. -- as well as the Ku Klux Klan, and has been Narco-Trafficking with the Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Families for decades now. I work with a group of Patriots in the USA and Mexico exposing all their drug crimes -- largely dealing THROUGH Christian Churches here in Wilmington. We can't find much info on you and would like to know WHERE you got a Degree in Divinity, what ministerial experience you have, etc. Thank you for your help so we can peg your congregation as narco-trafficking or not. The Anchor Church and Christwalk International are TWO Wilmington churches that are primarily narco-trafficking and supplying both gay and straight whores to Wilmington. Please respond ASAP. Thanks!!! Scott Kenan
Scott, Thanks for the message, my day is jammed packed today, i will have more time tomorrow to respond and discuss these things, just wanted to let you know I wasn't ignoring you. Pastor Mike
Seen by CityLife Church at 10:28am
Thanks Mike
Scott, Thanks for the message, my day is jammed packed today, I will have more time tomorrow to respond and discuss these things, just wanted to let you know I wasn't ignoring you. Pastor Mike
Seen by CityLife Church at 10:28am
Thanks Mike.

Pastor Mike preaching -- apparently at the "Open Bible" Christian Church (somewhere).

And of course in his last few weeks living in my apartment, Haston Lavern Caulder had STOPPED going to his long-time The Anchor Church, and said he was now going to "a church that is just building its church", and did not YET have a meeting place, but was opening one soon. He said it was near Greenfield Lake, like this one is.

Haston Caulder, as he typically looks, today.

Pastor Mike Dickey giving a young fella a SERIOUS load of his no-doubt-AWESOME PHEROMONES (whilest Blessing him)!!!

Do I see a bit of TENTING down below???

And YES, I'm a little JEALOUS (of the KID)!!!


1. Joseph Faulk called me this morning, feeling "blue and under the gloomy New York weather". After ten minutes of chit-chat on inconsequential things, I explained to him that while it is TRUE that I could not only sue him for Palimony if he suddenly welches on his financial commitment to me, I could ALSO sue him HEAVILY for damages from the Psychological Warfare (as Wilmington Police have labelled it), that he has waged against me for YEARS, and Haston Caulder waged for months against me -- WITH Joseph Faulk encouraging him!!!

BUT, only if he CONTINUES his BS Psychological Games.

Fact is that I am ALIVE, still, and WELL, and got some GREAT STORIES out of it, so I HOPE I don't have to get into a Legal-Adversary Role with Mr. Faulk.

DETAILS on this can be found here, in #3, about 3/4 the way down 

There is always time for hope.
Scott Kenan Hope??? What is the actual meaning of that??? 

In my college classes, "hope" was defined as recognizing the possibility of a thing -- WITHOUT belief that it will actually happen. "Faith" is the step up to believing in its likelihood of happening, and "Knowing" is when one sees that it HAS to happen. 

"Hope" is a subtle cheat and a false comfort for those who don't want to face things and change thembut want to be "saved", like Christians praying to Jesus when they need to change their behaviors, beliefs, etc., rather than expect "god" to miraculously fix it all.
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Joffre Moore So to be clear, I hope Lanny will stop being a whore, I have faith that he will at least curtail his behavior, but I know that even if he does, he'll always be a whore

Is that what you're saying Scott Kenan?

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Scott Kenan HAHAHA, Joffre Moore!!! 

ASSUMED Lanny Word was typing about current Politics, and you say he's looking for a mate, and "has time for hope." Well YOUR assumptions about the subject are more FUN, but I have no position on his dating/mating habits

That TYPED, to 65-year-old me, Lanny is a HOT YOUNG PUP and quite attractive, but I mean that as a LUST OBJECT, since I really don't know him personally.

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Joffre Moore Lucky you!
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Scott Kenan It took a minute for the SECOND meaning of your words to sink in. That was SO GOOD, I owe you BOTH a "BJ" (or more)!!! 

Did you know that my nephew (only 6' 6" while I am 6' 11") is CERTIFIED as the GAY DARTH VADER???

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses and closeup
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Scott Kenan Joffre Moore: You are just KILLING ME with all this HOT TYPE

I might have to pull out "the Little God" and have a SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE!!! Since YOU have a nice shirtless photo on your FB, I'll concentrate on you. 

IF I can get "Pastor Mike Dickey" out of my HEAD . . . 

In the meantime, you might get a KICK out of my latest blog posting (almost now complete), that gets emailed to my 190+ Political Contacts including Atlanta papers and politicians -- and Friends of Tennessee Williams, my former employer:

That's the WOOFY Joffre Moore on the right!!!

And now it is time for me to take a BREAK from blogging!!



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