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RP: My Letter Just Emailed to Father John Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame!!!:

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Father John Jenkins

Rev. John I. Jenkins, President
University of Notre Dame
400 Main Building
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

March 3, 2017

Dear President Jenkins,

First, I salute you in your position as President of a great Educational Institution, as well as thank you for taking a second option on Commencement Speaker, this year. Sorry you had to break your school’s tradition, but some things are more important.

As you might have wondered from my name, I am in fact related to William R. Kenan, Jr., who endowed faculty chairs in your Sociology and English Departments, and I am PROUD that my wealthy Kenan relatives, who co-founded UNC Chapel Hill in 1789, inventing the world’s first Public University, have for decades been the largest private support of University Education in the world.

I have the most amazing ties to your school – although I graduated from Denison University -- as my uncle, Robert J. Meyer, DDS, practiced in South Bend until he retired, was a good friend of Father Hesburgh, and I am told, was the Official Dentist to the Fighting Irish at the same time my former Columbus, Ohio neighbors, 1968 – 1970 (and my parents’ closest friends), Coach Lou Holtz and his wife Beth were at Notre Dame.

And the only time I’ve been to your campus, early 1982, was while I worked for playwright Tennessee Williams and we were in Chicago preparing the premiere performance of A House Not Meant to Stand at the Goodman Theatre, and Tennessee needed a break so we drove to South Bend for him to meet with one of your professors, whose name I now forget.

I should also tell you that while I had a Catholic grade school education and wanted to be a Jesuit while in junior high, I soon thereafter left the Church, later worshiping both Episcopal and Presbyterian, but really, I studied Metaphysics (Science of Mind), under the President of Religious Science, International (who worked with Mother Teresa on a homeless project in Washington, DC – but also once was the airline seat-mate of Donald Trump in the late 1970s), and I studied under Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, as well.

My wealthy Kenan relatives today control Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and many other large companies – as well as the Ku Klux Klan, have given about $90 Million to the Episcopal Church over the last 100 years, and control most Republicans as well as Clinton Democrats. As one of the wealthiest told me to my face in 1990, the Kenans only hate JEWS more than they hate “Niggers”, and Kenans (William R. Kenan, SENIOR), caused the only successful coup d’état in US History, killing blacks here in Wilmington, NC, stealing their businesses, homes, and political offices, to flip the city to majority WHITE: Wilmington Insurrection of 1898.

I have no time to detail here how the Kenans put Donald Trump into power so that Rex Tillerson, the TOP Kenan exec could make the deal for Kenans to develop Russia’s Oil Reserves. On the other hand, my mother, who has been intimately connected to Catholic Popes (except John XXIII and John Paul I), since Rose and Joe Kennedy had to give up their being the number one American Catholic NAZIS – as you know they with Henry Ford pushed FDR HARD to side with Hitler, and Pope Pius XII made Rose Kennedy Countess of the Catholic Church for those efforts – a title that had not been bestowed then for a few hundred years.

Anyway, my Uncle Bob allowed his daughter Janet to marry a Jew, and Mom had Bob’s considerable real estate wealth in South Bend removed, forced him to a Veterans Hospital in Mississippi where she travelled often to see that he got double strength Lithium Carbonate for a FALSE DIAGNOSIS of “Monopolar”, and I still have Mom’s handwritten notes explaining how to induce Chemically-Induced Diabetes, which is what Bob died of very slowly and painfully as his extremities were gradually amputated – this all under the auspices of Catholic Popes.

You see, when I began talking openly in 1978 about being raised with Swastikas on the dinnerplates and daily beatings, Mom had me illegally committed to a mental hospital, diagnosed manic-depressive/Bipolar, and put on Lithium Carbonate for 31 years, a form of soft lobotomy, and NO OTHER civilized country allows Lithium to be prescribed more than a few months. Rose Kennedy and Edwina Williams (Tenn’s mother), both “crazed Christian women”, had their daughters lobotomized due to sexual precociousness – WHY Tennessee was so close to Jack and Jackie Kennedy.

I’m going to recommend you have a researcher look into my blog that has now had well over 1,000,000 hits, as I have no time to spell everything out now, but in 1990, top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta first confirmed to me that my parents are America’s Top NAZIS, and when I first blogged that in 2010, the Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an “Honorary Jew”. My mother’s last NAZI act that I am aware of, was her giving Pope Francis’s approval to Lou Holtz and his closest friend, John Boehner, to make the deal with Obama to reopen Government about three years ago.

For nine years, Mom has told me that Mike Pence is the Catholic Pope’s top choice to be President and to replace the US Constitution with the Catholic Swastika, and Mom is CLOSE to making her goal, but Trump has gotten everyone finally paying attention, so Mike Pence will NEVER be able to hand over control of the US Government to the Catholic Church, even after Trump finally completely implodes.

Most of my mother’s many attempts to have me killed, jailed, or nut-house-committed, are because she in great Catholic authority HATES HOMOSEXUALS – and would treat me like the NAZIS treated homos.

And SOME Christians SOMEWHERE do actually believe God is Love – and even follow Jesus’s Teachings, but few that practice Christian religion – best I can tell.

I am not asking you not to have Mike Pence give your Commencement Address, but I want you to know the HELL ON EARTH the Catholic and other Christian Churches cause for God’s People, while promoting sexual and other exploitations, slavery, and the most telling symptom of Catholic Church Hatred was the Canonization of Father Junipero Serra, who exterminated or enslaved so many Native Americans – my kin, I being part Cherokee – and DOUBLING DOWN ON HATE, Pope Francis FAST-TRACKED that, and NOW he and the Curia are slowing down and resisting the in-house trials and punishments of Pedophile Priests.


If Christians want us to believe in a Redeemer, y’all could act -- or at least act PARTIALLY redeemed, no?

Well, I just wanted to give you a heads-up on the Political mess the Catholic Church is digging deeper and deeper into, and like in Mexico, about 70 years ago when your Church was strangling the Mexican Government with your hate, and they had to REALLY divorce the government from the Church, I trust all Churches will soon enough lose ALL tax breaks in the United States, and REVEALING my mother’s lifelong attempt with Catholic Popes to turn the USA NAZI, is the MISSION of the rest of my life.

Also important to know is that I am NOT into punishments, but healings (except for those who refuse to heal from all this fearful Christian hate).

I may be on your campus in a few months, and will stop by your office to at least leave you a note. I will email-copy this letter to both Kenan Professors at Notre Dame, as well as a few others. And here is link to the letter I sent Mom’s Pastor in Raleigh, as well as her Bishop, and it actually has far more details:

I have published this letter on my blog here:

May the Peace of the Christ always remain in your heart,

Scott David Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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