Monday, March 6, 2017

RP: NATURE Doesn't CARE about My/Your Silly Politics -- Nor Does GOD (they BOTH ultimately WIN)!!! / The "Hotsy-Totsy Salesman" Has a SUPERIOR Sense of HUMOR -- LOL!!!

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Super Bloom Of Wildflowers Days Away In Anza-Borrego Desert

Let's GO!!!

Americans ELECTED Donald Trump -- saying MORE about US, than about Trumpactually.


And THIS was at the center:

H.T. Salesman: Hahahaha,
No its cool, I'm bi, but I'm married, and faithful, I hate when people that go both ways think they can use their freekieness as an excuse to be a slut . 🙂 lol

I flirt around -- who doesn't -- keeps you on your toes, and I'm a glorified door to door salesman, use what ya got, ya know. Anywhoo always cool to make new friends, btw nice painting. I dabble myself.

(H.T. attached a self-portrait, which, since I presume he prefers anonymity -- his pictures I published not looking like him today at ALL -- I have not included here.)

Scott: Your honesty and humor is a GREAT breath of fresh air in Wilmington!!! Don't worry, I can "fall in love" (or lust) with about half the adults who have three legs, and I don't bother barking up the wrong trees. The former Pastor of First Presbyterian, Ernie Thompson, confessed his desire for me but said he was faithful to his wife (came as a TOTAL surprise to me, LOL!!!), and same thing with my friend Danny Sinatra when he lived here -- and Danny's Mom told me how she had been in charge of selling control of Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives as well as how Old Joe Kennedy pressured them to get the Gambinos to stuff ballot boxes in Chicago to steal the 1960 election from Nixon. Unfortunately, Danny is now in prison in California for Meth-related offences.

H.T. Salesman: Wow, that's the cool stuff! I love hearing this stuff, Tony Kirkegaard was telling me all these stories about Wilmington's social hierarchy back when these old houses were first built. Man are there some cool stories!! 🙂

Scott: I have so much more to share (if not my penis, now taken off the table) -- my family put Donald Trump into power to get Russia's Oil, and Rex Tillerson is/was the TOP Kenan exec -- Kenans controlling Standard Oil (the most governments-corrupting and unnecessarily polluting org in world history) -- now Exxon-Mobil -- since Henry Flagler left his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan, his ENTIRE ESTATE in 1913.

>>> HASTON CAULDER IS NOT IN JAIL -- after his first evaluation in "Drug Court" at 8:30 this morning, so either he's been FAKING HIGHS, is PROTECTED for his work for the Christian Drug Mafia, the Deputies are SLOW in posting, or he's ABSCONDED.

Haston Lavern Caulder II

When I spoke with Joseph Faulk who's been sending Haston TONS OF MONEY, it was CLEAR that Joseph is still suffering:

Joseph actually believes that Haston has been looking for work, when Haston told me there was NO POINT in trying to work -- since he has DRUG COURT classes three hours per day, three days per week, for three months.

Who the HELL would HIRE HIM???

And NO, I don't think that scheduling is FAIR TO ANYONE!!!

But Joseph has been taking a POWERFUL STEROID (Testosterone), BY INJECTION for YEARS -- along with Daily Cialis, and huffing "Poppers", so that at age 84, he can watch PORNO and "pull his pud" with easier juicy results. He's been a RECLUSE for many years, opting to live via books, DVD's, and recorded music -- which he believes is far BETTER (and less expensive and avoids contact with PESKY HUMANS), than to travel or socialize at all.

Cognitive Dissonance should be renamed "Joseph Faulk Disease" -- no???

Christians wouldn't like it if we renamed it after them:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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