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RP: SALUTING Holly Firfer -- Long Time Atlanta Media Maven, and Now a CNN Correspondent -- for Her STIRRING UP the NAZI-CHRISTIAN POT that LARGELY is Atlanta!!!

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Holly Firfer with her husband, Shawn Arnold

I first moved to Atlanta in February 1983, and the whole time I lived there until Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman, got me to Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta, in 2010, Holly Firfer was BIG in Atlanta Media -- on Star 94 radio, back then, as I remember. I only HEARD her name, "FUR-FUR" and thought it silly -- until later I much later learned she is a Jew.

I hope this is actually true, as I'd been TOTALLY convinced that Sen. Richard Lugar, trustee of my Denison University was Jewish -- but it's never been a secret that Lugar is a Methodist -- LOL!!! But as all who follow the news know, the NAZI-Republican/Christian Party DELIBERATELY PURGED all its Jews in high offices, Eric Cantor being the LAST Jew they purged -- and they got my old Georgia Democratic Congressman "Cooter" (Ben Jones of Dukes of Hazard a HUGE proponent of RESPECTING the Confederate Battle Flag), to lead the charge to get rid of THE JEW.

In FAIRNESS, Republicans now have ONE JEW, Lee Zeldin, in Congress.

However, Cynthia McKinney, soon won Ben Jones's seat in Congress -- and eventually filed Articles of Impeachment against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and three others(for planning 9/11 with the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families) and was PROMPTLY ridiculed OUT OF CONGRESS by the Clinton Narco-Trafficking Democrats of Georgia, led my Denise Majette -- who served one two-year term and was DISBARRED from practicing Law due to her many violations of Professional Standards.

Cynthia, a personal friend of mine, later ran AGAINST Barack Obama as the Green Party Candidate in the 2008 race. ANOTHER Atlanta Politico, Bob Barr, ran that year as the Libertarian Candidate. Readers of this blog all know that when UBER-CORRUPT Democratic Dekalb County Judge Linda Warren Hunter (Linda now on Superior Court and a Clinton NARCO-TRAFFICKING Democrat), forced me to take Lithium Carbonate after holding me in jail WITHOUT CHARGES until I filed Writ of Habeus Corpus against Sheriff Jarvis, and ALSO gave me a YEAR of House-Arrest Probation -- all for simple Trespass -- the first run-in with the Law that I'd had in my ENTIRE LIFE.

Well, the point here is that Mom had Dr. Edward O. Nix -- whom she INSISTED allow her to OVERSEE his prescribing, and IN FACT in front of me, she TOLD that Psychiatrist EXACTLY how to prescribe the Lithium, which he OBEYED -- prescribed FIVE 300 mg. capsules ONCE per day.

For the RECORD, THREE 300 mg. capsules of Lithium always kept me above the 0.07 blood-Lithium level that is considered therapeutic, and LATER, Mom murdered her brother who let my cousin marry a JEW, by help of a VA Hospital in Mississippi, using DOUBLE STRENGTH Lithium Carbonate to FORCE him to contract "Chemically-Induced Diabetes"

Research showed that THAT MUCH taken at once could KILL an adult human, so I went to Bob Barr's office, he then the US Attorney in Decatur, GA, and Mom later told me that he (or someone from his office), had called her to begin an investigation, but she told him that I was just MENTALLY ILL, so of COURSE I had made everything up -- and that given my HIGH IQ (measured in 2010 to be 12 points above Genius), I was just TOO CLEVER.

That ended THAT investigation -- LOL!!!

And before I begin the story of yesterday's SHOOT/SHOUT-OUT on FACEBOOK, let's identify the OTHER important participants: 

1. Noted Liberal Author of Atlanta, Elliott Mackle:

Elliott Mackle -- who had DEFENDED Atlanta Journal/Constitution's ENDORSEMENT of Sean Hannity's good friend Christal Presley's FAKE FRONT PAGE STORY in a Sunday AJC, about her father (whom I knew and he JOKED about all his Vietnam stories!!!), Delmer Presley's NON-EXISTENT PTSD -- HOPING to start a big Veteran's Charity to drain off all the donations to enrich herself.

LATERCNN, itself, PROMOTED Christal's BOOK on the subject:

Elliott Mackle and I had had MANY Facebook arguments back about 2010, and some of those are published in this blog back then. Yesterday, Elliott BLOCKED ME on Facebook.


Shannon D. Keith, a member of All Saints, Episcopal, Atlanta, the Episcopal Church where I once worshiped in the early 1980s -- UNKNOWINGLY, then, with my relative James "Uncle Jimmy" Graham Kenan. 

So, YESTERDAY, Holly Firfer rather innocently posted on Facebook here:, asking for suggestions on organizations to donate some goods to homeless to, and Ms. Keith commented thusly:

Shannon D Keith All Saints Episcopal Church has a refugee ministry.
All Saints' Episcopal Church, Atlanta
4.8 ★Religious Center
634 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30308
LikeReply123 hrs


Heather Blackstone scott kenean we are meeting with (Mayor) Bill Saffo toady (sics) at 11:30 at
Cape Fear Seafood Company. 

He has a lot questions about you

I have a feeling you will be incarnated soon.

LikeReplyJust now
Scott Kenan Sounds good to me!!!
LikeReplyJust now

* * *

BACK to the story: 

So I posted facts about the Kenans, All Saints -- Atlanta, and the Episcopal Church, including that it was James Graham Kenan's own NEPHEW, attorney, best-selling author, race-car driver, and stunt pilot, Gregg Loomis, who TOLD ME that the wealthy Kenans "hate only JEWS more than 'Niggers'!!!"

Gregg Loomis, 2015

So I also posted in comments there that the Episcopal Church, USA was CUT OFF by it's Church of England parent -- just a year ago and for THREE years -- from voting with the Anglican Communion. SURELY all American Episcopalians KNOW THAT -- for their MANY CRIMES!!!

They murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard, for one.

And the Episcopal Confederate Mace is that denomination's Symbol of Episcopal Power on Earth, which they GRUDGINGLY retired only in 2005, it residing at Sewanee, The University of the South:

And then Ms. Keith added THIS comment, which Elliott Mackle and Holly Firfer quickly LIKED, then all my comments were ERASED, but Holly -- unlike Elliott Mackle -- did NOT block me:

Shannon D Keith mentioned you in a comment.
Shannon D Keith
February 28 at 9:59am
Holly, I'm not sure why Scott Kenan chose to flame my church, but I can assure you that donations made at All Saints will get to refugees in need.

THEN, overnight, this blog posting of mine -- which I have made NO REFERENCE or LINK TO in years, now, SHOT TO THE TOP of post hits not only for yesterday -- but for the ENTIRE WEEK!!!

This PROVES that the Press and Law Enforcement -- and just plain "History Buffs" -- are TAKING THIS BLOG VERY SERIOUSLY!!!

Kenan Memorial Organ at All Saints Episcopal, Atlanta.


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