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RP: According to "God's Word" as Is CLAIMED to Be in the Christian-Judeo Bible, Self-Described "Believing Christians" NOW EMBODY the Famed "Tower of Babel" -- They Having BOUGHT the Devil's BIGGEST LIE. HO-HA-HA!!!

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OF COURSE, the ONE NAZI CRIME my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh EVER admitted to me (my father admitted MANY, MANY of his crimes committed to please my mother, including many that would be indictable as HIGH TREASON, and beginning LONG before Dad's last days -- as early as my childhood, when he TOLD me how Mom had his male lover shot in the head and BLACKMAILED Dad into turning Catholic and marrying her so Mom could hide her CATHOLIC SWASTIKAS behind the iconic Kenan name), was that she under Father Robert J. Kus, then of St. Mark's parish here in Wilmington, with St. Mark's Parish Official Duplicate Bridge Club, smuggled the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa in MAJOR artwork, primarily.

I passed Father Bob Kus on the street a couple of days ago -- and THANK GOD he looked READY TO DIE!!! He's QUICKLY deteriorated recently, and is so "the walking dead", he didn't even notice 6' 11" me -- and I've had SEVERAL discussions with Father Bob that were at least a half hour long.

In them, it was CLEAR he knew LESS about Catholic Theology than did I!!!

He knew NOTHING about the concept of "The Church Visible and Invisible", which was DRILLED into our heads in early grade school in St. Barnabas and St. Martha's in Louisville, Kentucky, where ANYONE caught in a boy-girl party before 9th grade would be KICKED OUT of Catholic school -- and they ENFORCED THAT!!!

And I had Rosemary Clooney's sister-in-law and Eva Marie Saint's sister (perhaps vice versa on the relationships), as substitute teachers there, and we learned it was a MORTAL SIN for a Catholic to take the Old Testament as anything but GREAT FABLES, and that the Big Bang Theory and Evolution are the BEST DESCRIPTIONS of HOW God created EVERYTHING out of ITSELF!!!

In them, I noticed that he, a successful psychologist to GAY MEN -- his SPECIALTY, he writing SEVERAL books on Gay Psychology like this one:

THIS because Pope John Paul II -- the MOST NAZI of Popes since Pius XII, who ACTIVELY PROMOTED Adolph Hitler -- with the TOP American NAZIS then, Rose and Joe Kennedy and Henry Ford (a NON-Catholic, SLAVED to the Pope, also), and my MOTHER having had more than one one-on-one in Rome with JPII, NOT ONLY CONDONED AND PROTECTED  Catholic priests sexually molesting children of BOTH SEXES (mostly boys since Catholic priests are by majority homosexuals -- something that has NEVER EVER been a secret, especially to gay guys hit on FOREVER by priests in street clothes in gay bars, as happened to me many times in Atlanta, especially).

GOD KNOWS I sucked a lot of PRIEST DICK over the years, and I ALWAYS let THEM seduce ME -- HA!!!

But this was not MEANT to be about the JOY in seeing that Robert J. Kus is so CLOSE to being RECALLED BY HIS MAKER!!! 


1. My exterminator made clear -- after checking the paper trail of COURT RECORDS -- that his son WAS TRIED in my 2nd cousin Robert C. Kenan, Jr.'s Court -- and that "Bobby" Kenan is an ALTERNATE JUDGE (sort of like a "substitute teacher", called to the bench IRREGULARLY), And in ANY case, he and his son thought that Judge Kenan was EMINENTLY FAIR in handling a case of a "few illegal pills" found in the sentenced one's possession.

So WHY did Lawyer Kenan's Admin not only ADAMANTLY DENY that Mr. Kenan in any way is a JUDGE -- but ALSO CLAIM that I am NOT his close cousin -- when that is PUBLISHED IN BOOKS as well as easily available to anyone searching EITHER of our Family Trees online??? 

SHE said she had NO IDEA that Gay Activist and WELL-RESPECTED North Carolina writer Allan Gurganus is MY 4th Kenan cousin and about as close to Bobby. There are MANY Gurganuses listed in the 1999 edition of Mercer (Methodist) University published THE KENAN FAMILY this unlike the original 1967 edition of the book, which is ONLINE with free access for ANYONE

I will at my EARLIEST CONVENIENCE send by TRACKED US MAIL a letter concerning the FACT that his Admin is about the WORST CHRISTIAN:

. . . I EVER MET -- even WORSE than my NAZI MOTHER (in SOME ways, but especially her LYING WORSE THAN DONALD TRUMP -- or Fox News or even CNN)!!!

2. I finally visited the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science at Sixth and Market Streets here in Wilmington, spending SEVERAL HOURS there, speaking with FOREIGNERS there who knew the RACIST, NARCO-TRAFFICKING CRIMES of the Kenans and the Christian Churches of Wilmington.

WHY do "Christian" Wilmingtonians DENY the TRUTH that even visiting FOREIGNERS know???

The woman at the DESK there was NOT AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT Wilmington being SEIZED UP IN CHRISTIAN HATREDS, and SHE being BLACK was QUICK to ADMIT that black folk who are Christians only WORSHIP THE DEVIL!!!

I promised her that I will give them a LOT OF MONEY as soon as I get it -- to change the museum that in SUCKING THE DICK OF JESUS, ONLY mentions William Rand Kenan, SENIOR as leader of a gang of about eight CHRISTIAN MURDERERS on a wagon, when ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IN TOWN KNOWS that "Bill" Kenan was who (with First Presbyterian), primarily CAUSED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, PROVING TO THE DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN NARCO-TRAFFICKERS that if they HATE AND MURDER in the NAME OF JESUS, the US and North Carolina NAZI Governments will BLESS THEM WITH RICHES!!! 

Remember:  The NAZI PARTY and the KU KLUX KLAN -- are in Wilmington, anyway -- 100% BELIEVING CHRISTIANS who will BEAT YOU if you tell them JESUS would NEVER support their NARCO-TRAFFICKING and WHITE SUPREMACY!!!

Did you GET THAT: Narco-Traffickers (and legal or illegally drug addicted Wilmingtonians) are 100% CHRISTIAN, like those of the NAZI PARTY and KU KLUX KLAN.

And the REST of them -- ESPECIALLY Liberal/Progressives who are Christian -- PROMOTE these crimes by REFUSING to kick the TRAITORS out of their churches, or BURN DOWN the most hateful, traitorous churches including St. Mary's Catholic, First Presbyterian, First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza), and nearly EVERY Evangelical or Conservative Christian congregation in the Wilmington Area.

The BLACK CHURCHES are FAR MORE EVIL than even First Presbyterian, the WORST of the White ones!!! And it is because of THIS HATRED in the New Testament:

ANY BLACK (or non-black), PERSON descended from slaves KNOWS that it was ONLY the hatred of God in the NEW TESTAMENT (but ALSO found in the Old Testament), that CHRISTIANITY is ALL ABOUT HATING NON-WHITES!!!


2. I walked down Sixth Street TAKING MY TIME and speaking to my OLD NEIGHBORS from early 2011, when EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON ON THAT BLOCK was PROUD to be part of the Padezanin DRUG GANG, run by George Padezanin the self-described leader who kicked me repeatedly when I confronted him, and WILMINGTON POLICE in blue mirror shades and shaved heads HARASSED ME and SUPPORTED THE MAFIA!!!

A more RECENT photo of George and Cheryl Padezanin, HIGH CHRISTIANS, George using his Hand-Painted HOMES to FAKE doing estimates and painting houses, but DELIVERING HUGE PACKETS OF HARD DRUGS around Wilmington.

Within the LAST week, I was STUCK  waiting for a LONG LIGHT next to Mr. Padezanin, that as HARD AS I TRIED YELLING, "GEORGE, GEORGE", he was TOO HIGH TO HEAR ME -- HA!!!

I decided to knock on their door, but was distracted by the woman next door to them (south), who when I lived there was a PUBLIC GRADE SCHOOL (frumpy) TEACHER addicted to CRACK and she took in as her lover a TOTALLY GAY STREET PERSON whom I'd known, and THEY BEING CHRISTIAN "erased" her boyfriend's TRUE PAST (he ALWAYS friendly to me when the BITCH was not around) -- LOL!!!

Today, from across the street I called her (VERY Loudly, since so many people were out on their porches), a CHRISTIAN WHORE and NARCO-TRAFFICKER only protected as a Public School Teacher of YOUNG CHILDREN -- because the Board of Education in this county is basically NARCO-TRAFFICKING CHRISTIANS of BOTH PARTIES!!!

Then I had a BALL with some of my BLACK NEIGHBORS who remembered me well and feel SORRY for all the Wilmington NIGGERS who by definition are BLACKS-ENSLAVED BY CHRISTIANITY -- HA!!!

And as EVERY READER knows, I have SEDUCED every single black man in Wilmington that I decided was TOO HOT not to HAVE!!! 

CAN'T say that of the WHITE BOYS!!!

3. Frankly, the REASON I had this much courage on that street today, is that I found that the DRUG LAB supported by my landlord, Kenneth Jernigan:

 . . . and run by my SHOTGUN DUPLEX cohabitants, Peter and Jess DeMaria (seen by me TWICE on the streets here since I returned mid-2015) -- HAVE LEFT -- and a hot, young BEARDED man (white), was rocking alone on THEIR side of the porch.

Peter and Jess DeMaria were "TRUE CHRISTIANS" and always claimed that. Peter was KNOWN for his affairs with men BEFORE Jess got him, and was ITALIAN HOT AS CAN BE!!!

Like Frank Sinatra:

Biographer: Frank Sinatra Wasn't Proud of His Big Penis

November 9, 2010 (7:26 am) GMT
According to the late star's new biographer James Kaplan, Sinatra's manhood 'was one of the things Sinatra was self-conscious about.'

Read more:
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4. Then later, I was accosted by a strongly built white man of about my age (65), who on his way to something in Boney Hall (a gift of the Kenan Family Charities to First Presbyterian -- that everyone thinks the BONEY FAMILY paid for  -- but the PLAQUE inside says it was paid for by KENANS), ended up claiming REPEATEDLY that he had been TOLD BY FIRST PRESBYTERIAN LEADERSHIP all about me, Scott David Kenan, and that they CLAIM they have a CURRENT RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST ME, so he will REPORT ME for walking onto their parking lot to complete our discussion and have me ARRESTED by D.A. Ben David's people -- Ben an ELDER there.

FIRST of all, although I HAVE had Restraining Orders against me in 2011, and then Jennifer McCracken (the MORMON Narco-Trafficker in Carolina Apartments whose BROTHER is high CIA on the Sheriff's Deputies), got one over a year ago on false claims, but ALL ARE NO LONGER THAN A YEAR, so ALL now well expired.

And NO CHURCH ever even TRIED to get one against me, and FRANKLY I have clergy from ALL the WORST churches in Wilmington on my email list for blog postings and NONE OF THEM ever BLOCKED ME (some at Mayor Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox did -- but not ALL) -- EXCEPT I AM BLOCKED TO ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES AT FIRST PRESBYTERIAN -- HA!!!

I will very SOON sent tracked-mailed letters to ALL Wilmington Politicians and Judges who are (or ever were)Deacons or Elders there.


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