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RP: My Letter Just Emailed to US Consular Agent in Nuevo Vallarta, Kelly Trainor (and INDIRECTLY to Rex Tillerson, former TOP EXEC for my KENAN FAMILY)!!!

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The BEST theater poster to come out of Puerto Vallarta -- and I met BOTH playwright Del Shores and Danny Mininni at THIS THEATER!!!


Greetings Kelly Trainor and Hector, especially -- I believe we are all FRIENDS of the US Constitution -- at least NOW!!! 

Hi Kelly,

FIRST, I spoke with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan in Raleigh this morning -- to be certain she would JOIN ME and in thanking you and your staff for your efforts to TRY to help me, especially in 2010, when you got Dr. John Mabrey Crouch to try to medicate me for Mental Illnesses that were ACTUALLY in my mother's head -- LOL!!!

I really was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates, and knowing all the TOP Roman Catholic and Republican SWORN NAZIS!!! You will come off as a FABULOUS character in my book, Hector as the FIRST STRAIGHT GUY who ever treated me with FULL RESPECT (why I just ASSUMED he had to be GAY -- HA!!!), and PLEASE, if you can, contact Dr. Mabrey-Crouch and give him my email address. I'm SORRY I stole his empty propane cylinder and cashed it in while desperate for money, and I'll HAPPILY send him double that deposit and would like to hear MORE of his story, if he can find a way to trust me at all.

I'm sorry for all our misunderstandings, but could you ALSO thank the guy 2nd in charge of the US Embassy who one day came to your offices, took me right away after I made a loud commotion with an idiotic white Republican woman, also in line. Despite all those events, everyone in your office treated me with RESPECT!!!

And YES, although I did not meet him, I was thirty feet from Bill Clinton (who first appointed you), when he was here in Wilmington campaigning for Hillary. I know SEVERAL people who have worked intimately with President Clinton here in Wilmington, Stone Mountain, GA/Atlanta, and the Middle East. 

One of them worked also with Gen. Russel Honore' whom I met with twice in New Orleans at the 2015 Tennessee Williams festival, and Russel told me he knew ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family setting up the Stone Mountain Christian Drug Mafia with Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, CNN, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (who set up the Mafia with my parents in Wilmington -- with help of PPD, then owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families, the latter two soon selling out so their planning 9/11 together was not so obvious).

As is now WELL KNOWN, President Clinton defended that Mafia with CIA agents stationed a few blocks from my home in Stone Mountain -- but so did BOTH Presidents Bush, and Blackmailed Homosexual Barack Obama. I see that in the last week, BOTH CNN and HuffPost have been running stories on how Obama is turning into a FASHION HORSE -- a SURE SIGN he is FINALLY about to come out GAY!!! 

If and when he does, Americans will come to see how he DID do his best under HIDEOUS resistance from TRAITORS (Republicans and Christians, but not ALL of them).

But Russel Honore' got ANGRY with me when I pointed out that I met top people in Cheney-owned Halliburton who had DELIBERATELY CAUSED the giant oil spill near New Orleans. I blogged about their high supervisor I met at a service station while driving BACK to Mexico, and he said EVERYONE in Halliburton KNEW their company had been COMPLETELY responsible for that. I had seen CNN TV report that LIVE a few times before the CIA forced them to put the blame on BP -- but BP was too STUPID to know how to fight it, so accepted the blame and the cost, and no sense trying to get Cheney to reimburse BP, now. I bet you agree!!!

I was THRILLED to see you finally have a US State Department email address, and I NEVER trusted your office while it did not. The only others I knew on "Prodigy Net" were pretty bad criminals. As you might know, in 1983 I dated the young Mexican Consul to Atlanta, and then a year ago, found he was the most highly decorated Mexican Diplomat to the USA, then in Dallas, but now recalled to Mexico. I got BACK IN CONTACT with him a year ago!!! 

In 2010, I met the former Chief Protocol Officer of the US Embassy in Mexico City, Luis Alberto Gonzalez Perez, who had set up the security for several visits of both President Clinton and George W. Bush, and since then I came to understand WHY he didn't particularly like either of them, but DID prefer Clinton. 

Because Luis Alberto DEFENDED the US Constitution, he was FIRED one week before 15 years and his getting the right to live in the USA indefinitely. Since then he has been living in poverty in Mexico City, and Our Government needs to do RIGHT by him!!! 

My last "all-night" date was with a distant cousin to the Bush Presidents -- and we were up all night LAUGHING about the TRAITOROUS CRIMES of the Kenan and Bush Families, together. And I'm THRILLED that YOUR new boss, Rex Tillerson, was the TOP EXEC of my Kenan Family's Exxon-Mobil, and that in YOUR little "fiefdom" (a Carl's Jr. near the PV Costco), I met a just retired Exxon-Mobil exec who TOLD me how my Kenan Family, Rex Tillerson, the CIA, and Hillary Clinton State Department put Enrique Pena Nieto into power -- and NOW they've ALSO put TRUMP into power to replace the Constitution with the SWASTIKA and some Ku Klux Klan robes -- and for the Kenans to profit from Russia's oil.

I LIKE Tillerson for his ability to run POWERFUL ENTERPRISES, and unlike Trump and the Kenans, Rex has NO RELIGIOUS VIEWS, so can use his smarts to FIX our State Department (assuming you have any BUDGET and FUNDS). And my friends Stanley Winborne III (Stanley a Wilmington, NC native and VERY CLOSE to the Criminal wealthy Kenans in Chapel Hill and Durham), and his wife Alice are patriots, although Stanley's son was 2nd in charge of the Hillary Clinton US State Department in Afghanistan, and NOW multiply confirmed to be who was in charge of shipping all the Heroin back to the USA on Air Force planes -- to be distributed by my old boss of 20 years, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA. Don't let anyone harm them, if possible!!!

Now, I KNOW the State Department will scrutinize all this in depth (since it will use their servers), and I AGAIN offer to be ENTIRELY at the service of my Government (and Mexico's as well), should any MORE top officials care to debrief me. If it involves my needing to fly anywhere, I trust they can afford a seat for me that my 6' 11" height can reasonably fit into.

Well SUPER-CHEERS to all of you, and please know that my mother is OVER her NAZI lifestyle, now seeing that OPENNESS and LIBERTY lead to God -- NOT all this hatred of those who believe ANY CHURCH should be in charge of TEMPORAL government.


Scott David Kenan
cell: +1 (910) 200-XXXX


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