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RP: On the 100th Birthday of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Whose Family I Came to Know Well, Although I Was Only in the Same Room with JFK in My Youth, ONCE!!!

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Kennedy's grandson, John Schlossberg, is ONE of the Kennedys I've written to in recent years. Here is my blog record of that, but I'm CERTAIN that the CIA and other NAZI/Christian organizations prevented him from getting this:

The BIGGEST SHOCK this morning, is that the Port City Daily -- which HEAVILY PROMOTED Donald Trump's candidacy, has apparently now BLOCKED ME PERMANENTLY from posting comments, although they call it "Temporarily"

KNOW how that goes as the Wilmington Star News has covered for the D.A. and Mayor Saffo, and ESPECIALLY Police Chief Evangelous's NARCO-TRAFFICKING CRIMES many times, as is WELL-DOCUMENTED in this blog. This is continuing to happen for over an hour how:

The article

And the comment I've been trying to post:

"Let's hope this moves forward!!!

"My doctors in both Mexico and the USA all recommend I smoke marijuana to relieve the stress of the political persecutions I've had to deal with including stays in the county jail on false charges and false commitments to The Oaks mental ward, in Wilmington by D.A. Ben David, Police Chief Evangelous, and Mayor Saffo -- all part of the Christian drug mafia my parents set up here in the 80s and 90s with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, PPD, etc.

"The local people who sell pot are TOO CRIMINAL for me to deal with anymore -- HA!!!"

Earlier, I awakened to discover that my Spectrum TV Service, was beginning to pixillate badly, and soon went out TOTALLY, so I called them and tried the automated reprogramming of my box. That didn't work, so I called and spoke with a woman in Cleveland, ANOTHER very knowledgeable and helpful person, and we tried a few tricks, none of them worked, and the first appointment is for THURSDAY afternoon, but she accelerated it and I'm waiting to hear back and they MIGHT even have a technician out here TODAY!!! 

Now BEFORE all of THAT, I had called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in New York City for a rather joking conversation, but far more important than THAT is the conversation we had yesterday morning about the amount of money my brother Mike in Pennsylvania had sent me by PayPal. 

>>> If you want to read about my relationship with various Kennedys, I'm going to have to do that in my NEXT posting, as this is more important to blog about and then send directly to the US State Department, so wait for that next posting.

I want to be CLEAR that I am in NO WAY upset with my brother, and UNDERSTAND the pressures he's been under all these years - and cannot blame him for NOT FIGHTING my parents and Christian sisters for their trying to have me murdered, jailed, or nut-house committed MANY times the last seven years, especially.

Also, it is important to remember that Mr. Faulk has admitted working with my sister Jane DIRECTLY in the past, and I have no reason to believe he isn't working with SOMEONE in my immediate family now. Also, I had called Mike's son Maxwell Andrew Kenan's boss at his high-end investment firm, after seeing Max had recently become LINKED-IN connected with HYPER-CRIMINAL Christal Presley, who is intimately connected with Sean Hannity of Fox News, my mother Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, and my sister Jane.

I KNOW the company seriously questioned my nephew about that, because Mike soon called me ANGRY AS HELL, and I refused to discuss it by phone, and he chose NOT to write me about it. 

Me, Ligia, and Sean at a rooftop restaurant at Sao Paulo's NEWEST hotel, fall 2009

Readers will recall that when I went to Brazil to meet with Sean Blackwell (legally Sean McAllister), and his wife Ligia Splendora and their work on then-called "Bipolar or Waking Up", we had MOSTLY a great time, and Sean ENTIRELY re-wrote his book on this right after I left -- giving me credit for pointing out how to make it FAR MORE EFFECTIVE writing, but by the time my plane had landed back in Atlanta, Christal Presley had connected to Sean Blackwell via LINKED-IN, and POISONED Sean's mind against me and he has SHUNNED ME SINCE, claiming I am a HORRIBLE CRIMINAL and LITERALLY INSANE.

A few years ago, I sent Sean a donation for his work and he RETURNED IT!!! Unheard of for an UNRESTRICTED cash donation.

This posting is a more recent consideration of all that happened, and includes my contact with Father Christopher Drennan, a few years younger than me whose parents were VERY close to my parents while they were establishing much of the S.E. Pennsylvania NAZI/Catholic network. Fr. Drennan seemed TOTALLY COOL, but his Mom NEVER contacted MY mother, disappointing her. Also some reporting on how BLACK Christian Ministers DESTROY Black Youth here in Wilmington:

And this is communication with Sean AFTER we became estranged, but he was DECENT enough to thank me for getting him to LEARN HOW TO EFFECTIVELY WRITE!!!:

Well, I just checked and Max and Christal are STILL connected on LINKED-IN, but I CANNOT FIND that Max still works for CBRE Clarion Securities in Radnor, PA. I found him EASILY there, before, but you can't call a company on Memorial Day, so I called Mom instead.

Mom said she ASSUMED Max still worked there, but had talked to no one about it recently. I explained how I'd contacted their top lawyer about Christal Presley, and that they OBVIOUSLY took me seriously, but I'd not heard, and hoped they found it to be innocent.

Mom got FURIOUS with me for that, and kept saying I had NO BUSINESS trying to warn them of possible NAZI Party corruption of their firm, so I cussed HER out more than ever previously, and that was THAT -- LOL!!!

Here is my email to Max's company

Maxwell Andrew Kenan, Taylor Ann Kenan, and Connor Michael Kenan partying in Florence, Italy about a year ago. My brother and sister-in-law, Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan took the whole family to Italy for a week's luxury vacation to celebrate Taylor's graduation from UNC Chapel Hill a year go.

The three kids stayed for a SECOND WEEK, so it's NOT like they are not all RICH (excepting Taylor, so far)!!!

So within a day or days of having both told my mother and blogged that I intend to INCLUDE all my siblings (but not Mom, due to her 94 years age), and Joseph Faulk as well -- in what looks EASIEST to prosecute as FEDERAL RACKETEERING CHARGES (Federal because Joseph Faulk is playing across state lines, and more importantly Wilmington District Attorney Benjamin R. David ALSO cooperated in the FALSE LIBEL CONVICTION in Chicago with Fox News and Jamie Lee Sutherland, within a DAY, Joseph Faulk agreed to support me for another MONTH, and then my brother called to find out how to send me money, which took him a while, but he sent it yesterday morning.

And of course I've been TOTALLY EMBOLDENED by Nuevo Vallarta US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor's INVITING ME to send all my info direct to the State Department via their servers!!!

Kelly Trainor, 2017

I just had to get a more FLATTERING (if low-resolution), and recent photo for the woman I COULD KISS -- AND MORE!!!

So back to my call YESTERDAY morning to Mr. Faulk. I had already realized the several factors could reasonably have delayed Mike so long in sending the money. He had to set up a PayPal account (quick and easy if you are SENDING money, but also intimidating), Mike could have checked with Mom and my sisters to see what THEY might add to what he was sending, etc.

And since the only other time Mike had sent me money, summer 2010, he paid my car installment of about $320.00, so I figured that with all Mike's money, he would send at least $300.00, but not likely more than $1,000.00.

When I got notice of his $200.00 gift, I was crestfallen, but soon realized he might want to TEST a service before sending more. ANYTHING was a help and sign that Mike was WITH ME, so I sent him a very grateful emailed letter -- AFTER this discussion with Mr. Faulk:

Joseph was NOT surprised at all, and in fact said that if I send a NICE REPLY to Mike, Mike will send me a TON OF MONEY. So Joseph got that idea communicating with SOMEONE in my family.

Now, with Mr. Faulk committed to sending another REDUCED allowance payment of $700.00 the middle of June for July, I'm fine for at least another month. And the FUNNIEST THING Joseph said is that I should use the $200.00 Mike sent me to BUY ART at Wilmington's street Art Festival going on this weekend, but my financial future still in the AIR, I am too frugal to do that.

But it SHOWS how much money Joseph Faulk actually believes my brother will soon be sending me -- HA!!!

Joseph Faulk's cell phone number, if anyone (like Mike Kenan -- HELLO!?!?!), wants to ask HIM, directly about this: (212) 866-5453.

1. Strangely, I have received NO CALLS from the Spectrum Dispatcher about them coming out sooner -- two hours have now passed, and it was ABSOLUTELY PROMISED that they would call within an hour.

2. I hope that on this holiday, I do NOT have to publish any more info URGENTLY, like all the above info!!!


Me and Kelly Trainor (I'm not certain which of us is which, but at 6' 11", I am DEFINITELY the TALLER!!!)


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