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RP: As We ALL Wake Up to God's FABULOUS Sense of HUMOR -- I Decide It Is TIME to Contact Spectrum Cable Corporate's LEGAL DEPARTMENT, Since Lawyer Brian Williams APPEARS to Be DELIBERATELY Harming Their Company:

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Inadvertent humor from when I was a YOUTH!!!

This image from Spectrum Cable News, Austin, Texas. I could NOT find a capture of the image on Spectrum's News's self-promotion here in Wilmington, NC that keeps coming up when I get up before dawn, and find their coverage both comprehensive and fair, so have been watching it before Morning Joe gets a-goin'.

What is so FUNNY is that it shows PROMINENTLY the time to be "4:20", code for marijuana, and ALL the newscasters SEEM stoned, but more in sensibility than in overdoing it and being SILLY.

So for Spectrum Cable to ALLOW this all to continue, shows they DO have a KEEN sense of HUMOR, and aren't all Christian Hate-Bots like most of their employees that I've had to deal with.


1. I ran into Landlady Gold Walker first thing this morning, and she was FULL of PRAISE of HOMOSEXUALS -- such as myself -- who IMPROVE THE APPEARANCE OF HER PROPERTIES, INCREASING the property values, and STABILIZE semi-rough neighborhoods -- such as her building on Spofford Circle with six apartments, THREE currently vacant and under SERIOUS renovation after she FINALLY evicted the HEROIN ADDICTS and SELLERS -- although Wilmington Police had FOUND lots of needles and bags of heroin there when they came and RESCUED a KIDNAPPED WOMAN -- but REFUSED to arrest anyone for Heroin Possession or Selling.

Since then, Gold has hired a Property Manager to handle that property, she having been DUPED too many times by narco-sellers, including Sa'ant Samuel Celia and his sublet-er, Denise Wood, both downstairs from me, but CURRENTLY keeping their DRUG ACTIVITIES well enough hidden for Gold to ignore -- but NOT for me, Patty, and Steven, and others not to remain HIGHLY CONCERNED!!!

Gold said that since it will be a couple of months before they have everything ready to rent -- and ALL NIGHT LONG you can see the addicts coming to the house next door and buying and selling hard drugs, she called the Wilmington office of the DEA, and offered to give them a KEY to one of the upstairs vacant apartments so they could SEE the wholesale activity and BUST THEM.

The agent she spoke with thought that a GOOD IDEA, and he would call her back, which he DID to get more specifics, but then it's been WEEKS since that and no further contact. They ONLY wanted to FOOL Gold into thinking they care -- just like my own experience with Mike Franklin, the Head here -- and it was Rudy Renfer, then Assistant US Attorney in Raleigh whom I met with IN PERSON, who sent my to Mike -- LOL!!!

If you read this, the Raleigh DEA did NOT actually want to interview me after this -- THEY are just as NARCO-CORRUPTED as Mike Franklin is!!!

Of course Readers know that I had NO IDEA that the VERY cool guy I knew in 2011 while homeless in Wilmington, Lee, turned out to be District Attorney Benjamin R. David's long-term lover, who went off his AA wagon the very DAY I tried to give the DEA the evidence of Ben's NARCO-TRAFFICKING, and when I told the tipsy Lee about that, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME -- after admitting to me he and Ben had been together a LONG time -- he called Ben, asked him if he was wearing his gun, then told him it was time to SHOOT HIMSELF IN THE HEAD!!!

I've searched and found a photo that shows Ben's GREAT TASTE IN YOUNG MEN (I was QUITE JEALOUS, once I realized Lee was GAY), and DOUBLY apt, because after I BLOGGED about it, Ben bought Lee a late-model pick-up truck CASH (from Drugs, no doubt), and told him to LEAVE TOWN -- and never look back!!!

Lee dressed much like this, was BEEFIER, and had a NICE PELT OF CHEST HAIR!!!

Ben now dares ONLY to bed his wife, Stephanie (in pink, next to "Jawz"), photo from about six years ago. And when I ran into Ben and Stephanie in Moe's Southwest Grill half a year ago, they BOTH looked much older, haggard, and Stephanie had gained a LOT of weight -- and let her hair completely GO.

Well, it's NO WONDER WHY, as Ben PRETENDS to be a Democrat, but his D.A. identical-twin-brother, Jon David, is a Republican, and Stephanie has WORKED for Republicans since in COLLEGE -- recently Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, and she was a key STRATEGIST for Mitt Romney!!! 

2. The Deputy I spoke with earlier today (see: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/06/nazi-kenans-of-north-carolina-openly.html), apparently was NOT yet able to serve David Alan Young with my CRIMINAL COURT SUMMONS, since he promised to call or text me once he'd done that.

3. On my THIRD call to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, I got hold of him about 6:45 this evening, and he still has not been contacted by Adult Protective Services, and was UN-CONCERNED that I told him I'd go UP the chain of command there, tomorrow, and get them out ASAP!!!

He, for several days now, has PERFECTLY APED my National Politics, and CLEARLY is following it -- like a SANE PERSON (to mirror my ideas perfectly, whether lying about HIS agreement or not). So tomorrow I intend to speak to them about the POSSIBILITY that Joseph has BRIBED their agent -- since I can PROVE he continued sending Wilmington Narco-Trafficker and Whores-Runner Haston Lavern Caulder II, OVER $7,000.00 in ONE month, and nearly as much on other months. Joseph CUT ME OFF from his 5.5 years of support when I KICKED HASTON OUT, and Joseph STILL accuses ME of ruining Haston's LIFE -- and that I am the criminal, NOT Haston -- HA!!!

The photo I sent Joseph of Haston on my porch from last fall, that Joseph claimed is the HOTTEST of all those I sent him.

>>> THE GOOD AND BAD IN KENAN FAMILY NEWSTODAY (the first is one previously reported):

In 1990, retired Lawyer James Graham Kenan sent me to his nephew Gregg Loomis (Lawyer, best-selling Author, Race-Car Driver, and Stunt Pilot -- http://greggloomis.com/), to help me with a Legal Problem in Dekalb County, Georgia next to Atlanta, where the other two lived.

Gregg told me that the WEALTHY KENANS (James Graham Kenan, Frank Hawkins Kenan, and Thomas S. Kenan III, especially)HATE JEWS even more than they hate "Niggers".

Rex Tillerson gettin' his GROOVE ON with "Hotsy-Totsy" Vladimir Putin -- who had ALREADY given Tillerson a BIG AWARD while Rex was still on the Kenan/Exxon-Mobil payroll!!!


Please forward this to Mr. Dykhouse -- I will snail-mail a hard copy in the morning:  

ToJustin.Venech Justin.Venech@charter.com, Nathalie.Burgos Nathalie.Burgos@charter.com,
Scott.Pryzwansky Scott.Pryzwansky@charter.com, Patti.Michel Patti.Michel@charter.com
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sarmstrong sarmstrong@kminc.net,eraymundo eraymundo@maralagoclub.com,
scott scott@scottdavidkenan.com

Richard R. Dykhouse
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
400 Atlantic Street 10th Floor
Stamford, Connecticut 06901

June 27, 2017

Dear Mr. Dykhouse,

My name is Scott David Kenan, a Political Blogger and “shirttail scion” of the Kenan Family that founded UNC Chapel Hill, today controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, www.theKAG.com, and put our life-long TOP EXEC, Rex Tillerson – as well as Donald Trump – into power to destroy the US Constitution, opting for Kenan-supported Ku Klux Klan and NAZI Party, USA, and to PROFIT from developing Russia’s massive Oil Reserves.

I have been working intimately with Gen. Colin Powell’s people, top US State and Justice Department Officials, and three ex-Presidents of Mexico. Among many other things, while I was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, I met all of JFK’s sisters and their husbands, the Reagans had me to the White House, and it was Jean Babette Stein (one of the largest stockholders in your competition, Comcast cable, NBC Networks, Universal Studios and Music Groups -- recently forced to jump to her death in Manhattan because of what she knew), who introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, whose REVENGE I promised to get for her and President Kennedy, one day.

The reason I am writing is that your employees in Wilmington, NC where I live (the Christian ones, anyway), have lied to me repeatedly, NEVER correcting my services when they promise they have done so, and I was HIT by one of your trucks in front of the County Court House at 9:30 AM on February 13, 2017, your truck ACCELLERATING into me in a crosswalk, not seeing me until he FELT the impact, on a sunny day. I am 6’ 11” tall, so rather visible, and I had a short time before, let the Mayor know I was coming to his office to try again to force him to release the Police Report of Wilmington Police FORCING my friend Evan Fish to jump to his death on September 3, 2011 – as VERIFIED by Sheriff’s Deputies also on the scene.

Evan knew all about my employer of twenty years, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA (now forced out of business due to my blogging), distributing massive quantities of hard drugs flown into Maxwell AFB where we had three legitimate advertising contracts -- from Maine to Florida -- but mostly to Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA and Wilmington.

ESIS, which represents your insurance company, deciding my case is too complicated for them, and transferred the case to lawyer Brian M. Williams of Raleigh, NC, and Brian has been stonewalling and delaying me – presumably for Political Reasons, my wealthy relatives controlling nearly ALL politicians in North Carolina, the Legislature, and Democratic Governor Roy Cooper in all things regarding Narcotics Trafficking.

I recommend your Corporate Legal Department look into this matter, before Mr. Williams harms your corporation. And if he is NOT doing you harm, please get him to offer me Compensation quite soon. He was certain to be prepared to do so by a few days ago, and I cannot get him to respond at all to emails and voicemail the last few days.

More info from my blog that has gotten well over 1,000,000 hits so far:

This explains how a City Councilman tried to terrorize me – knowing your truck had recently hit me: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/06/my-letter-just-emailed-to-founding.html.

This is my MOST HIT recent posting that connects Tennessee Williams’s longtime friend, Maria St. Just (nee Britneva born in St. Petersburg, Russia, with KGB ties and ownership of Morgan Grenfell that became the CORE of Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump’s biggest creditor), to Trump and Vladimir Putin: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/06/today-democratic-senators-unleashed.html.

I will mail a hard copy in the morning, but send this via Press contacts by email tonight so that you will be able to see it as soon as my blog Readers do – and my 200+ Press and other contacts who get every blog posting emailed to them. I’ll copy a few witnesses in this emailing as well that you will be able to see. Also, lawyer Williams, as I NEVER talk behind anyone’s back – I am not the criminal.

Thank you for your consideration,

Scott D Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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