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RP: I'm Having a FABULOUS 66th Birthday, THANKS to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. -- NOT!!! !!! !!!

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Joseph Faulk has NOT sent me a thing by the 10:00 AM deadline today -- not even the $800.00 he had previously committed to sending -- a FIRST for him not to follow through on a financial commitment to ME -- or for that matter, Haston Lavern Caulder II, that narco-trafficker I kicked out of my house causing Joseph to act HATEFULLY toward me after 5.5 years of cheerful support, totaling over $65,000.00.

Here is what I will have NYC Protective Services find him and evaluate his ability to remain uncommitted and or still allowed to have free access to his own money, but I AM allowing him a one hour GRACE PERIOD before I call them:

The operative things here are 2. c. iii. and 3.

Joseph Faulk has been scammed BIG TIME by Haston Caulder, and STILL thinks that I am the crminal!!! I have a HUGE email trail of Joseph's sending Haston as much as $7,200.00 in one month -- despite Haston's ALSO working with high income during that time, including this physical check mailed to me to give Haston, that I refused to do -- evidence for the FBI, if Protective Services finds him SANEthen he is a CRIMINAL.

When I called and spoke with Joseph at 7:42 this morning, he gleefully asked me if I even REMEMBERED calling him last night. INSANE!!! Last night he accused me of DRINKING, when I'd had nothing yet to drink -- then had two beers over three hours before going to bed.

I told him this morning, that I had emailed close family, a lawyer, the US State Department, and some Press last night re-capping what I told Joseph on the phone and in an email -- to remain TRANSPARENT about the whole thing. I publish that here:

To document my call at 9:31 this evening to Joseph Faulk.  

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Joseph knows what we discussed, so I'm not including him here.

1. He just got in from chain-smoking five cigarettes, but since no on lives in the bldg but him and his landlord five floors below -- and it has no certificate of rental occupancy for several years, there is NO REASON the landlord said he couldn't smoke inside, which he did for 50 YEARS, nearly all of which had tenants other than him.

He is meeting with my adversaries -- or just crazy.

2. He REFUSED to say if he'd read my emailed blog post that I emailed at 4:45 this afternoon -- saying he really couldn't remember, and could I tell him what it was about, and maybe he WOULD remember. WHY could he not just say that NO, he had not, or "My mind is TOTALLY GONE and I can't remember anything from late this afternoon -- except going out to SMOKE!!!"

3. I again accused him of colluding with my family since he ADMITTED talking with Jane secretly, and then a month ago, claimed that Mike would send me a TON of money, after that test send of $200.00 was successful. Mike, too, who has NO REAL JOB, and I found the house where he "works from" not far from his actual house, but Mike denies it, but his "new job" is as an oil-refinery accountant, yet is NOT added to his LINKED-IN after about four years -- nor can any other company or address for his job be found except in that house. And Mike REFUSED to let me know if he's had contact with Joseph -- LOL!!! Can you say DONALD TRUMP!!!

4, Even more bizarre, was that I said I'd tell him the MAIN Story of my 2nd emailed blog posting, a STRONG confrontation I had with someone in Mayor Bill Saffo's office -- and he VOLUNTEERED that he BET it was "that photographer" from the 1st email (David Rams). 

WHAT??? I made it super clear that Rams lives in Atlanta, and IN FACT, I did not blog this, but I called Rams on the phone before writing that post, and he said he did NOT want to get any emails from me and hung up.

5. Joseph then asked if I'd been DRINKING A LOT TONIGHT, and I said, yes, Kool-Aid, no LSD included, after I had no interest in more than a third of a beer at 5:00 PM, and was SICK TO MY STOMACH after meeting Charlie Rivenbark.

6. I gave Joseph until 10:00 AM to send me whatever money he decides to send, and depending on evidence of sanity, I will decide then what to do. But I reminded him that whether Protective Services finds him competent or not, they will NEVER let him live in his apartment until the trash, mouse and rat traps are cleaned out -- and refrigerator is repaired or replaced, so SOME good will come of it if I feel I have to do THAT.

New blog-posting soon.


>>> THE GOOD NEWS IN ALL OF THIS, is that years ago, while still in a "sane-enough" mind, Joseph gave his Doctor Power of Attorney to take control of his life -- complete with instructions on how (and perhaps where), he should be cared for if he lost control of his Mind. He still has TONS of money to pay for all of that, so he will not ENJOY being examined psychologically, but after he gets to a treatment place that is CLEAN and safe, he will come to realize that better I do do this NOW, than that he first come to HARM on the streets of Manhattan.

In FACT, Joseph is ASKING ME to do this -- although he would never admit that.

And since I do not -- and I imagine Protective Services will not -- see him in IMMEDIATE danger to himself or others, they will NOT visit him TODAY (nor on the weekend, when they are mostly closed), but will do so within the next three business days.

I HOPE that during that time while he STILL can access his money, he will send me something to tide me over until the Spectrum Cable settlement, now expected by end of August. Or at least the $800.00 he has committed to sending me today.

If not, I will deal with the loss of that income one way or another -- although I will not enjoy that, in ANY CASE, if he is NOT judged incompetent to handle his money, I will give the evidence to the FBI investigating the LARGEST OPIOID TRAFFICKING CITY in AMERICA, so they know ONE person who SUPPORTS the Christian Drug Mafia, set up by my near and distant Kenan Family -- and MOST Christian Churches in Wilmington.

I only WISH I could do the SAME to Democratic City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark, who sits on the Board overseeing the pollution of Wilmington's drinking water -- KNOWING FOR A FULL YEAR -- of this pollution and doing NOTHING!!! I wonder how Charlie was PAID OFF by the polluting company -- perhaps in some of those REAL ESTATE DEALS by him or others at Maus, Warwick, Matthews, and Co.

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Just now

More than 100 gathered in downtown Wilmington to protest the release of chemical compound GenX into the Cape Fear River.

It is our OWN "Flint, Michigan" scandalbut less large and likely not as toxic, but Charlie Rivenbark is one of those who DELIBERATELY POISONED WILMINGTON'S CITIZENS, and being a BAPTIST CHRISTIAN, feels he did it for JESUS!!!

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2 hrs

A $12 billion deal to buy U.S. F-15 fighter jets shows Qatar has deep-rooted support from Washington, a Qatari official said.

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