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RP: Let's Have a Sunday Celebration of BEAUTY -- Beginning with FEMALE Beauty!!!

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"Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, eventually McNamara flanked by Tennessee Williams and his sister Rose, about 1980 (a year or so before I met them).

Texas Kate accompanied Tennessee Williams to the 1979 Kennedy Center Honors, when he got his Award. Tom's mother, Edwina, who died at age 99, is directly behind Tennessee's head, then Rose, and Jim Williams, Tennessee's cousin (second?), who lived in Key West and often watched the house and animals when Tennessee and I traveled. This was BEFORE Honorees sat in the back balcony.

My description of first SEEING Kate, in late 1981, from my memoir:

"Texas Kate emerged from the Air Florida 737 and stood a moment on the platform. She, a younger, taller, and perhaps leaner Dinah Shore, lifted her face to the morning sun. Her hair, high as a Texas boast, spoke of new money, even if, as Tennessee claimed, by Texas standards her money was old—some of it, anyway. She waved to Tennessee, adjusted her short fur jacket, and descended the stairs like Evita Peron. Kate Moldawer may have had children in college, but she moved with youthful confidence, knowing her exact effect. Watching her cross the tarmac, I understood why men presented women with chocolate and roses—but we had neither to offer."

Andy Warhol published TWO interviews with Kate in his Interview magazine.

It has only been in the years since I completed my memoir in 2008, that I realized what an extraordinary person Kate was (a copy of my manuscript was found front and center on her writing desk when she died of cancer, at her Houston home, in 2007). And when I knew her, Kate often questioned me about the Kenan family, and other than knowing them well, NEVER said a thing to me ABOUT them!!!

She had grown up in Atlanta, Georgia, and her family were best friends with the families of Frank Hawkins Kenan (before he moved his brood to Durham, NC), and his brother James Graham Kenan -- which was WHERE she learned to act like "The Richest Woman on Earth", and WHY Tennessee based the character Babe in his last play, "In Masks Outrageous and Obscure" on her:

Babe, the wealthiest woman on Earth, was kept confused in a make-believe world enforced by "Gideons" (Bible-thumpers), as the world was ending. She was married to a tall, silent, observing, homosexual black guy, Mac, THAT character was based on me. 

Kate's FIRST of three husbands, Dudley Sharp II, was the son of Dudley Sharp, Eisenhower's Secretary of the Air Force (although a Naval Academy grad), who wrote all the USA's first Laws governing Nuclear Warfare in Outer Space, and was his TOP ALLY when Ike warned of the dangers of the growth of the Military-Industrial Complex, but after Ike left office, his family was threatened and he was FORCED to recant.

He ALSO was partner with Howard Hughes's father in the Sharp-Hughes Tool Corporation (oil-drilling equipment), that later fueled Howard's ventures in film-making and TWA.

Dudley Sharp I

Kate's son Dudley Sharp III, not only was Tennessee Williams's ONLY known Godson (Episcopal), but became the NATIONAL spokesman for the Republican Party defending Texas's Death penalty in the aughts:

Dudley III on right, who DISAPPEARED from public view right after I blogged (and broadcast-emailed that posting), that he was the godson of Tennessee Williams, a KNOWN HOMOSEXUAL -- LOL!!!

Kate's three children (a few years younger than me), all read my manuscript and corrected a few minor errors about their mother -- and BEGGED ME not to mention ANY OF THEM in my book, or acknowledgements. I paid them no mind.

These women, Diane Catrambone, center, and Shannon Jones, on right, are the wife and daughter of my high-school friend Bob Jones, also pictured, and Bob is FEATURED halfway down my last posting:

Diane Catrambone was a Life Coach, until she retired two years ago:

Shannon Jones is the Education Department Manager at Miami Seaquarium, and in high school, was best friends with the granddaughter of my father's best friend when we lived in Pennsylvania, Ed Malikowski:

Ed not only ran Sun Oil's Summer Day Camp in Marcus Hook for children of Philadelphia area employees (which my siblings and I all attended in the mid-1960s), but was Athletic Director of Henderson High when I attended, and the ONLY faculty member who assembled with nearly ALL black students -- and me -- in the auditorium, the day Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

His wife, Ginny, was my mother's best friend, and holidays, we all gathered at their house (five children), and played Charades (experience I used to communicate with little knowledge of Spanish when I lived in Mexico).

He later wrote a book about his lost brother:

A Brother's Hero : F W Malikowski, a Japanese WWII POW's Unforeseen Journey from Kingston, Pennsylvania to Mukaishima, Japan Paperback – 2011


Today I discovered that for FEDERAL elections, North Carolina's old districts that had been drawn up by Republicans and Courts decided INTENTIONALLY to disenfranchise black citizens, diluting their votes, are ALREADY REDRAWN!!!

Now THAT's a BEAUTY!!!

This is MY district -- and it ALSO includes Kenansville and the "Ancestral Home of the Kenans"Liberty Hall:

And today, I discovered that TWO Democrats (so far), will be challenging Republican David Rouzer in my District 7 -- and while they BOTH look TONS BETTER, ONE of them I PREFER: Jonah Gardner, and BECAUSE Mr. Gardner sees EDUCATION as the KEY (the HALLMARK of ALL KENANS, both NAZI/KLANSMEN, like those with great wealth, and PATRIOTS, like me).

He ALSO is the CLEAREST COMMUNICATOR of any politician I've seen in AGES!!!

And he LEARNED from his attempt to build a software program that was NOT a financial success -- like I learned from trying to MAINSTREAM PUBLISH my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams -- HA!!!


Again, this morning, Christi Paul of CNN showed off her VACUOUSNESS on CNN, by interviewing a PAIR of Bill Cosby apologists who claimed that tons of CHURCH GROUPS are among Mr. Cosby's TOP SUPPORTERS of his desire to lead EDUCATION GROUPS of how not to get arrested while dating -- and she did NOT ask them to NAME SOME!!!

THEN Fareed Zakaria interviewed Rahm Emanuel!!! Rahm Emanuel got his college degree as a BALLET DANCER, and NEVER had a course in finance, etc., yet was the LINK between both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to BIG BANKS and WALL STREET, bringing them BOTH tons of money!!!

He is ALSO who Jamie Lee Sutherland (who sued me for LIBEL and illegally and unconstitutionally WON in Cook County Courts -- IN ABSENTIA -- STEALING all my copyrights), saw with Barack Obama several times in Man's County private gay BATHS, when Obama was an Illinois State Senator.


Contact Jamie in his office to ask HIM about this. His alternate email address is, and the "rooster" identifies him as a member of the Rahm Emanuel/Barack Obama/El Chapo Guzman DRUG MAFIA.

And here is one of of El Chapo Guzman's two sons -- of MANY, Guzman impregnating women all across both Mexico and the USA, and these two had DIFFERENT mothers, (Alberto is in Mexican Prison for MURDER, now):

Martin Guzman is hiding in central Mexico, now, and they held me hostage in "Toro's" CRACK HOUSE on Calle Costa Rica in Puerto Vallarta for FIVE WEEKS in early fall, 2010.


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