Saturday, June 10, 2017

RP: My Letter Just Emailed and Sent Secured Server to Mitt Romney -- and Emailed to Ann Romney!!!:

RE-PRINTED from here

Gov. Romney: 

I just spent THREE HOURS writing you and Ann a three page letter respectfully detailing how my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Klan, the Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and Obama families put Trump into power to profit from Russia's Oil. The State and Justice Departments are now using my info by THEIR request to bring down Trump -- and Pence is just as bad.

But either CIA, Russian, or Christian Drug Mafia HACKERS destroyed it before I could send it to you, so just read my blog to get it all.

Of special interest is what happened the last week between Bill Romney (born William Wilhelm in Washington DC 53 years ago and legally married to the "Gay Romney", Douglas, now deceased, but took your family name). Doug Romney is profiled here:

We MUST fix this country so we all live in Peace and Opportunity together!!!

I work directly with Justice and State to bring down Trump, now. Mr. Comey, shorter than my 6' 11", seems to be getting my material. See my blog: for much more.

Thank you -- and you had better check out this Bill Romney!!!


I DID get this emailed to BOTH Romneys -- and sent secured server to Mitt!!!


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