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RP: My Letter Just Emailed to the Founding Partners of Maus, Warwick, Matthews, and Co., Regarding City Councilman -- and Their Employee -- Charlie Rivenbark!!!

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Charlie Rivenbark

GOOD NEWSCelia Rivenbark (who Charlie says DETESTS HIM), is at least not CLOSELY related!!!

And a "FOLKSY INTERVIEW" with the Jeff-Sessions-Like Charlie Rivenbark:

Maus, Warwick, Matthews, and Co.
2524 Independence Blvd.Wilmington, NC 28412

June 15, 2017

Dear Messrs. Maus, Warwick, and Matthews:

My name is Scott David Kenan, distant cousin to Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan, as well as the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, friend to most of JFK’s sisters and their husbands – as well as Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Also the guest of President and Mrs. Reagan at the White House, and friend of Frank Sinatra’s heirs, who sold control of their Bank of America to my Kenan Family, and the Sinatras now hate the Kenans for turning the bank NAZI.

I have no funds to buy real estate, but maybe we can do some business after I get compensation from the City of Wilmington for GROSS violations of my Civil Rights, mostly in 2011 and 12 -- and in 2015, I then returning from Political Exile in Mexico permanently. I FLED the USA in 2010 with Col. Dottie Newman’s help, she the retired Chief Protocol Officer for Sect. of State Colin Powell, and a close friend of mine.

Currently, I work directly with the US State and Justice Departments giving evidence to them of the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia, set up in Wilmington by my parents, William Scott Kenan (now deceased), and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now of Raleigh and 94 years of age. Their top allies then were Father Bob Kus, now of St. Mary’s Catholic, John Ehrlichman (Nixon’s aide), and PPD, while it was still owned by Cheney, Bush, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families.

Also much evidence of my distant, wealthy Kenan Family’s crimes (I know many of them, too), they putting Donald Trump into the Presidency so that the Kenans can profit from Vladimir Putin’s oil. Our top former Exec, Rex Tillerson, was expected to do THAT deal, but things are now falling apart – partly due to the evidence my old friend requested I send directly via State Department Servers -- Kelly Trainor, Consular Agent for Puerto Vallarta since Bill Clinton appointed her – only Charlie Rivenbark has been in Government position longer than Kelly -- he was first elected to City Council in 1993, where he’s served since – 24 years total.

So much more is in my blog, which passed the 1,000,000 hits mark half a year ago, and gets emailed to my list of Political Contacts, many in Wilmington, North Carolina – but even to Security at Mar-a-Lago, Tom Kenan’s top assistant at Kenan Management, and I recently added Mitt Romney after having MORE trouble with Mormon narco-traffickers, perhaps the MOST corrupted of all religions! And Mitt promptly ended my trouble.

You see, a guy who worked for Bill’s uncle in New York City told me that the uncle runs the Saffo Drug Mafia from there, and gives Bill all his orders – Mr. Rivenbark seems by FAR the most “Mafia Connected”, but while Bill knows to AVOID ME, Charlie Rivenbark just TOTALLY disrespected me (why I intend to soon have him in PRISON – not for that, but it was an effective ADMISSION of his Mafia crimes), in front of the Mayor’s Admin, Dawn Grants -- she can verify this, and I will copy her on it to see if she feels I accurately report things.

I stopped in her office because the Police Department and Sheriff’s Department have been STONEWALLING me on getting the full Police report of my friend Evan Fish, forced by Wilmington Police to jump to his death Sept. 3, 2011 – because he knew all about my employer of 20 years, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA distributing the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB (where we had three legitimate advertising contracts), from Maine to Florida, but especially in Wilmington to Politicians of BOTH Parties and Christian Churches, the Baptist Church and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox being two of the most heavily involved. Then the Star News helped to cover up Evan’s death!!!

Dawn said that the Police would have the report, and I will TRY getting it from them again before working on the Mayor and every City Council member, since they hired and continue to retain Chief Ralph Evangelous, who smoked CRACK daily in my friend’s uncle’s house when I was here homeless 2011 – 12.

Just as I turned to leave Dawn Grants, Charlie Rivenbark entered, and never having met him before, I exclaimed, “Ah, Mr. Rivenbark, Scott Kenan, how are you?” He warmly shook my hand and I said, “We haven’t met before, but I called you from Puerto Vallarta about four years ago, and you cussed me out and hung up!”

He replied,” I remember well!” So, I explained that I now work with Justice and State to turn in all the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington, but they are so STUPID they think they are above the Law and the Constitution, and that somehow JESUS both forgives them no matter what they do, and they can get away with it. He said, “That’s RIGHT, you can’t beat those of us who love Jesus!”

I told him I expect to have him in prison as the Federal Task Forces busting narcotics dealers that have recently swarmed into town get around to completing their data gathering -- and then begin busting Ministers and Politicians (and business owners). He ENLARGED HIS SMILE (looking and sounding like Attorney General Jeff Sessions in testimony this past Tuesday), and said, “I hope your damned DOG dies!”

I told him I don’t have one, but while held captive one of five times by Drug Mafia near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by the son of the top exporter of Cocaine to the USA from Colombia (who signed ME to a CIA contract for life that I ignored – he admitted to also working with Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Kenan-Family-supported Episcopal Church USA – they murdered my CAT, I’d had for eight years and brought from the States – to terrorize me). Charlie then said with the BIGGEST of Baptist Grins: “Then I hope you GET a dog, and a CAR runs over it!” and when I then told him I could not WAIT to go home and blog about this incident, he said, “Well, I sure hope you DO, Buddy-Boy!”

He then casually left, not bothering with whatever business he’d come to Saffo’s office for. Dawn Grants and I just kind of cracked up, and I wished her a good day, and took my own leave.

You can call Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’, whom I’ve met with twice, in 2015, and he knew ALL ABOUT the Kenan Family’s running the largest Drug Mafia in Atlanta/Stone Mountain with Newt Gingrich, CNN, The Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Clintons, and blackmailed homosexual Barack Obama. Cell: (404) 227-XXXX, Patricia Sinatra who sold control of Bank of America to the Kenans and hate them for turning it NAZI. Cell: (909) 984-XXXX. Kelly Trainor’s email: I’ve ALREADY shut down Pentagon Publishing’s legitimate business, but they still distribute the drugs, best I can tell.

This is your head’s-up that I am more after Charlie Rivenbark, than Bill Saffo, Ben David, Father Bob Kus, -- and even the WORST of these criminals, Thom Goolsby, who ALL treat me with respect and know I won’t embarrass them in front of the Public (with exception of “FAGGOT GOOLSBY”, as he’s known on the streets).

WHY WOULD I, when their eventual CONVICTIONS will be MY and the CITIZENS’ GLORIOUS REVENGE!!!

Sorry, I have constant problems with hackers that have played with my formatting here, and will NOT let me correct it.

I have plenty more references, and you can call or email me at any time. My Cell: (910) 200-XXXX.

Charlie is on my list of 200+ contacts who are emailed my every blog posting, so he will get his copy that way. You can see my list of recipients here:

Scott Kenan

Celia , the PATRIOTIC Rivenbark!!!


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