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RP: My "Open/Closed" Confession / Thank GOD Nancy Pelosi Is TANKING / MORE Notes on a NUTTY Landlady / A Brief Note to Brian M. Williams, Attorney for Spectrum Cable (my connections to which STILL seem completely fixed)!!!

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I am closed-minded about the permanence of my 95% gay sexuality.

I am open-mouthed for FINE MEN -- especially Italianos, sub-Saharan African types, Red-Heads, and kind-hearted Intelligentsia (preferably with more body hair than Charles Atlas!!!).

That was ONE; THIS is TWO:

First, understand that I was a Bernie Sanders SUPPORTER, whose second choice would have been Gov. John Kasich, so DESPITE both Clintons narco-trafficking to mostly benefit the Bush Family and Dick Cheney for DECADES (led by my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill, Exxon-Mobil -- Rex Tillerson, Bank of America,, etc.), I voted AGAINST Donald Trump, and with NO EXCEPTION (except Kasich), that I can now think of, today, I would vote STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT, still.

But Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are two DINOSAURS of the Democratic Party, Feinstein and her husband Paul are NOTORIOUS for using Diane's inside knowledge to amass a huge fortune via her husband.

I'll not detail Feinstein's problems, but THANK GOD Harry Reid is gone!!!

Sen. Reid -- after BILLIONS were spent building the ONLY solution the USA had for PERMANENT storage of nuclear waste in as safe a place as we could -- single-handedly STOPPED IT, giving TERRORISTS the scattered TEMPORARY storage to far more easily STEAL -- and for it to ESCAPE INTO THE ENVIRONMENT!!! 

This somewhat like Al Gore the Environmentalist being exposed for the WASTE at his farm (while George W. Bush built a ranch that is a MODEL of environmental friendliness -- LOL!!!) 

And Barack Obama's marriage to Michelle was ARRANGED by Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Jeremiah Wright (who is NOT a Muslim), and this is WELL KNOWN in Chicago, where Rev. Wright also has a CALL-BOY Service for married black men in HIGH PLACES

Do you understand that Michelle CO-OPERATED??? She did -- she knew BEFOREHAND, so Barack was NOT being a SHIT about it!!!

 No out gay man (especially black, actually Mulatto), could EVER get elected President, although it would be EASIER now.

In Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto was KNOWN to be gay before he was elected -- and he was put into power by a combination of Kenan-family-owned Exxon-Mobil (while Rex Tillerson was still CEO -- find in this blog how a top Exxon-Mobil exec ADMITTED this to me in early 2015), the CIA, and the Hillary Clinton State Department, he then changing their Constitution so Kenans could get the OIL, and they ALL split the Narco-Trafficking with the Episcopal Church, USA also a key player in the Drugs.

When I met Martin Lamb, the Bush Family's TOP Drug-Money Launder, in Colima, Mexico, he SPILLED THE BEANS because he thought that as a North Carolina Kenan, I had TONS OF DOUGH for him to launder TOO!!!

Numero Tres: Yesterday, landlady Gold Walker, suggested that to MAKE MONEY, I take advantage of one of the GREAT OPPORTUNITIES she runs into ALL THE TIME on her computer. I asked if this was on Craig's List (where she advertises her rental properties), and she said, "No, I get EMAILED all these GREAT money-making opportunities EVERY DAY!!!"

She DOES admit she understands almost NOTHING about computers and the internet -- except uses email and Craig's List, so I explained to her NEVER to consider unsolicited offers. If something is GOOD, people search it out. They NEVER have to advertise REAL OPPORTUNITY.

And a year+ ago, when she renovated an apartment next-door between tenants, she had to replace the window air-conditioner, and I soon saw what looked like a dryer vent, somewhat flattened to take less space, installed at the bottom four inches of the window that had had the old machine. I asked her if she had installed a washer and dryer in that apartment, and Gold said, "No, I got this GREAT reverse-cycle air-conditioner ON SALE -- that sits in the MIDDLE of the room, so more even cooling and heat, and it exhausts hot air from the compressor through a long vent pipe to the window!!! It PAYS to watch QVC!!!"

Three months into the cooling season, the new tenant -- showing Gold the HUGE electric bill -- forced her to replace it with a new window unit -- LOL!!!

SEE, alcohol will make a person CRAZY and AGGRESSIVE (which marijuana does not do), but TOO MUCH POT leads to DELUSIONAL THINKING, no???

Or in MY CASEthis!!!

4. Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum Cable  

Dear Mr. Williams,

I presume you have nearly completed your search of my records/bills, and we can soon talk again and move forward. As you know, I'm not an attorney and you have not told me what all can be considered -- besides my bills -- in this case. So I'll list a few new considerations, which you might or might not be able to consider.

A week ago, Wilmington's longest-serving (24 years), City Councilman, Charlie Rivenbark, on my FIRST ever meeting him in person and in Mayor Bill Saffo's Office -- knew well that Spectrum's truck had hit me out of a crosswalk the LAST time I went to see the Mayor to try to get released the Police Report of my friend Evan Fish's death Sept. 3, 2011, when Police FORCED him to jump to his death (this confirmed by Sheriff's Deputies on the scene including the Negotiator who had talked the troubled youth back from the edge)

That because he knew of my former employer of 20 years, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA (now forced to CLOSE due to my blogging and sending info to Law Enforcement), supplying massive quantities of illegal drugs to Politicians and Ministers and Christian Churches in Wilmington with the illegal drugs first flown into Maxwell AFB, where we had THREE legitimate DOD advertising contracts.

I STILL believe that Rhys could NOT have hit me deliberately (although he ACCELERATED into me on a CLEAR DAY, and I'm 6' 11", so HOW did he not see me until he felt the truck HIT ME???) -- TOO difficult to set that up -- but with crooked Mr. Rivenbark terrorizing me and saying that he hopes a car runs over my DOG, I get a little PARANOID (but not enough to need a shrink).

Also, I discovered that Benefits Management, Inc. that pays all my bills, could NOT get Spectrum to DEPOSIT checks for their clients until CUT-OFF notices were sent out for lateness, and B.M. squawked up a STORM. In my case, Spectrum SAT on two payments -- just to accrue LATE CHARGES to my account. Owner Teri Motsinger manages my account there, so you could call her to ask about this: (910) 798-2855.

And also, Spectrum kept wasting my time with many NO-GOOD fixes to both my TV Cable and Internet services for nearly a MONTH, until I YELLED at them so loudly and REPEATEDLY, that they fixed EVERYTHING yesterday, and had a QC Supervisor check everything twice:

So I am MORE THAN FED UP with these actions by your client, although MOST -- maybe NOT all -- are unrelated to the truck hitting me. I would like to come to a FAIR settlement soon, so we can put this behind us.

I hear you have some ambitions to run for Raleigh City Council, and I expect to be able to use my contacts in Raleigh to promote your candidacy as you seem an eminently fair man. I am NOT Donald Trump, so I am NOT trying to pressure you into anything higher than fair -- but FAIR, it must be (in a way I can understand -- I'm SMART, but not trained in the Law)!!!

Let me know how soon you expect we can proceed to the next step, please.

Scott D. Kenan


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