Tuesday, June 27, 2017

RP: NAZI Kenans of North Carolina OPENLY TARGETING JEWS -- REALLY!!! (And more):

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/06/nazi-kenans-of-north-carolina-openly.html

From the Garden of the Jolly Green Giant -- HO, HO, HO -- the NEW Hanging Gardens of  Babylon (Wilmington, North Carolina)!!!

I just couldn't begin with an image relating to current events:

TOP google result of searching "NAZI Kenan", had THIS top in his timeline, and he is NOT a NAZI sympathizer:
Symbols Nazis... June 14, 1940 Paris surrenders at Nazis. On this day of 1940, German troops march towards Paris the Nazi occupation lasts a total of 1.526 days... 

(June 16 is SCOTT Kenan's birthday -- and the day David Alan Young assaulted me and SWORE he would get his gunhunt me down on Wilmington streets, and SHOOT ME DEAD, because the Bible commands ALL Christians to do to ALL Liberals and "Faggots"!!!)

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In 1990, retired Lawyer James Graham Kenan sent me to his nephew Gregg Loomis (Lawyer, best-selling Author, Race-Car Driver, and Stunt Pilot -- http://greggloomis.com/), to help me with a Legal Problem in Dekalb County, Georgia next to Atlanta, where the other two lived.

Gregg told me that the WEALTHY KENANS (James Graham Kenan, Frank Hawkins Kenan, and Thomas S. Kenan III, especially)HATE JEWS even more than they hate "Niggers".

Rex Tillerson gettin' his GROOVE ON with "Hotsy-Totsy" Vladimir Putin -- who had ALREADY given Tillerson a BIG AWARD while Rex was still on the Kenan/Exxon-Mobil payroll!!!

>>> TODAY'S OTHER NEWS (so far): 

1. I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., in NYC, and he must have been out for a smoke. He NEVER takes his cell phone ANYWHERE outside his apartment, treating it as a $90+ monthly landline -- and it's a FLIP PHONE, like I have for only $25.00/month unlimited in the USA!!!

Then again, it's about time for his every-three-weeks appointment with his doctor, who gives Joseph Testosterone shots -- which NO DOCTOR ever said he needed, but 84-year-old Jose' also gets Daily Cialis, and with "Poppers" amuses himself with PORNO. And he does NOT use his Medicare to pay for his other treatments, including for mild Diabetes, but pays this guy HIGH CASH, because he takes NO INSURANCE at all.

THUS Joseph SHOVELS money needlessly OUT THE WINDOW, while claiming that I all but BANKRUPTED him, while that was because he sent over $7,000.00/month to Haston Lavern Caulder II each month here in Wilmington, while KNOWING that Haston had a FULL-TIME JOB making $16.00/hour with NO TAXES deducted all the months he lived with me, except the last couple of weeks. Haston is in Court on HIS five charges, tomorrow.

And when Adult Protective Services get to Joseph's apartment to evaluate him, they will find there is NO Cert. of Occupancy since 2013, NO refrigerator for over six years, NO air conditioner that works for LONGER than that, so Joseph lives in the HOT top floor, NAKED all summer:

If Joseph continued sending me money at his previous level until I got Compensation from Spectrum Cable for hitting me 12 feet out of a crosswalk with a truck -- but he's CUT ME OFF TOTALLY instead after 5.5 years of continuous and generous support, since I returned to the States, $1,000.00 + buying me all clothes, household goods I needed, etc. -- he MIGHT have a case for having some SANITY.

For MOST of the years Joseph supported me, I referred to him in blog as "Testosteroni", and THIS represents what has apparently happened to his BRAIN!!!

2. I called and got Lawyer Brian M. Williams's admin, and she said that Mr. Williams has been in meetings, out of town to a conference for a day, etc., since last Thursday, and I told her the reason I was successful in business for many years, was partly because when I traveled, I DID follow up on voicemail and emails I got during that time. She will have him contact me this afternoon, when he DOES return to his office. 

3. I called Sheriff Ed McMahon's office, and learned that the reason the Deputies had NOT served David Alan Young, was that they are OVERWHELMED with Summonses to serve, and only EIGHT Deputies dedicated to that Duty -- SAD, to have to have so many.

I spoke with one of those Deputies, and it turned out that HE had no idea that Mr. Young worked out of his home -- because the COMMUNICATION is so poor between Magistrates and the Sheriff's Department!!! Also, they first serve against Domestic Situations and actual Assaults (which so far I have declined to ALSO charge my assailant with), they being more IMMEDIATELY dangerous, and THEN try to work down the rest. 

We ARE scheduled for a specific Court Appearance, but that is NOT released to the Public Calendar until AFTER the Service is served.

So I filled him in on all the details of what has happened, my connections to the Kennedys, Reagans, Sinatras, and Criminal Kenans -- and how I send evidence to both the US State and Justice Departments. He said he would see that Mr. Young is served TODAY, then soon called back to ask how the guy and I KNOW each other, and I explained that we had never SEEN each other before the incident, but he was motivated by what his relatives claimed, then seeing me in the restaurant in my 6' 11", correctly assumed I am ME.

I think he was a bit SHOCKED by that, and I said if I weren't 66 years old, I would consider applying to be a Deputy, and he said, "Oh no, we are HIRING, including those of your age."

Well, maybe after this is OVER, I'll apply to be a CYBER-RESEARCHER for their Detective Division (part time), no???

“She was buried in his flesh. She throbbed in the beat of his pulses. She was wine in his blood, a music in his heart.”

― Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel 

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