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RP: Scott Kenan Declares WAR on Sheriff Ed McMahon / Plastic Butterfly (a symbol of imminent death from NAZI concentration camps), Found Placed on My Porch Today / Christian Marriage Roulette Continues in Wilmington!!!

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Sheriff Ed McMahon takes his first Oath of Office in 2009, administered by Democratic Judge Robin Robinson, who had previously been partner in Ryals, Robinson & Saffo, P.C., Attorneys at Law, partnered with Narco-Trafficking Mayor Bill Saffo's brother -- LOL!!!

Readers of this blog know that it was Judge Robin Robinson, a PROFESSING CHRISTIAN, who AGGRESSIVELY greeted me in her Judge's Robe outside third-floor Courtrooms in 2015 -- soon after I returned from Mexico and Political Exile by Colin Powell's people's help -- to THANK ME for returning to Wilmington to FIND AND REPORT CORRUPTION

Then, at the fall 2015 Democratic Party Unity Dinner, where I had had a LONG conversation outside with Sheriff Ed McMahon -- partly also with Pastor Robert L. Campbell of New Beginnings Christian Church (see: before Campbell DUCKED into a secret back room at the Democratic Party Dinner), I got a HUG from Robin Robinson -- and Mayor Bill Saffo mysteriously DID NOT SHOW -- later found because he KNEW I was attending, and I kept blogging about HIS Saffo Family Drug Mafia, although I did NOT yet know it had been run for over thirty years from New York City by Bill's UNCLE, which I later learned from THIS guy who lives now in Fayetteville, NC, after living most of his life in Manhattan and working for Bill's Uncle -- LOL!!!

"Hot Greek Man" on (I also have his GIANT GREEK DORK photo, if anyone messages me for it -- VERY impressive!!!)

Speaking of which, Sheriff McMahon had TESTICULAR CANCER 30 years ago, and recently shared his story with local Press

I had a carcinoma removed from the ball of my right foot, by a doctor in Puerto Vallarta about 2013. Without the pressure of my weight, it decompressed to the size of a giant bubble-gum ball from a vending machine like we had years ago, and was said to be big enough to soon METASTASIZE, but I've been tested and do NOT have lingering problems, and therefore, it being so simple, I do NOT think of myself as a "Cancer Survivor".

INCLUDES proof that Jennifer McCracken still of Apartment 67, Carolina Apartments is CIA Narco-Trafficker, with her brother of a different surname, a TOP Deputy of Sheriff McMahon's force

They have NOT bothered to SERVE THE CRIMINAL COURT SUMMONS -- after TWELVE DAYS -- and I told the Deputy I NOW intend to have Sheriff McMahon ALSO prosecuted for being part of the Mayor Saffo DRUG MAFIA -- SCREW HIM!!!

Deb Baratta

Readers know that my friend Deb Baratta walked across Snow's Cut Bridge in 2011, and the CIA and Sheriff's Deputies thought she saw the mini-sub unloading POWDER DRUGS underneath it -- she did NOT. They DRUGGED HER, RAPED HER REPEATEDLY, and arrested her -- only to throw her into The Oaks Mental Ward, where Judge Sandra Ray (then also Criner), had COMMITTED ME, on word of my CRACK-ADDICT roommate, Brenda McKnight, and her DEALER, Gerald Austin Wynn.

>>> SO THIS AFTERNOON, AFTER CALLING ALL THREE OF MY SIBLINGS and having to leave them all MESSAGES that I intend to have them PROSECUTED for cooperating with my NAZI MOTHER in causing me to lose all my lifetime accumulation of wealth (house nearly paid off, Art Collection, etc.), be nut-house committedfalsely charged and convicted in Dekalb County, Georgia in 1990, and in New Hanover County Courts  in 2011 and 2012.

The latter by D.A. Ben DavidJudge Chad Hogston, and former Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris's ROOMATE, then, John Mann, a major international narco-trafficker and distributor of ADDERALL (prescription quality METH), all around Wilmington, including to my friend Danny Sinatra, whose mother sold control of Bank of America to the wealthy Kenans

I again called the Sheriff's Department to find out if they had served David Alan Young of, the Court Summons for "Communicating Threats" which I will ACCELERATE to a HATE CRIME, because he said the Bible commands all Christians to SHOOT DEAD all Liberals and FAGGOTS like me.

D.A. Ben David is an ELDER at First Presbyterian!!!:

>>> NOW TO THE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE ROULETTE (like "Spin the BOOZE BOTTLE Game" of my junior high daze):

I'm sure everyone remembers my blogging of Sherman Lee Criner posting photos of his CHRISTIAN SNAKE-HANDLING on Facebook a few years ago -- that caused Slutty Sandra Ray to DIVORCE AT LEAST HIS PECKER!!!

Evan and Lindsey Luther

Well NOW, my blogging about Republican Judge Lindsey Luther's husband Evan Luther posting on Facebook many images like this:

Lindsey Luther is ALSO an Elder at First Presbyterian!!! And Evan Luther is BEST FRIENDS with former assistant D.A. Alex Nicely, NOW partnered with my former attorney Bruce A. Mason, who RECENTLY SCREWED ME in his mishandling and the misinformation he gave me in my case against Spectrum Cable for hitting me with a TRUCK  last February -- HA!!!

Well NOW, Judge Lindsey Luther -- having seen THIS blog posting TOO MANY TIMES, has divorced EVAN LUTHER'S POINTY PECKER, and is known as:

Fancy THAT!!!
WOWZER them Magic Mushrooms went straight to my Head!!!!


My Readers all know, that ONE of my TOP METAPHYSICAL TEACHERS (back in the 1980s), was Dr. Kubler-Ross, and ONE tidbit from history she taught us, is that when the NAZI Concentration Camps were FREED by the ALLIES, they often found that Jews IMMINENTLY facing extermination, carved BUTTERFLIES in the wooden posts -- with their FINGERNAILS -- a symbol of the SOUL, RECENTLY FREED!!!

I found this plastic butterfly clip in the tree on my porch, and it HAD TO be placed there TODAY while I was OUT -- this being EASY to spot and about three feet from my face when I sit out there.

I have seen these EXACT CLIPS in Denise Wood's apartment downstairs, she the former International Drug Mule with 43 FELONY CONVICTIONS, now working with Mayor Saffo's Drug Mafia and also this

And this evening, Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who had produced the BEST LSD for Jerry Garcia, Dr. Timothy Leary, and his male lover, JEW-GONE-BAD Theodore Druch of my Puerto Vallarta Writers GroupSOLVED the mystery of his occasional GAS LEAK -- it was ACTUALLY that someone had dumped a RESTAURANT JAR of minced GARLIC (Sam is the ONLY one here who works in a restaurant, Slice of Life Pizza downtown), into the fins of the OUTSIDE CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING COMPRESSOR for his and Denise Wood's apartments, and ROTTING, it smelled like gas.

STRANGELY, the compressor is on Denise's side of the building and SHE never smelled it inside, but HE DID on the FAR SIDE!!!

IMMEDIATELY after that, I got a call from Haston Lavern Caulder's buddy, Darrell Neil Brutout:

Cell phone: (910) 218-5310

And Darrell wanted to know if I still had a ROOM TO RENT TO HIM. So I ASKED if he was "ready for his BLOW JOB", and he said NOhe just needs a room.

I told him I had THROWN OUT his underpants he left soaking in my tub the LAST time he stopped by, and I DON'T SUCK TRASH-DICK anymore, so NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN, and hung up -- LOL!!!


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